Product Regret #8

Two negative posts in a row… 😦 I realised I had this post set up and ready to go before the last one but pushed it forward because I wanted to post the previous, Cathy Doll post up first (link here).

So Silkygirl is perhaps one of the very first mainstream makeup brands in Malaysia that launched a liquid to matte, liquid lipstick. And when it first came out everyone when nuts! And so far I have seen and heard very little complaints about it. However, when I decided to put it to the test I was sorely, SORELY, disappointed…


The product.

Initially swatched.

Initially swatched.

When completely dried down. Gorgeous, true red colour! Absolutely beautiful!

When completely dried down. Gorgeous, true red colour! Absolutely beautiful!

So, as you can see, it’s a gorgeous shade of red and it dries down to a complete matte finish. See, here’s the problem, one coat is not opaque enough to cover the difference in pigmentation of my upper lip and my lower lip. However, it is a complete mess when it is layered. The second coat makes the first layer move around and then it bunches up and crumbles off. When it was worn on the lips, within the first half hour, there was so much product missing from the inner part of the lips. I did try it with my favourite lipliner but when the lipliner wears off so does the product, so it isn’t so much the lipstick but the lipliner that works.Of course this may just be this particular shade…

Sigh…. That’s MYR 18.80 I’m never getting back!!! 😦

8 thoughts on “Product Regret #8

  1. omg i’m so sorry to hear about this shade. I have one in shade Retro and it works nicely, so maybe the bad apple is this red one you have? Mine in Retro shade is quite drying so I always wear a layer of Maybelline lip balm underneath or else my lips will feel painfully dry. However the colour payoff is really good and it does not crumble off either. I have so many red lipstick of other brands thats why I dont bother buying this Matte Junkie in red because dah muak kumpul banyak sangat sama colour, haha

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    • I do buy the red lipsticks because I use them for my performances. I would try and purchase Retro but this has put me off from buying any of the rest…. 😦 Besides I have too many lip products at the moment! 😛 😛 😛


  2. How disappointing! It sounds like they didn’t test this product before they launched it? Maybe putting a lip primer could help? I don’t have much experience with matte lipsticks so I’m not much help!

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