Silkygirl Natural Brow Pencil Review

I have reviewed several Silkygirl’s products (two mascaras here and here, makeup remover here, chubby stick here, and a retractable eyeliner here) and also put it in my top 5 most affordable Malaysian drugstore makeup brand (here) so I shall not go into details about the brand itself.

Today’s review is on the Silkygirl Natural Brow Pencil. I have never had problems with scarce brows that I needed to fill them in however, when doing makeup on others, you realise how important they are and how they frame the face nicely. This was one of the initial eyebrow pencil I purchased to try out.

Pictures πŸ˜€

The product.

The product.

It is in black so it matches my brow.

It is in black so it matches my brow.




Description: It is a simple wax-based eyebrow pencil in 01 Soft Black. It is pretty dry and stiff (I have a simple hack at the end of the post for dealing with this). The pencil needs sharpening and there’s a clear cap for protection.

Where to buy: Most drugstores and supermarket/hypermarkets in Malaysia.

Price: MYR 10.90 (it’s drugstore so wait for promos!!)


Naked eyebrow.

Naked eyebrow.

Filled in. It is freaking natural!!! Even in person I can hardly tell!

Filled in. It is so freaking natural!!! Even in person I can hardly tell!



It is cheap!

Black eyebrow pencil that isn’t too black so it has a natural finish.

Stays put (doesn’t just melt away with sweating).



Very stiff and dry.

Because it is dry it tends to pull out my eyebrows if I tug too hard.

I never liked sharpening.



Use your hair dryer to slightly heat up stiff and dry eyebrow pencil to allow ease of application. Just a few seconds of exposure to the hot air will slightly loosen the product.




It is a basic eyebrow pencil that I like because it matches my eyebrow colour.


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