Silkygirl Lash Prism Mascara Review [Updated 27/10/2016- DISCONTINUED]


Alright, let’s jump into my first ever review.

The Silkygirl Lash Prism mascara.


The mascara in 01, blackest black



The wand



Colour: Black 01 (comes in three other colours; brown 02, blue 03 and purple 04)

Price: Depending on where you get it from and factoring in discounts, it can cost anywhere between MYR 10 to MYR17

Where to buy: Watson, Guardian, drugstores and some shopping malls that has the Silkygirl makeup booth.

Wand: Standard natural bristles but with an hourglass shape.

Formula: A wet formula that thickens after some time with regular use.



No mascara


One coat of mascara without curling eyelashes. Lashes are now visible and slightly curled.


Two coats. Lashes are visibly lengthened, thickened and curled.



It is CHEAP!

It lengthens and thickens pretty well.

So far haven’t heard of complaints having used it even on sensitive eyes.

Minimal clumping.

 I don’t have oily eyelids (although it may seem like I do in the pictures) so this mascara does not smudge on me. 



The wet formula hinders separation so a lot of the product has to be taken off the wand before application.

Because it is such a wet formula, taking the product off the wand is crucial, because if you cannot handle mascara properly it will smudge and get on your lids!

It lengthens and thickens a bit too well that it may weigh eyelashes down causing it to droop at the ends.

Although it says it is waterproof it actually easily flakes off with water. No makeup remover needed. Which also means, crying and sweating will result in mascara fall out. 


RATING: 8/10

High rating because it is cheap! And I have yet to find another mascara that’s as cheap that delivers this quality.


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