Product Empties #15



 This is the famous Biore pore pack and boy oh boy is it satisfying to use! I don’t have visible black heads and so this isn’t something I need. But just using it and peeling it off is strangely therapeutic. I just wanted to see if I had all that problems on my nose to remove, which I had very little of. Won’t be purchasing this again.


I have a confession to make. As much as I love using face masks, I have never really felt a big difference after using one except being rejuvenated and refreshed. I don’t want to be an unappreciative asshole because this was a gift, but more than feeling refreshed and rejuvenated I didn’t really see a difference with my facial skin after using this.


Give this brand a try I say! Probably one of the best drugstore facial cleansers I have used in a while for its price. It’s MYR 12.90!!! This one in particular has dissolving micro-beads in it. I won’t be repurchasing this one but there’s another I am currently using which I will.


I have reviewed this (post link here).


I actually liked this brow pencil from Etude House but I dropped it and I’m guessing the product inside broke. Every time I sharpened it, the nib kept breaking off. I whittled it down until I couldn’t sharpen it anymore. Don’t think I will be repurchasing this.


Gone….. ALL gone! See why I don’t like sharpening makeup pencils!!!

16 thoughts on “Product Empties #15

  1. I hated that BTS mascara! And i do not like sharpening eye pencils as well, especially when the sharp part hit your eye!! Ouch!!! And I’ve tried the Biore too in the past, it wasnt bad but not great either. There’s other products better than that. Right???

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  2. Sheet mask or even the traditional jar masks are temporary “pick me ups”. I think one would have to use the same mask every single day to get any sort of long lasting effect. In that case, might as well just buy a serum or sleeping mask where the product stays on the skin. 😛
    Oh that sucks about the Etude House brow pencil!

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    • But I kinda love that idea of being pampered you know… Makes me feel so fancy! Putting on the mask is an indication that I am free and I have some “me” time. 😀 😀 😀
      The Etude House product itself was amazing you know.


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