Products I Have Stopped Using

These products aren’t exactly bad but for some reason they stopped working for me for its intended purpose.





I have no one but myself to blame for this. I just dropped it into my cart without reading anything on the label. It dried my skin out very badly. I didn’t want to put it into a regret post because as the label says, “Oil Control” and it sure does the job!!!


I have reviewed this in the past before and details are there (link here). Reading the post will tell you why I stopped using it for its intended purpose. However, I am using it to take of hand swatches at the moment.


Again, I should really stay away from the anti-acne products because I don’t bloody have acne!!! Geez!!! I fell for this product because of the pore minimising claim and it was featured in a haul post (haul post link here). Obviously, my skin got dry and I’ve stopped using it.


This is another product featured in a previous haul post (haul link here). I used it to positive effects as a night treatment serum. My face would feel moisturised and bouncy morning after. However, after the 4th or 5th use my face started to itch and upon discontinuation the symptoms stopped. Didn’t want to put it in a regret post because it did work.


11 thoughts on “Products I Have Stopped Using

  1. I also avoid any skincare product that has the word “acne” in it because they are usually all wayyyy to drying! Also, don’t you hate it when a product you love just stops working for you?

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  2. I think one of the best way to minimize pores is by moisturizing accordingly. I once had really large, obvious pores around my T-zone, back when I know nothing about skin care. Once I started trying out different moisturizers, it shrank somewhat.

    Haha, REALLY STAY OFF THE ANTI-ACNE, HARI! xD You don’t need it.

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    • Elianto is only available in Malaysia. Silkygirl is only available in Southeast Asia. NuTeen is by Ginvera, which I am not sure is available in Canada. And Garnier is for sure available in Canada but I have no idea if you have this particular product… My point is that is perhaps why you have not tried any of these! Hahaha!


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