First Impressions, Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick (Smokin’ Hot Pink)

Why Harivain??? Why??? Not another lipstick!!!

Yes, I hear your cries! Please bear with me though. I WILL be moving on to more of the eyes and face makeup after this! I promise!!!

So here we go.

Wet n Wild is an American brand that produces some of the most affordable makeup products, sought after by makeup enthusiasts around the world! They produce every kind of makeup product; from eyeshadows, lipsticks, mascaras to makeup brushes and nail polish. Wet n Wild isn’t very popular in Malaysia because they hit shelves just last year (2014) and were only available online prior to that. Their products are cruelty-free which is commendable and they are available in selected Sasa stores all over Malaysia. However, they do cost a lot more here than they do back in the USA.


Although not clear, the brand name is printed across the tube cover.

Although not clear, the brand name is printed across the tube cover.



The product inside. It is a bright pink colour!


Description and name of the shade on the bottom of the tube.

Description and name of the shade on the bottom of the tube.


A swatch. It is a bright pink colour!

A swatch. It is a pink colour lipstick with a matte finish.


My thoughts;

It is a matte hot pink lipstick and I really like it! A friend of mine used it with another lipstick to bring down its intensity and it lasted her all 4 hours before she wiped it off (granted, she was not eating). The reason I wanted to share this product is because it is a pink colour that would flatter a wide range of skin tones! With Indian, deeper warmer skin tones, darling, you can rock this pink lipstick! There isn’t a distinctive smell or taste to it but it is one of those swipe-once-to-get-colour-payoff kind of lipstick. Colour selection is also impressive. A larger Sasa outlet that carries the brand may have all 26 shades of the lisptick. YES! 26!!! There’s definitely a colour for everyone!

There are three issues with this lipstick that personally annoy me. First of all the formula is pretty thick so when applying, it does slightly tug on the lips. Second, the packaging flails after the tenth time the tube is opened and closed. The cover becomes loose, it cracks up with a lil’ rough play (no pun intended), and there isn’t a great element of design to it. Third and last is, when the lipstick is initially being used, a portion of it is not fully covered by the bottom part of the tube. This portion that protrudes out from the tube can be easily scraped by the cover when closing it.

However, all these issues aside, the lisptick itself is simply amazing! It wears well, it is opaque and colour selection is mind blowing!

It retails at MYR 21.90 at Sasa and about MYR 17 via the online store Colours Cosmetics Malaysia. However, I got it as a prize for entering a makeup competition and it is thus mine, even if I didn’t pay for it 😉 .


4 thoughts on “First Impressions, Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick (Smokin’ Hot Pink)

  1. Haha, another lipstick review?? I don’t even mind! xD

    I had no idea Sasa carries Wet n Wild brands. But I usually saw them online. Really affordable as well!

    Ugh, I hate it packaging fails like that :/ And that’s why I haven’t bought any of Wet n Wild lipsticks yet. I have a feeling something like that would happen.

    Hey, thank you for leaving me such warm and encouraging comments on my emotional posts.. xD They’re already taken down because the one I intended it to has read em.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You do have to realise a majority of Wet n Wild products cost less than USD 5 in the USA so I can see how they “chepo-d” the packaging and kinda stuck to the formula instead.

      Awwww…. My pleasure. Just wanted to give you some positivity!


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