This is just a random post about creating a logo for FiercePaint. I have been invited for a collaboration which will advertise FiercePaint to a wider audience and I am excited about it. I will be writing about the collaboration in a future post once the other party has made it public. However, I was asked to create a logo for FiercePaint and I decided, hey, let’s share it here.

I did use a couple of online logo generators but the sketching was 100% mine! I also used Paint (how old school right???!!!) for some editing and Microsoft Office Picture Manager (I should just jump on a time machine and zap myself to the early 2000s) for some enhancing.

The online logo generators I used were


I used it to place my sketch and add text.


To create the rounded corners.


To add a lace border.


And *drumrolls* here’s the finished product!!!




So far I am in LOVE with it!

I have mentioned in my first blog awards post (here) that I love drawing eyes and so I put that to good use.

I also want to mention that since I do not use gender specific pronouns in my blog, I didn’t want to do that with my logo as well. If I have done so in the past, let me know and I WILL correct it. With that being said, my logo sketch started from a guide of a cartoon drawing of a drag queen (controversial, ooppsss)!

What do you guys think? Do leave me a comment letting me know what you think about the logo.

I can’t say this enough but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! My Facebook page has hit 90 likes and I am truly grateful that I get the opportunity to do this!



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