YouTube; A Guide to Indian Dance Makeup

So, Malaysia is facing a second, almost raging wave of the pandemic and it seems that things have gone so out of hand that we faced a second movement control order. Again, with my resources cut off, taking pictures for review has been impossible. Which is why you’ve seen more of compilation lists and my YouTube channel updates.

Still, I believe my post has value. Especially this particular one since I put a ton of time and effort in both filming and editing it with the meagre resources I have in terms of filming equipment.

So if you didn’t already know, I used to be an Indian classical dancer. I even wrote about it extensively in a post of how blogging saved my life (link here). The one thing I did notice was how even experienced dancers had very little knowledge of makeup techniques. From what I’ve experienced, dancers are often left to do their makeup on their own after a brief tutorial or two by their teachers (sometimes even devoid of this), often taking years to fine tune and perfect it. I didn’t have that problem since I already knew enough about makeup and it was simply about picking up a trick or two, here and there. I would also often get so many questions on products that I used in my YouTube videos.

It’s safe to say that at this point, my dance makeup is as perfect as it can be. And so I decided to just compile whatever I know, including techniques, tips, tricks and also products into a series of videos on how to do Indian classical dance makeup.

There is an exception though.
Kathakali makeup is the only makeup I won’t attempt to teach! That is too intricate and too difficult to master unless one is a Kathakali dancer.

I mean, LOOK AT THAT!!!! I don’t know how to do that!!!

So here it is! My four-part series about Indian classical dance makeup.

Think twice before buying these!

I’ve did it, I’ve posted over a 100 reviews! 101 to be precise.

As you might have guessed from the title, this is a list of the poorer performing products from my reviews.

No, these aren’t products I regret purchasing. Those products you can find by clicking the link HERE. Regrets usually have no redeeming qualities. These however, I used, or managed to use and review. There is the slimmest chances that these might be your cup of tea.

As usual, disclaimers; these are my personal views and I don’t believe these brands are bad just these particular products.

Funny enough, there are only 3 products with this low rating (compared to those that had a >9). But that being said, there’s are 13 products (regrets) that I have deemed unworthy of even reviewing. Haha.

Two notes:
– If the product is no longer available it doesn’t make the list.
– These products have a <5 rating.

Missha The Style 4D Mascara
This has been marked down from MYR 18 to MYR 9 on the Althea website where I initially purchased them from, despite having a 4.5/5 stars. *insert eyebrow raise emoji* Must just be me then. Either way, judge yourself from my review or perhaps purchasing them (it’s just MYR9!).

Silkygirl Hydra Clean Makeup Remover
I initially LOVED this product but it started making my skin burn. To be honest cleansing waters do a better job for me.

Avon Simply Pretty Metallic Liquid Eyeliner
This pretty liner is not budge proof, smudge proof, oil proof or water proof, so unless you’re a dainty person who can keep their hands off their face, my personal suggestion would be, no. Just no. They have changed the design slightly but the bottle looks the same.

2020 Empties

No blabber, let’s get down to business!

Two notes:
1. I don’t feature an empty if I’ve featured it once before.
2. If a product has been reviewed, there will be link for you to read about it there.

These are the products I finished coming into 2021.

Perhaps not as much as my previous one but I realise I keep using products I like and hence there aren’t as much new ones to put in these posts.

It’s My Brush makeup brushes purchased from Althea Malaysia. These brushes were CHEAP and when I was trying to look out for information to post a review, boom, they were gone from the Althea website. I have this weird habit of smelling my brushes when I wash them. Having recently washed them I naturally progressed to smell them. AND THEY STUNK! It smelled like a dog having not taken it’s bath for a couple of weeks. Which leads me to believe that these might have not been synthetic brushes. To add to the confusion, the brand doesn’t really have a website! Unless I am missing it, in which case, please leave me a comment with some information. I am afraid using it might cause more harm than good. So these are being left aside as props.

Murad Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30. Got this in a beauty bag. I didn’t like how this sat on my skin and caught myself touching my face more whenever I used it. It would even just pill off. So this sat in the back of of the drawer for a long time. And when I wanted to finish it anyway the product started separating in the tube. Since it’s MURAD, a 50ml tube will set you back MYR338! So DEFINITELY NOT purchasing!

Gold CF-Nest White Bomb Eye Cream purchased from Althea Malaysia. This worked so well initially! I actually saw a difference. It was plumping, hydrating and reduced some bagginess. However, it started not working after a few weeks in addition to making my skin itch. So I stopped using it and has been sitting in my drawer awaiting this last hurrah! Only MYR 41 for a rather generous amount. Not repurchasing.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion purchased from Sephora Malaysia. I have myself to blame! I didn’t know how to use this and failed miserably not realising all that was needed was a little more effort blending for long lasting eyeshadow. And when I did learn how to use it, the seam broke and the product dried out!!! 😢 A whole tube is MYR105 (not too bad for something you need so little of and I doubt there’s a drugstore equivalent) and I would definitely repurchase when I decide to do makeup on the side in the future.

This I got from entering a competition that had so little participants they gave all of us a bag of makeup for participation! As you can see, the bristles are coming out and it is falling apart, so I’ve decided to retire this poor fella. Got a tonne of use from it! Not available for purchase anymore.

IN2IT Lip Treat lip balm purchased from either Guardian or Watsons (I forget). Thai based makeup brand. This balm is nice to use and cheap. Not the best I’ve used and definitely not the worst. MYR 8.50 and I’ve repurchased!

Very evidently ready to retire. I’ve reviewed this sponge (link here).

ATOPALM Real Barrier Essence Mist received as PR. I was sent this to review and I LOVED it! If you have combination skin and break out occasionally, this will calm your skin down and keep it hydrated! Prices vary online and I’d be very cautious buying it online. Would repurchase if locally available in stores and price is reasonable.

NYX HD Studio Photogenic Studio Concealer purchased from Sephora Malaysia. I scraped this tube to the bottom with a brush! Check out my review (link here).

Essence I ♡ Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base purchased from Watsons. Reviewed (link here).

BHA Blackhead Blaster received from Althea Malaysia (PR). Reviewed (link here).

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Liner purchased from Watsons. Reviewed (link here).

Waterful Green Bamboo received from Althea Malaysia (PR). Reviewed (link here).

This has been immortalised on my blog header picture. Maybelline Bold Matte Lipstick purchased from Watsons. Reviewed (link here).

1 MINUTE REVIEW! New YouTube Series!

So I never thought I’d ever do this! And by that I mean have an actual posting schedule on YouTube. In any case, I am happy to get any views AT ALL!

I’ve actually had this idea for the longest time. Whether or not it would be successful was immaterial. I had a lot of fun creating them and it’s content for my channel to grow. AND I get to plug FiercePaint, should the viewer want more information. HAHA!

So this is a series of pictorial reviews on YouTube of my past reviews from FiercePaint!!! The difference is, it would have some footage of me applying or using the product. I have already published 5 and there’s a lot more to come!!!

So here there are!!!

Again, I loved doing this! I am also being particular in choosing the reviews to “video-fy”. The five reviews posted are of products that have been long available in the market and probably will not be discontinued for a while more. They also happen to be popular products in the market.

Personally, I did this because I am so tired of watching review videos that are 20 minutes long and more about showing off the packaging instead of getting to the effing point! GET TO THE POINT MARY!!!

Anyway, thank you guys so much for tuning in, following, reading, writing in and all that good stuff!!!

PS: I am still not monetised. It’s kinda pathetic but I am unaffected emotionally.

So are felt tip liquid liners easier to use? Silkygirl liquid liner review.

I love eyeliner. It is the most satisfying part of makeup to do for me. People say it is difficult but not for me. I get so much satisfaction from being able to drag that black liquid across the lid in one sweeping motion.


And evidently, liquid liners are my choice of product.

It’s the Wing It Sharp Liner liquid liner from Silkygirl.

Shade and some description.


Felt tip.

Felt tip liquid liner that comes in 0.5 g or about 0.02 fl. oz. and in one shade (01 Super Black).


Price: MYR 23.90 (wait for a discount!)

Where to buy: Major drugstores/pharmacies across the country (also available in Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar & Mongolia).

Black and opaque! Love the formula…

Water test. It doesn’t really melt off but you can see chunks missing.

Just a slight rub with water moves it. Which is why it is an easy to remove formula.

Oil test. With a bit of petroleum jelly. Definitely moves easily.

> Opaque and very black!
> Long lasting formula.
> Definitely VERY easy to remove.
> Easy to use felt tip.

> The felt tip tends to dry out at the tip. It can be revived by applying some pressure at the base and shaking the pen but it sometimes happens in the midst of drawing the line causing skips in the line.
> Due to the easy to remove formula, it flakes off sometimes after prolonged use causing some missing patches.
> Although fine, the felt tip is still far thicker than a brush tip applicator which, to me, hinders a really sharp wing. Doubled with the dry tip, this becomes more difficult to achieve. Not impossible. Just difficult.

> For some reason the felt tip got progressively harder making it more difficult to work.

YES, absolutely! This type of product is far easier to use than a brush tip to practice your wing! A pen is easy to hold, use and a felt tip pen can be used to just stamp a wing liner easily. However, I have used better felt tip liquid liner pens in the past including one I’ve reviewed in the past which is no longer available (link here).

Try using a brush to apply your foundation! SERIOUSLY! The Body Shop foundation brush.

There’s a reason professionally trained makeup artists don’t go directly onto the face with dots of foundation and blend it out with a sponge. In addition to soaking up too much product, a sponge tends to press product onto your face without distributing it it evenly.

Which is why a brush can be useful. Not necessary, but useful. I am definitely a proponent of, if something works for you, go ahead! Keep doing it. So if using your fingers is comfortable for you and you can still achieve your makeup goals then just skip this review! If using a sponge is your preference then by all means go right ahead!

This is The Body Shop foundation brush.

Bristles up close.. The shape is very useful for getting right into the area between the eyes and the nose.

The tapered brush is perfectly suited to hold enough product without waste.

A makeup brush meant for application of cream and liquid products.
Bristles: Synthetic (material unknown)
Ferrule: Metal
Handle: Wooden painted with black (I am just guessing because there isn’t any information on their website).

Price: MYR 65 (by the way, based on a previous The Body Shop brush review, link here, their prices haven’t changed at all since at least 2015)

Where to buy: Online on and at their stores nationwide.

EXTREMELY soft bristles.

They flex very perfectly onto any surface.

> The brush is designed very suitably for its purpose.
> Size, shape and bristles are perfect for cream and liquid products.
> Applies product beautifully.
> A few years old and has evidently stayed intact!
> Not a single strand has frayed or shed.
> VERY sturdy! So well made!
> For synthetic bristles, they are EXTREMELY soft! Softer than any of its kind I own or have touched.

> The handle is wider at the bottom making it unable to fit traveling cases.

Note: I initially wanted to add the price as a con but the brushes are definitely worth the price! Specialty brushes of the same kind would cost a LOT more.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this brush! Will definitely invest in more brushes from the brand in the future.

PORE-fessional skin smoother? Haha Benefit Cosmetics! You’re so punny!

Yes, the product is called PORE-fessional! Get it, get it??? If you haven’t guessed already, it is a pore filling silicone based primer for the face. If you’re just finding out about the fact that there is something called primer for the skin, it’s ok! It isn’t something you absolutely need. Chances are, if you’re into makeup and haven’t heard about primer, you probably didn’t need it to begin with. Otherwise, do check out this review and go on and go forth and open yourself up to the wonders of makeup primers.

Disclaimer, this was a free sample but I had to “sign up” for it. Here in Malaysia samples aren’t handed out freely as it is in, lets say, the US. Malaysians, much like me, would live off samples if that was the case. Hahaha! We love free stuff! Opinions are 100% my own.

Yes, this is a travel size product but don’t be deceived. For something you don’t need much of, this tiny tube went a long way!

Description. Scroll down further for ingredient list…

It is truly a tiny tiny tube! I love miniature stuff!

They actually managed some writing on that teeny tiny tube!

A silicone based makeup primer to fill pores and give the skin a smoother appearance. Comes in three sizes, a value size one which is the biggest one at 44 ml or 1.5 fl. oz.; a full sized one at 22 ml or 0.75 fl. oz.; and a travel or mini sized one at 7.5 ml or 0.25 fl. oz.


Value size (MYR 284)
Full size (MYR 168)
Mini size (MYR 68)
The one I have is smaller than the mini size at 3 ml or 0.1 fl. oz.

Where to buy: Online on Sephora, Hermo and Lazada and at Sephora and Benefit boutiques nationwide!

It’s has a nude tint to it and that was a really smart move!

Blended out. You can clearly see the blurred effect on the right side.

> Really does fill pores.
> Really does blur the skin.
> Helped makeup last longer without breaking down (this I have tested. I am pretty sure there are other products that would work better but this one definitely helped, albeit not perfectly; ideal for combination skin).
> Doesn’t move around once applied and in place.
> Comfortable on the skin.

> Unless you have really pronounced pores, pore filling primers don’t really do anything for the skin or makeup application.
> Didn’t really blur lines. Although overall skin was smoother, fine lines weren’t really minimised.

As good as it is and as much as I like it, I would never purchase a primer like this for that much money and I know better primers from different brands with a lower price tag that contain more product.

A shopping list??? All my >9 reviewed product!

I have been blogging since February 2015. That’s 5 years! FIVE YEARS!!! Wow. In those five years, I have written 98 reviews. Yes, I counted (Lol, if you do decide to re-check then let me know!). And in those reviews, very few products have gotten over a 9/10 rating. So here they are! All of 15 them!

Like all of my reviews, these are my own opinions. You may have had bad experiences with these products and that’s ok.

Also these are in reverse order. From the oldest to the newest (because that’s how I looked through each of my reviews! HAHAHA!).

Also also, I am only sharing products that are still available for purchase.

Paula’s Choice for Men (PC4Men) Face Wash
I have given few products over 9 rating, I have given far less “no cons”. This was one of it!

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray
This is one of those products that I’ve repurchased. Multiple times. Enough said!!!

Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge
If you have to try a single thing on this list, try this one! SERIOUSLY!!!

MAC Viva Glam I Lipstick
My first MAC review. I was so proud to post this! MAC lipsticks are some of the VERY best! No question!

The Body Shop Blusher Brush
The Body Shop brushes are pro quality! I wish they would come out with a wider range.

Sephora 10HR Wear Perfection Foundation
Honestly! This foundation has a WIDE shade range!!! Do try it! It is very combination skin friendly!

Maybelline Hypersharp Power Black Liquid Eyeliner
I love liquid liners. And I prefer ones with brush tips as opposed to a felt tip. Which isn’t really what most people prefer. Hmmmmppphhh…

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
The introduction of these expanding sponges meant to be used by dampening it with water has CHANGED the makeup game!!!

Althea Milk Peel Cream Mask
FIVE STAR review with 222 reviews on the Althea official website! That should be enough to convince you to at least try… TIP: I usually wait for more than 60 seconds. 😛

A’Bloom Mask
Trust me, I am just following order of post. This is not a promotion for Althea. A’Bloom is a sister brand to Althea Collection (i.e. the previous product brand). They both are Althea’s brand of products. The review includes more than just the mask but not all the products have a 9 rating. BTW, these masks are cheap too! CHEAP!

Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Press Powder
This made my all time fave list of products! Need I say more? And cheap! GOD SO CHEAP!!!

Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer/ Blender Brush
This is part goat hair so discretion advised. Otherwise, they are simply the best for the price. Freaking John McLean loves this exact brush!

L.A. Girl HD Pro.Conceal Concealer
This product is so hard to find in a physical store! I am very iffy about shopping online! I hate it!

NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer

BeautyBlender (the original!)
I love this sponge. My GOD! So good! But unless I had throwaway money I, PERSONALLY, would never repurchase this…

Do I like this popular mascara? Hmppphhh…

Trust me when I say this mascara has a HUGE following. I have not heard or read a single bad blog review for it. It has even been compared to the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara which has its own loyal following (I’ve reviewed it, link here, you should read it, my review might surprised you). I speak of the Maybelline Lash Sensational waterproof mascara.
However, that doesn’t mean I’m going to like it right? Or do I like it? Keep reading…

The product…
The wand.
Bristles up close. They are like flexible rubbery plastic bristles. The wand itself has a very ergonomic shape that mimics the curve of the eye. The bristles are varied and, as the Maybelline website says, “fanning brush”. Definitely well thought out.

Description: Mascara that comes in 9.5 ml or 0.3 oz. I believe there’s only one colour available here in Malaysian drugstores. Rubber plastic wand with a very ergonomic shape.


Price: MYR 39.90 (as I always say, WAIT FOR A SALE!)

Where to buy: Most drugstores/pharmacies in Malaysia, Guardian, Watsons.

Eyelash swatches.

Bare lashes.
One coat.
Two coats… I will say, when it was freshly opened it performed a whole lot more dramatic than it did when I shot this picture.

> As advertised, the fanning brush effect of the mascara is very evident and true to claim. It separates and coats every individual lash because bristles are positioned in a staggered configuration and have varying length.
> No smudging.
> Ergonomic shape of the bristles is very useful for mascara application. I’m definitely keeping the wand.
> Although a wet formula, it isn’t stringy or messy on the tube or upon application.

> I get so much fallout with this mascara which has worsened in spite of the product in the tube not being dried out.
> This mascara (one of two mascaras I’ve tried so far) makes the end of my lashes droop drown (picture below).
> Volume is not very impressive, (even with the third coat).

> Such a pain to remove! This is my deal breaker!

Lashes drooping at the end… This happens every time. Only way to remedy it is to use it with another mascara but I don’t like doing that when there are mascaras that do everything without needing a companion.

Not a bad mascara considering I’ve only heard positive reviews so far. BUT, definitely not for me… As for comparing it with the Too Faced BTS mascara, I don’t think its a dupe because both the formulas and the wands on both mascaras do different things. Don’t take my word for it… Do give it a go.

A local (Malaysian) indie makeup brand that’s in Watsons! What?!

Yes, this indie brand started with a single makeup brush way back in 2015. The brand now boasts brush sets, makeup sponges, lip products, an eyeshadow palette, a mascara, a liquid liner and even hand sanitiser!

Founded by local beauty blogger and YouTuber Sabrina Tajuddin in 2015, it is now available at Watsons and PlayUP stores!!! Definitely an incredible achievement!

When the brand launched with its first product I immediately placed an order (review here). Later that year two more brushes were released and I purchased them too. A year after that more brushes and brush sets were launched during when I won a giveaway and received a whole 6-piece brush set (there’s a first impressions post if you want to see the brushes when they came out of the box all fresh, link here). The brushes are now 4 years old and very much used and loved.

I believe the packaging has changed but the brushes are still the same six brushes.

There are descriptions on the back of the box of what is contained in the box…

Intended purpose of the brushes suggestions on how to use them.

Even comes with care instructions!!!

The brushes. Either my photography skills have improved leaps and bounds or the brushes really are beautiful or a combination of both! I’ll let you be the judge of that…

Both the description and the brush code are painted with rose gold paint with engraved words.

B211; Fluffy blending brush. It is, as the name says, a fluffy brush intended for blending eyeshadow. The faded label is kind of my fault! 😛 I used 60% alcohol thinking it would be effective and I was right. It was a little too effective.

Nice loosely packed bristles for its intended purpose. I love using this to blend out under-eye concealer.

B212; Basic Eyeshadow. This is an eyeshadow brush. Usually used to apply colour.

It is another staple eyeshadow brush. Tightly packed bristles to apply eyeshadow. Densely packed shadows apply pigments more vividly then a brush with loosely packed bristles.

B213; Crease blending. It is just a flattened version of the B211. Basically for the same purpose of blending eyeshadow.

It is interchangeable with the B211 but I do suppose the slightly flattened bristles serve to fit the crease of the eye.

B214; Shadow Smudge. Supposed to be used to smudge cream liner or eyeshadow for a smoked out look.

The square shaped and tightly packed bristles help with smudging and with a precise line.

B215; Pencil Brush. For precise application and smudging in a concentrated spot.

Has a pretty pointed tapered tip. Would help to apply product at precise points, for example the inner corner.

B216; Brow Definer. The newer version of this brush is dual ended with a spoolie.

Bristles. Supposed to be used for brows and liner. It really is designed for its intended purpose. It is one of those basic essential brush that I would recommend you have in your kit if you like makeup in any capacity.

A set of makeup brushes intended for eye makeup.
Bristles: Synthetic bristles (material undisclosed).
Ferrule: Metal in rose gold colour.
Handle: Wooden painted white engraved with rose gold labels.

Price: MYR 168. Also available individually at MYR 28 each (do look out for sales during special holidays).

Where to buy: Online at or selected Watsons stores and PlayUP stores nationwide.

> Sturdy and durable brushes.
> Works very well for each of its intended purpose.
> For being a staple in my makeup kit, having traveled with and been constantly used and washed, it has stayed intact and viable.
> Nice design.
> Local Indie brand (I don’t typically list this as a pro, but yes, the fact that it is an indie local brand definitely gives, to me, a reason to purchase).
> Soft bristles.
> No shedding.
> Affordable.

> Although bristles are soft the smaller brushes are a little bit stiffer than I would like it to be making it a tiny bit unwieldy. Particularly B214 and B215.
> The white finish on the handle is not very fool-proof. Even alcohol tends to melt it away. During a show, something melted the finish away on one of mine.

So sad…

Note: Perhaps the paint should have been a stronger, more unforgiving material. More of a lacquer paint than just paint or perhaps a protective finishing layer might serve it better. This might have already been improved since this was the first version of the brushes.

Lovely brushes!