Let’s Bash Some PR Morons!

I may lose some valuable future PR packages/interactions/money but hey, I gotta do this! I WANT to do this!

I am a beauty blogger in Southeast Asia, Malaysia, a country where beauty influencers aren’t as saturated as it would be in a purchasing powerhouse like the USA. There are also people here that do not even understand the concept of a beauty blog; educated people!

To the best of my knowledge, I am the only male beauty blogger in Malaysia whose blog is predominantly makeup related. So, this small, almost inconspicuous corner on the Internet amounting to this minuscule little blog called FiercePaint, does, surprisingly, get more than its fair share of attention from company PR representatives.

You see, when companies are professional and contact me to offer free products, cash in exchange for a review or something to that likeness, they are zealously welcomed!!! It is when these PR personnel, go above and beyond to do their job that simply pisses me off! Oh the sneaky underhanded maneuvers these blood sucking demonic spawn representatives employ to share in on the little views I get- if only retribution was instant gratification!

(Granted, some people do not put in as much effort as some of us do but get, unduly, more views and followers. YES! I have deliberately digressed to roast “bloggers”. Quotation marked to allow your very own personalised interpretation of these words. Life isn’t fair; I have come to terms with that! That does not mean I have to shut up about it! *eyebrow raise* If you felt heat from this paragraph, well……………)







Dubious methods some company PR personnel employ, don’t just annoy me, it flat out makes me angry!!! If a company condones such devious techniques then I am going to dissociate myself from them whether or not stakeholders are in the know of such asinine decisions.


It has happened before.

And I speak with evidence!

Please spare a few moments to read and examine attached text below.


Outsource getting more followers? I don’t even get help to take pictures! Everything is self taught!

Even then, this is much less offensive compared to the next one only because this person, or company, or whatever else this particular account represents, has directed it to me.

On to Exhibit B.

Ladies, gentlemen, and every other gender option!



You’re not even speaking to me anymore! You are speaking to my readers!!! What am I then? The sideshow freak that no one stops to look at because I’m not weird enough?

Let me also disclose the fact that this is a VERY well reputed company not just in Malaysia but several other countries in ASIA! YES! Safe to say that I HAVE NOT worked with them and WILL NEVER!

Now, I direct this to the person who sat down behind the computer and did this;

Dear homo sapien with the capacity of decision making lower than that of an amoeba,

If you are reading this,

YOU ARE IRREVOCABLY and IRREDEEMABLY DIM-WITTED if you had even the tiniest inkling of hope that this was going to be welcomed!!!

Anyway my rage has fueled but only a post because comments get moderated and there’s this wonderful option called delete and trash!

OR ELSE……………

*cue jaws music*


15 thoughts on “Let’s Bash Some PR Morons!

  1. This was so entertaining to read. And I’m sure very cathartic for you to write! 😀 These underhanded techniques make me question the beauty blogging / YT world. So many underhanded things occur that the casual readers / viewers don’t realize!

    I rather enjoyed this:
    Granted, some people do not put in as much effort as some of us do but get, unduly, more views and followers. YES! I have deliberately digressed to roast “bloggers”.
    Hear hear! I am sick of wading through the sea of crap “blogs” with no content, and who are doing the “follow for follow” BS. Ugh. Go away! It make me wonder what numbers are REAL anymore. Most of the followers on social media are so manufactured… but I digress. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh you have no idea! This has been in the weeks since last year but I didn’t know if it was worth publishing. But I threw caution to the wind and rolled with it!
      Oh well, content creators with real work and proper content just seem to be people that work harder anyway. I’d rather be honest than just bartering for followers.


  2. This is annoying!! I’ve been approached by few on email and they have absolutely no sense of communication!! The best thing we can do is IGNORE! Kudos to your guts that you’ve made a post out of it. #respect

    Liked by 1 person

    • I ignore most. I don’t think they even have the slightest inkling of what our blogs are! They perhaps just pick off the first result on Google and randomly contact people. Or perhaps they follow a hastag and send out a generic message to everyone they can find.
      Thank you so much! 🙂 ❤ Hey, somebody had to do it!


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