Product Regret #7

Ok, so there’s this brand called Cathy Doll in Guardian in Malaysia and I have been curious of one thing. Their Ice Cream Magic Blender makeup sponge. If you have not used a sponge to blend your makeup you are missing out because it gives your makeup the most amazing and flawless finish!

Moving on, here’s the product.



Looks pretty cool right? And it is really soft too.

Now, what I assumed is that it needs to be dampened. But here’s what happened when dampened.


If you can’t already tell the sponge is completely out of shape. And this is after me positioning it for a few minutes to snap the shot!

See here’s what happens when it is dampened. It looses it’s bounciness! Completely! You can squish it down and it holds its shape for a good 10 to 15 seconds! A sponge shouldn’t do that because it then completely looses its ability to push and spread product on the skin. And although it is soft even before being dampened, it cannot actually do much in its dry state. I paid MYR 20.30 for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S A LOT FOR A CHEAPSKATE LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16 thoughts on “Product Regret #7

  1. Hahaha the last sentence really got me Hari… I guess we’re all cheapskate at times. Anyway i havent’ tried their sponge but i’ve tried their eyeliner, and i realise when i use eyeshadow and apply the eyeliner on it, it doesn’t appear pigmented as it should be. And it won’t even glide easily… the ink will miss some spots when i try to line. So i keep going to back to my maybelline one with the red cap. Sad to see that a sponge like that could go out of shape, i guess the best is still the beauty blender, no doubt about that.

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    • I need to get the beauty blender. Planning on it on the next 20% off sale… But not all their products are fails… My friend Lakshmi sang praises about their liquid lipsticks… Perhaps you can check those out….?


      • Yup that would be the best time to get it at a cheaper price. I heard Real technique beauty blender the one in orange is a dupe for it… but i’m not so sure as i haven’t personally tried it myself. Ok will go check out their liquid lipsticks the next time around.

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  2. you killed it in the last sentence XD it’s so sad to think about the money spent on useless crap kan? I only have 1 sponge which is from TCFC and I have yet to properly use it. Maybe I shall give it a try and see if it’s worth reviewing. Got it as a free gift from online purchase like a year ago. Are u considering to get a BeautyBlender?

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    • TCFC??? Yea, I hate spending money on stuff that don’t work. I usually do my research before I purchase something so an impulse purchase is very rare. So this was a real heart breaker!
      Yes, I am definitely getting a beauty blender on the next 20% off sales at Sephora! It can go a whole year without tearing or getting seriously damaged even with constant washing!


  3. I am planning to buy this one but it was hard searching for reviews. Luckily found one here:)Looks like i won’t be puchasing this.I have bought the cathydoll petit blender,which is hard and dense because it is actually made of latex, after i googled it somewhere, because it is written in thai.Ive just bought some really soft sponges(rm15 for 4 pcs) from lazada,grow bigger and fluffy when wet, i can say they are dupe of the RT sponge:D

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