Product Empties #7

Past product empties links; #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6.

This time around I have got makeup empties! 😀


IMG_4448This is an eyebrow pencil from Daiso that I featured in my Product Regrets post (here). All details are there. I actually finished using it because I was just playing around with it on my hands and somehow it just reached the end… 😛

IMG20150730010438I wouldn’t repurchase it, however, I am keeping it because there’s a spoolie on the other end.


IMG_4446This is the Essence Longlasting eye pencil in 01 (black fever). I have a review coming up soon on this. So stay tuned! I also finished it up because I used it to create this look on my friend.

IMG_20151202_171922I guess with the amount of black there (and 5 times over!), the pen was bound to run out.

IMG_4447This is the Silkygirl 20HR Perfect Stay Eyeliner in 01 (Blackest Black). I love this eyeliner and I have reviewed it already (here); all details are in that post. However, I am at my second pen and I have noticed something that I previously dismissed and updated my review. I did knock off a few points from my “Rating” for that reason. But I do love this eyeliner and like I’ve said, I already have a second pen!

IMG_4445I have reviewed this lip balm (here) and am a little on the fence with it. Repurchase? Not at the moment because I got a LOT of lip balms to try out and finish…

IMG_4444I loved how my nose felt after I stripped this pore pack off! However, I don’t really have blackheads problem so it seems a little unnecessary. I got this as a free gift with purchase. I may just buy a whole pack just for the sake of a facial treatment session.

6 thoughts on “Product Empties #7

  1. LOVE that eye you drew with the Daiso pencil! Wow, what talent! 🙂 I have a refillable eyebrow pencil from Daiso and I quite like it. It’s got a silver casing though.
    I really like those Essence Longlasting pencils too – I am crossing my fingers you liked yours…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Which eye stashy? The one from this post or the one from the Product Regrets post? Either way, thank you so much!!! 😀 ❤
      I think I know the pencil from Daiso you're referring to. I have that one too. Is it called Ellefar????
      About the Essence pen, hmmppphhh…. I don't hate it but I am not so crazy about it either because the SIlkygirl one, albeit it's packaging fault (which is the thing that I overlooked and updated on the review), is creamier and stays on much more infallibly than the Essence one…


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