Product Empties #16

This has been reviewed (link here).

This has been reviewed (link here).

You should check out my battle of the drugstore micellar water post (link here) to know why I wouldn’t repurchase this.

I was gifted this by a friend and not be an jerk but this made my skin a tiny bit dry. SORRY DANIEL!!!!!!!! It was otherwise alright. I didn’t repurchase this and so I wouldn’t go ahead to actually purchase it.

Again, as much as I love using face masks, I have never really felt a big difference after using one except being rejuvenated and refreshed. And this was no different. I have a couple more of this because it came in a bundle of 4 that cost me a mere MYR10. Repurchase again, no.


10 thoughts on “Product Empties #16

  1. Too bad that Uno Whip Wash Moist made your skin DRY. You’d think something called moist wouldn’t do that! I’m still a sucker for sheet masks mostly for temporary effects. I know they don’t do THAT much unless I used the same type of mask nightly… then I think I should just use a serum instead. 😉

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    • I expected a little bit more from Shiseido but hey, you win some, you lose some…
      Well, I love sheet masks too but they seem to do lesser than what my regular skincare does. Perhaps if I did it more often… Hmmmppphhhh…..

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  2. Hi Hari!!!

    I’ve tried the Silky Girl Expert Brow Slim, there’s no denying that the bullet shape is perfect but for me it’s not pigmented enough. I still prefer their Hi-Definition Brow Liner. That one is my go to brow pencil. Cheap and affordable. I’ve used 4 of it so far and decided to buy the 5th one after the Expert Brow Slim disappointed me.

    Sheet mask, I love sheet mask but just for the sake of pampering and adding more moisture to the face. Other than that no obvious changes. 😊

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    • You see, I don’t really like overtly pigmented brow products as they tend to look harsh and not always blendable. I want my filled in brows to look undetectable sometimes and this is perfect for it.


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