2016 Collective Product Empties

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

I wish you the best for the year! Let’s all be FIERCE!!!

Two quick announcements.

I want to let you guys know I am going to dabble a teeny tiny bit with fashion on FiercePaint. This won’t be something I do regularly hence the term “dabble”.

I want to make 2017 a NO BUY year. That means, unless I run out of something that I use regularly like skincare stuff I WON’T BUY anything cosmetics in 2017!!! I am putting aside MYR 100 each month which I will collect end of this year and either splurge or put to a good cause. There is one exception, I want a BeautyBlender which I will get during the Sephora 20% off sale.

Moving on…



  • I posted a total of 6 Product Empties, 5 of which had 5 products each. One empties post was done after a period of hiatus and so had 18 products! That makes a total of 43 products! Three more than my 2015 collective empties post (link here). Keep in mind that I don’t mention products I’ve previously featured and also duplicates.
  • I featured 14 full sized makeup products excluding lipbalms and makeup removers. WOAH!
  • There were 2 lipbalms and 2 makeup removers.
  • I also spent a makeup sponge and featured facial cottons, a pack of falsies, a bottle of sponge cleanser, a bottle (and half) of fine fragrance mist, aerosol antiperspirant spray and underarm antiperspirant (7 products).
  • The rest were skincare which made up 18 products.
  • This time around it’s interesting that these products centered around makeup.

Here’s a list of all the product empties post last year;

Product Empties #9

Product Empties #10

Product Empties #11

Product Empties #12

Product Empties #13 (18 products)

Product Empties #14

I want to wish you guys all the best for the year ahead!

I am hoping for great things in 2017!

18 thoughts on “2016 Collective Product Empties

    • January has barely ended and I’m already making plans for January 2018!!!! Sometimes, some promos are so SO good that I am afraid of remorse if I don’t purchase… Then I calm down and tell myself that there are other people out there without that product too so chill out….
      The thing about using up makeup for me is, when I do have theater performances I can use up some products so much because I do makeup for my fellow actors as well. As you probably already know stage makeup is heavy and more product is used.
      Oh yes! Happy New Year Stashy!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Happy New Year to you too!
      Thanks Ren! I do hope I prevail against temptation.
      I checked out your blog. Lovely visuals! Your pictures are extremely lively!
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a lovely comment!


    • Ooooo, I stretch out every single makeup product. I have lip glosses that are about 10 years old. And wait wait wait before you judge me…. πŸ˜› I use those lip glosses for pictures! Much like the crushed eyeshadow and blusher on my blog header picture. Then, I throw them out… I don’t keep these with my still proper makeup stash, I have a separate container for them….
      Hahaha! Hope I didn’t gross you out! πŸ˜›


    • Thank Dom!!!!! And before I go on, may I address you as Dom?
      For the little views I get and the tiny following I have, I’ve actually gotten a fair amount of PR products. And add that to giveaway products, I think I do have enough skincare products to last the year. Makeup isn’t something one can go through too fast anyway so I’m set for that too… My ride or die and faves are backed up so I AM GOOD for 2017!


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