Trying out gel eyeliner. Do I recommend it? Is it beginner friendly?

I’ve always seen gorgeous videos of beauty gurus using gel eyeliner to create such perfect winged eyeliners that I had to try it myself. So when I looked for the most accessible, best eyeliner that was also cost effective, this particular one kept being suggested to me by various sources. It is the Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner.
By the way, it’s my first gel eyeliner review.

The outer packaging.
Description on the back.
The product.
Yes! It comes with a brush! And it’s pretty good too!
Mine’s pretty done… 😛
Description underneath the tub. Plus the shade name.
Oh getting this swatch was a task!

It is a gel eyeliner that comes in 2.5 grams or 0.08 oz. It comes with a synthetic bristle brush and comes in two shades (in Malaysia), 01 Black and 02 Brown.


MYR 43.90 (wait for a discount, SERIOUSLY!)

Where to buy:
Major drugstores/pharmacies across the countries.

I actually used it in one of my Halloween looks. Used it for the dark hollows around the eyes.

> Very black and opaque.
> Glides easily and applies smoothly.
> Stays put. I didn’t experience smudging (there is a caveat; see “Cons”)
> Longlasting.
> Yes, to resolve the title question, it is beginner friendly because you can work slowly, tracing each step as you go since the dry down time on a gel eyeliner is longer than a liquid eyeliner. Very forgiving.

> Even after drying down the product stays a tiny bit tacky that annoys me to no end! I almost always have to use a black eyeshadow to set it.
> Not particularly comfortable to wear as it felt like I used glue on my lids.
> Although it doesn’t smudge, I would notice patches of the liner missing as it wears down. And I found that peculiar.
> Although longlasting, the aforementioned patches missing presents an issue.
> I ALWAYS place the lid back on PROPERLY but it still dried out faster rather than later.

Rating: 5.5/10
Although beginner friendly, a gel pen would be a better option than this particular product. This doesn’t mean I think pen eyeliner is objectively better than gel eyeliner. Personal preference trumps all. But no, I didn’t like this product although I got my money’s worth.

My Unique Views on the Cult Classic BeautyBlender (Review)

HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Hoping that you had a good one!

Yes, do you like the new title format??? Simply the name of the product and the word “review” after it is so 2019!!! Let’s move forward shall we not?
So today, let’s see what I think about the cult favourite BeautyBlender.

I own two of these sponges, I don’t have a picture of the original outer packaging because the first one was shared purchased with a couple of other friends that came as 5-in-a-pack. The second one was a gift from my bestie Lakshmi. She’s a blogger too! Do check out her YouTube channel (link here) and her blog (link here)! The gift was a BeautyBlender, Too Faced collaboration set. Check out unboxing of the product here (forgive me if you can’t understand, it’s a video in my national language).

So here are the pictures…

The one on the left is the Too Faced collaboration one. The one on the right is the one I purchased.
Dampened. It grows CONSIDERABLY larger!

Description: A tear drop shaped makeup sponge. Although the website suggests dampening the sponge, I know of people who have used it dry as well. As far as I am aware the sponge material is an industry secret. But it is believed to be latex free.

Price: MYR 99

Where to buy: Sephora stores nationwide and on Sephora website (Malaysian website link here).

Before my pros and cons I have a few notes:
> I have used a couple of other sponges and as many influencers, makeup artists and enthusiasts will tell you, I too agree that there is a difference between the BeautyBlender and other generic sponges.
> Most sponges I’ve used are either soft or bouncy, never both. Softness and the delicate texture of the BB serves for a pleasant experience on the skin. The facial skin is soft and you don’t want something hard and coarse working on it. On the other hand the bounciness lends to better product application because the product is distributed and pressed into the skin much more effectively. I’ve personally never felt or used another sponge that is as soft and tender as it is robust and bouncy. I’ve reviewed its biggest competitor, the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge (link here) and that one matches the BeautyBlender’s softness but it isn’t quite as bouncy.
> There’s something to be said about the size of the pores on the sponge. Some sponges are too smooth rendering it impenetrable to product making a terrible sponge. Others are too large that they end up eating the product. However, with the BeautyBlender, I’ve never seen a construct that takes away product as needed for a flawless finish and yet doesn’t soak up too much.
> Dyes on some of the more vibrantly coloured BeautyBlender sponges tend to run out the first few washes because the company claims to have used non toxic, water soluble dye. So don’t be alarmed

> All that being said, with the availability of so many sponges in the market these days I’m pretty sure you can get one that provides the same effect as the BeautyBlender. I know I have.

> Works beautifully with liquid and cream products! COMPLETELY idiot proof!

> Durable (in fact more durable than any other sponge I own).
> VERY soft and VERY bouncy.
> The teardrop shape is perfect for any kind of blending. The pointed ends help get the narrower parts on the face (around the nose and under eyes) the larger round part helps overall blending on the face.
> Doesn’t eat product.


Rating: 9.2/10
Yes! This is great sponge! BUT, unless and until I have disposable income, I am NEVER going to re-purchase this on my own! I can get like FOUR Real Techniques sponges for the price of ONE!

Oh and, Happy NEW YEAR GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whatever reason it is you visit or revisit my blog, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Essence Volume Stylist 18Hr Curl & Hold Mascara Review

I’m back after a month’s hiatus… and… jumping right in!
Yes, mascara is probably the single most used makeup product in my collection. Which is perhaps why I have reviewed mascaras more than any other makeup products. In addition to that Essence is a brand I’ve reviewed over and over again simply because it’s perhaps the cheapest makeup brand available at Malaysian drugstores. This is the Essence Volume Stylist 18Hr Curl & Hold Mascara.

The product.
A little description.
As you will see later this is the shape of the brush.
The bristles.

Description: Mascara that comes in 12 ml or 0.4 oz. of product. Although it claims to hold curls that last up to 18 hours, it doesn’t claim to be waterproof.


Price: MYR 15.90

Where to buy: Watsons (if you can find it, certain department stores).

Wear test.

Bare lashes.
One coat.
Two coats.

> Very good volume.
> Very good lengthening.
> Curls hold up very well (can’t attest to the 18 hours claim but as long as I’ve worn it, it doesn’t loose the curl).
> Good lash separation.
> No smudging.
> As big and fat the wand it, it isn’t really problematic for getting even the shortest lashes because there are varying length of bristles.

> Affordable! God, SO AFFORDABLE!!!

> Tiny bit fallout.

> In spite of varying bristle length, working with the brush can be a tiny bit problematic.

Note: It definitely isn’t waterproof! Do with this information what you will. 🙂

Great mascara! Great price! I LOVE IT!

NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer Review (CW 07)

I love NYX Cosmetics!!! It’s too bad that Sephora Malaysia doesn’t carry the brand anymore and since it was only sold in Sephora in Penang, I don’t have access to the brand unless I travel to KL… That’s supposedly easily remedied; online shopping. Unfortunately I hate online shopping. I digress…

The product.
Shade name and code.
Ingredients list.
Comes with a doe-foot applicator.
Swatch. Ignore the blurred out swatch. That was for another review. It looks darker than my skin tone here but on my face it blends in pretty well. Especially with the powder I typically use to set it with…

Description: Concealer that comes in 0.11 oz. or 3 grams of product.


Where to buy: Limited stores available (check out their Facebook page and online (Shopee and Hermo are two options).

Price: HIGHLY depends on where you’re buying. I would HIGHLY recommend you purchase from the NYX Stores in Kuala Lumpur because they carry 12 shades (not quite enough but I guess it’ll have to work) and it’s priced at MYR 26.
Shopee (MYR 29), Lazada (MYR 20.80); both online stores only carry 3 or 4 light shades. I purchased mine from Sephora (redundant at the moment but it cost me MYR 20.80; original price MYR 28).

Wear test…

Freshly applied. Again, ignore the blurred half, that’s for another review… 🙂
After about 8 hours of wear. Wasn’t particularly sweating or anything.

> Applies smoothly.
> It doesn’t crease (this does depend a tiny bit on the setting powder used).
> Pretty good shade range (there’s 20 shades in total;
just not here in Malaysia, we have 12, AT MOST, here in Malaysia)
> Pigmented and opaque.
> No caking even when layered.
> As evident, very long lasting!

> No more easily available here in Malaysia (and the online options are SO limited).
> The product separates a little when in the tube so I have to vigorously shake it up every time I want to use it (hoping this is just my first tube).
> You get only 3 grams of product for the price so I’d consider it not entirely affordable (WOW, I’m such a cheapo!).

Rating: 9.2/10
I love this concealer but I do wish it was more accessible here in Malaysia. I love it so much that I got backup when it was on sale.

Product Empties #25

Woah, seems like it’s been forever since I’ve done one of these. So I’ve got A LOT of products!

Two notes:
1. I don’t feature an empty if I’ve featured it once before.
2. If a product has been reviewed, there will be link for you to read about it there.

I told you! 32 products in total!

Already reviewed. Link here.

Already reviewed. Link here.

This was in a product regret post. Need I say more? If you want to read it, click the link here. It’s entertaining! (I believe it is..)

I loved this lipstick from Maybelline. It is a dark, nude colour, perfect for deeper skin. It is also smooth and moisturising. Maybelline gets their lip products RIGHT!!! Unfortunately this was getting a little too old and it turned; started smelling like oil gone bad. Had to part ways. But it did get immortalised in my blog because it is one of the lipsticks I cut up for the header picture! Scroll up and CHECK IT OUT! I LOVE IT! I doubt these are in production anymore but their new Color Sensational lipsticks are just as amazing.

I got this lash glue from Lakshmi, my blogger friend from Big is Compatible (link here). She’s amazing and I loved this lash glue! I would love to repurchase but I’d have to order it online (which I hate). Would highly recommend and it’s pretty affordable!

I am getting rid of this because I had to actually remove the product from the tube to use it. The tub just wouldn’t wind up. It is an ok lip balm, nothing to shout out about. It was cheap too but, clearly not repurchasing (MYR 10.35). I don’t think they’re in production anymore anyway.

Got this on my trip to Thailand in 2016 from Boots (it is, in fact the Boots brand lip balm). It is the most ineffective lip balm I’ve ever used. Not repurchasing. Thai Baht 64.50; approximately MYR 8.50 (now).

I got this sample in a beauty bag by Bag of Love (they are very sporadic with their offerings which is why I am not sharing any of their socials). The next product is from this bag too. This product was pretty good. H2O+ does have some good products. Couldn’t find this exact product in full size so I don’t know how much it would cost. Wouldn’t repurchase if I can’t simply walk into a physical store and get it.

This eye cream was ok. Didn’t see a marked difference. Babor is a German company and their prices are THROUGH THE ROOF!!!!!!!!!! So nope. Not purchasing! I believe a full tub of this would set you back close to MYR 400 (yes, that’s two 00s)!

I got this purely out of nostalgia. I used to liberally apply this lip balm when I was doing my undergraduate degree back in 2008. It did work just as well as I remembered it but I’ve since found better… So, not repurchasing (MYR 8.30)!

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t exactly remember how I came into possession of this but I believe it was from my friend Daniel Boon! HI DANIEL!!! Unfortunately it’s from Origins and that means it’s expensive (full bottle – MYR 162) so I am not going to purchase. Not YET at least. But highly recommended!

This was so sad, because in spite of it being an under-performing eyeshadow I didn’t feel bad purchasing it because I loved the name of the shadow! It is from the Balm Shady Lady collection and in the shade Caught in the Act Courtney. Get back to me in the comment section if you got that reference. Anyway, although you can’t see in this picture, there was mold growing on it! 😥 RIP indeed!!!

This one has a story behind it. These cute things are about 13 years old. YES! I’m not kidding. By the way, I am still keeping them for a possibility of taking a header picture. But I thought they deserved a place in this post because I am at a place in my being where I don’t mind destroying them anymore. The three tier colour palette has several lipstick and lipgloss shades on the first tier and when performing dance during my undergraduate days I ended up using ALL of it to completion! I held on to it because it holds a lot of memories but at the moment, although those memories are cherished, some parts of it need a little edit and these eyeshadows are part of that edit.

Purchased from Mr. DIY. These are as good as cheap lashes go. They’re pretty dramatic and so very stage friendly. I used it on friends and it’s good for at MOST, two uses. When using on friends I don’t typically reuse even the same pair. And no, I don’t ask for payment when I do makeup on my friends. I do experiment on myself too and they’re ok! Very much like any cheap lashes you can find. Would repurchase if I did run out of others I have left… They cost about MYR 10-12. Yes, I am a cheapskate who’s obsessed with falsies…

Product already reviewed. Link here.

I got this in a beauty subscription bag in support of a mental health foundation called #IWillBeOkay which was the brainchild of the late blogger Fiona Loh. Yes, unfortunately Fiona has moved on to a better place and plans for future subscription bags ended with her. This travel-sized Murad Age-Diffusing Serum was pretty good! It hydrated my skin without being oily and I loved it. Unfortunately it’s Murad and so it’s expensive. A full bottle will set you back MYR 389. I don’t think I’m purchasing. Not at the moment at least.

This was also from Fiona’s beauty bag. And yes, this was another product I absolutely loved! You will definitely get the marine odour but it doesn’t linger. Unfortunately this too is a pricier item, cashing in at MYR 158. Uhmmmm….. nope…. (not now at least).

Got this Calmia Oatmeal Therapy Cleansing Tissues from Althea and it was pretty good. Not extraordinary but it was good. At MYR 6, definitely recommended! Not repurchasing because I feel I get more mileage from cleansing water and cotton pads than something like this.

Bought this because I wanted to claim my 100 points free gift which was a travel sized primer. This was good! Definitely recommended. Not going to repurchase because I got myself some good lip balms!

I don’t know how I got this! I kind of feel bad saying that this didn’t do anything because this was a teeny tiny sample that I finished in one use! A full 150ml bottle costs MYR 99 which isn’t too bad but again, not something I’d willingly purchase simply because this wasn’t convincing enough for the price.

Got this in PR. Already reviewed. Link here. Would purchase if there was a physical store accessible enough to me.

I received this in PR and I loved this cleanser! It did one thing VERY effectively, calm my face from producing zits. There’s something medicinal about it which I loved. It is sold at Watsons but at a whopping MYR 70. So, nope! Besides, I do have enough facial foaming cleanser to last me a while.

This was a Christmas gift! My brother didn’t really want it so I finished it on his behalf 😛 This was good! And it costs only MYR 6.90. But I am looking to natural deodorants instead of anti-perspirants simply to avoid added chemicals the body doesn’t need.

Got this in PR. I loved this perfume! Made me feel very macho every time I used it. Unfortunately it isn’t as long lasting as I want it to be. Wrote about it in length and if you want to check it out click here. Considering repurchasing but I do have other perfumes I love and use at the moment so not anytime soon. The female version is a lot more impressive and also a lot more long lasting! MYR 87 (each for the the female and the male version).

Got this in PR from Althea and I LOVE this product! It’s a bubble mask, it makes the skin feel soft and exfoliated. It’s easy to use and you only need to leave it on for a minute or two. It’s got 4.8/5 stars on the Althea website and is one of their bestseller. Need I make a more compelling argument? I am a little hesitant to purchase because it is MYR 52. But stellar product! Loved it!

Another gift by Lakshmi (I know right…. I have amazing friends!). This was meh. Kept my under arms smelling ok but meh… That’s the best I can say for it. Obviously not purchasing. MYR 11.90.

This is easily a 20 years old cologne. It is the Avon Wild Country cologne (and still in production believe it or not). I think my dad got this as a Christmas present, I may be wrong, maybe it was my Christmas gift, or not even a Christmas gift at all. When I was young, I felt ever so fancy when using it! With an ever-evolving palette and a more refined nose, found out about 15 years ago how terrible it actually is! WORST cologne ever! If you want to smell like a creepy pervert, this is your scent! Managed to finish it by using it sparingly and mixing it with other perfumes. Or by using it on my pants. Somehow, it’s done after 20 years. No hate towards Avon! I love Avon as a brand but I don’t love this cologne. MYR 21. Safe to say I ain’t getting into this Wild Country.

Got this when Althea was just a year old. They contacted me offering MYR 150 store credit in return for a post on my blog for their birthday celebrations (post link here). I don’t know if I could repurchase this brow product even if I wanted to because they don’t carry the brand anymore. This was a decent brow pencil. I still do have a refill (already attached). But I have other favourites so I wouldn’t repurchase anyway (originally MYR 40; purchased for MYR 13).

I FINALLY FINISHED THIS! Got this way back in 2015 and even wrote a post about it (link here). I remember thinking this was as good as any other facial blotter but I stand corrected. This is like a really thin tracing paper. It does blot oil off the face but it isn’t as soft or as effective as proper facial blotters. BUT here’s the twist. I would definitely repurchase! It’s just MYR 5.90 for 300 sheets. I don’t have particularly oily or sensitive skin and this works very well on my skin.

Product Regrets #13

I haven’t done one of these in a while, the reason being I don’t flippantly buy cosmetics anymore. Especially if I am paying for it. The fact that this was purchased with Althea free store credit doesn’t make it any less frustrating. This could have gone into something much more worthwhile.

The box. Yes! Very professional and high end looking!

What I liked about it:
It performed very well! Beginner friendly. Good dry down time. Good packaging! It was even priced affordably (MYR 23 when I purchased, it is now MYR 27)! I was very happy. INITIALLY…..

What I didn’t like about it:
I only got to try it out all but THREE times… It dried out. I tried storing it upside down, I tried shaking it vigorously, I tried even cleaning out the tip in case some eyeshadow or something got stuck on to it. All exercise in futility! That’s 23 bucks that could have gone into buying a backup of my favourites!

The frayed tip from trying to hopelessly revive it…

L.A. Girl HD Pro.Conceal Concealer Review (Fawn)

Wow, with the new background comes some new firsts! The previous review was my first time reviewing Zoeva and now it is my first time reviewing a concealer! The product I own was gifted to me by a very close friend who also happens to be a fellow blogger, Lakshmi of Big is Compatible (link here).

The product.
Ingredients and shade name.
Product from the US of A and made in China!
It has a brush tip! That’s cool! It does end up looking a little icky if not cleaned.
Swatch… Ignore the blurred patch (it’s for a different review).

Description: Concealer in a squeeze tube with a brush tip and comes in 0.28 oz or 8 grams.


Where to buy: Online at L.A. Girl Malaysia (link here) and also a very limited amount of booths in Play Up and Parksons (check the website under “LOCATE US”).

Price: MYR 30 (from L.A. Girl Malaysia official website)

Wear test…

Freshly applied. Again, ignore the blurred half, that’s for another review… 🙂
After about 7 hours of wear. Wasn’t particularly sweating or anything. I’ve tried it on a hot and humid day and I was sweating and it performed just as well..

> Applies smoothly.
> It doesn’t crease (this does depend a tiny bit on the setting powder used).
> Pigmented and opaque.
> I am partial to the packaging, because like toothpaste I can squeeze it to completion.
> WIDE shade range (VERY dark skin friendly).
> No caking even when layered.
> As evident, very long lasting!

> The tip can get a tiny bit messy.
> Not easily available here in Malaysia.
> Price is steep considering it is just USD 5 in the US of A.

Rating: 9.3/10
I love this concealer. If you can get it at any less than MYR 30, then do grab it!

Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer/ Blender Brush Review

Founded by Zoe Boikou, Zoeva as a brand began with only a line of makeup brushes which has now expanded to eyeshadows, lipsticks, and even blushers and highlighters. This is a review of a single brush, namely the 227 blending brush.

The brush. (I LOVE MY NEW BACKGROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
The cardboard inside has some information on the brush.
Excellent packaging. Definitely made me feel like I purchased something high end.
The handle with the brand and product code engraved.
Bristles up close.
It is slightly flatten with bristles that are frayed out to allow good eyeshadow blending.

Makeup brush intended for eyeshadow blending.
Bristles: Mix of natural (goat hair) and synthetic
Ferrule: Brass
Handle: Wood (lacquered six times)

Price: MYR 59

Where to buy: Sephora outlets nationwide and online at

> The brush feels and works like a high-end makeup brush.
> Extremely sturdy and durable.
> Blends out eyeshadow beautifully!
> Having had it for a couple of years, traveled with it and also used and washed it so many times, it looks almost as good as new as evident from the pictures.
> Soft bristles.

> Did initially shed a little but when it stopped shedding, it stopped for good.
> Price isn’t affordable but the brush is definitely worth the price.
> Natural bristles require more care than synthetic brushes.

Rating: 9.1/10
I LOVE THIS BRUSH! I actually wanted to test out Zoeva as a brand and so I purchased the brush that I had only one of in my collection at that time (an eyeshadow blending brush). Definitely worth the money spent! I am actually eyeing a classic set. If you’re a makeup artist or simply just love makeup, it is definitely worth investing in it!

5 Best Beauty Discoveries EVER; Makeup

Since I started blogging, I’ve been opened up to just how vast the world of makeup is. There’s so much product out there and now more than ever we have access to so much options for makeup. Although complexion products are still a failure here in Malaysia, efforts have been made to be more inclusive in the past 5 to 10 years than ever before.

I’ve discovered so many new and fabulous products that this list was warranted! 4 years of so many new products unveiled. And if you love makeup, here are 5 of the BEST products money can buy you. Two of them are actually CHEAP!

And yes, they are in order. The no 1 is my all time best discovery!

Disclaimer: I am not judging these products based on the company, the brand, its ethics, the ingredients whatsoever. All these products are from reputed brands.

No. 5
MAC Lipsticks (Matte finish)

The iconic bullet shaped lipstick tube.

The one I have here is the MAC Viva Glam I lipstick. You can find my review of this lipstick here. This one would have placed higher but since I can only, personally, speak from one shade it is 5th on my list. They are THE BEST lipsticks money can buy you! I only have experienced the matte ones, like the one pictured above but I have constantly heard ONLY good things about these lipsticks, regardless of its finish. And at MYR 80 they are not too expensive considering the fact that they are MAC products. Before Sephora, discount for MAC products were unheard of. Now, with the Black Friday and VIB sales, MAC products can be bought at a discount from Sephora! YES! With a 20% discount they would cost only MYR 64!

No 4.
Sephora 10Hr Wear Perfection Foundation

The product. I love the frosted glass bottle!

This was one of the very few foundations I’ve tried but would come to realise that everyone who’s ever tried it loved it. This is one of Tati’s favourite foundations (yes, THAT Tati, drama aside, her suggestions have worked for me on so many occasions). You can check out my review here. This foundation is amazing! It gives you a semi matte look that is natural with coverage that can be built on! It lasts very well and it sits beautifully on the skin! In my review, it is written that it costs MYR 78 and it now costs MYR 73! A price reduction!!! How often does that happen??? With the Sephora 20% it comes to MYR 58.40! That’s drugstore price! In fact, cheaper than some drugstore foundations!!!

No 3
Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara

The tube in real life is tinier than it seems.

This product would have placed higher if not for the limited shades available. Considering it’s a drugstore brand, two shades are plenty for a brow gel. But we’re talking about my very best here, so number 3 is high praise. You can read my review here. This lasted through a party night out! I love it! It has tiny microfibres which would be a blessing for people with sparse brows and it is the cheapest of its kind at the drugstore.

No 2
Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Press Powder

The product. Very simple packaging.

For being my latest review and immediately making it into my top 5 best list is saying something about this product. You can read my review here. Let me first give a shoutout to Rimmel. They made a banging comeback to Malaysia and I was so happy! They are THE ONLY makeup brand at the drugstore with a concealer that matches me (my skin tone, not lighter) AND with a foundation line that runs two, TWO shades darker, DARKER than mine (did you read that? DARKER!!!). And Rimmel is one of the CHEAPEST brands, cheap enough to rival Essence and Catrice! I’ve tried out a lot of powders and powder foundations from the drugstore. Higher end powders tend to be expensive (I love MAC and it doesn’t compare to this). I’ve tried Maybelline, Silkygirl, Pixy, L’Oreal and Revlon because powder foundations are easy to use and handy for touch ups. Often these products I can only use on stage and they’d always either crease or become cakey or something along that line. This is the best with a shade to match me. The only brand that can rival this is Maybelline and that powder is three times more expensive than this one (not including discounts)!

No 1





Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

The product.

You can read my review here. I SWEAR BY THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had someone I know tell me that this didn’t work for them over Instagram and I, VERBALLY, let out this to myself, “Ouh…. that’s so sad for you….” This is a great makeup setting spray. One of the best! There’s no drugstore equivalent! TRUST ME!!! And the best part is, if you like and use makeup, this is something you can use in your collection. It will help your base and even your eyeshadow last longer. 30 ml costs MYR 69, 118 ml costs MYR 137, not too bad for an Urban Decay product.

More YouTube videos! I’m a Full-Fledged YouTuber Now! :P

As of June 2019
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Over total 285000 views.
Over 250000 views on my most popular video (Indian Dance Makeup; Eye – link here).
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Since then I’ve uploaded a couple more videos!!!
The one I’m most proud of is a breakdown of Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray’s Vogue makeup tutorial in terms of products she used!

The rest are just unboxing videos and other fun stuff. Do check it out!

My first video in my national language, Malaysian or Bahasa Malaysia as it is known.
This was a vlog and an unboxing in one. Stayed at The Nomad in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur for my brother’s graduation.
Althea video! I got a lot of unboxings from Althea. I have not been paid for any of the Althea videos or posts I have done!
I LOVE FROZEN!!!!!! Judge me all you want!!!!!!! LET IT GOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Another Althea unboxing!

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