Maybelline Crayon Liner Review

The one thing I’ve learned about wearing the no makeup, makeup look is switching from black liner to brown liner and this was one of the cheapest I found at the drugstore. This is review is short and concise because of the nature of this product.

It’s the Maybelline Crayon Liner in Brown.

The liner.

The liner.

The product.

The product.

Description: It is a pencil type eyeliner that comes in two colours, Black and Brown.

Where to buy: Drugstores, pharmacy, supermarket, and everywhere there’s a Maybelline display!

Price: MYR 11.90 (again, drugstore makeup, definitely wait for a promotion or a discount!).



It rubs off pretty easily. No water or oil test necessary.

It rubs off pretty easily. No water or oil test necessary.


Glides on smoothly.






Needs sharpening.

Is not budge proof so it does fade throughout the day (definitely NOT oily eyelid friendly).


Rating 6.5/10

It is my everyday eye liner. It does the job of framing my eye without looking like I have makeup on and I really don’t mind the fading off because it doesn’t mess up my face. Rating isn’t higher because it isn’t the best liner I’ve tried from the drugstore.

6 thoughts on “Maybelline Crayon Liner Review

  1. I mainly wear brown / taupe liners, it’s what I prefer on myself. I find black to be so harsh looking.
    I kind of don’t mind having to sharpen my pencils – I get a sharper point than the automatic pencils, which dull and it’s not really feasible to sharpen them in a conventional sharpener.

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    • We are so so different when it comes to makeup aren’t we??? And it’s so fabulous to share ones likes and dislikes!
      I prefer twist up pens any day! I don’t expect too precise a line with them and if I did want a precise line, I’d just stick with liquid liner…
      Oh yes, that’s one of my most underrated and unsung discoveries, using brown and taupes for eyeliner just because they are not only softer but also full proof! Even if they did smudge, they would not make one look like a mess!


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