Elianto Face Powder Brush (H) (01S) Review

Elianto is a brand name that gets mentioned a lot on my blog and I do love a lot of their products more so because they’re so cheap! I have reviewed several products from Elianto from the past here (Liquid Lipstick), here (Liquid Eyeliner), here (Single Eyeshadows), here (Loose Powder), and here (Makeup Brush). Today I shall review the Elianto Face Powder Brush.

The product.

The brush.


Bristles. They are not very densely packed which is good for a face powder brush.

It really is very soft.

It really is very soft.

It also comes with a brush guard.

It also comes with a brush guard.


Bristles: Synthetic, not too densely packed long fibres. It is extremely soft and the colour gradually darkens at the tip.

Ferrule: Metal ferrule that is perhaps painted with black although I can only guess at this.

Handle: Wooden handle and again this is something I am guessing and it is painted with black.

Price: MYR 35.90 but Elianto constantly offers discounts so watch out for them!

Where to buy: Elianto counters nationwide and from their E-store at elianto.biz.



Soft, really really soft!

Because of its long fibres and the fact that is it not too densely packed, it is efficient in picking up powder and dusting it on the face very effortless.

The brush guard!!! That is highly appreciated!

It has not shed or frayed thus far and I’ve had it for perhaps a year and a half.

The ferrule and handle are sturdy.



Cleaning is a little bit of a pain because it is a larger brush.




I love this brush. It is a good brush to dust bronzer or powder and also dust off excess powder from the face. If one is skilled enough even blusher can be applied using this brush.


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