Silkygirl Natural Brow Pencil Review


I have reviewed several Silkygirl’s products (two mascaras here and here, makeup remover here, chubby stick here, and a retractable eyeliner here) and also put it in my top 5 most affordable Malaysian drugstore makeup brand (here).

This review is on the Silkygirl Natural Brow Pencil.

The product.

Name and code.

Description and ingredients.

Up close of the nib.


Description: Eyebrow pencil. Comes in two colours, 01 Soft Black and 02 Dark Brown. There’s a clear cap for protection and comes in 1.14 grams or about 0.04 oz.

Where to buy: Most drugstores and supermarket/hypermarkets in Malaysia.

Price: MYR 10.90 (it’s drugstore so wait for promos!!)

Bare brows.

For a black pencil (if used properly) it’s quite natural looking!


It is cheap!

Black eyebrow pencil that isn’t too black so it has a natural finish.

Stays put (doesn’t just melt away with sweating).



Very stiff and dry.

I never liked sharpening.

No spoolie.



Use your hair dryer to slightly heat up stiff and dry eyebrow pencil to allow ease of application. Just a few seconds of exposure to the hot air will slightly loosen the product.




It is a basic eyebrow pencil that I like because it matches my eyebrow colour. It may or may not work for you so discretion advised!

6 thoughts on “Silkygirl Natural Brow Pencil Review

  1. Aw I don’t mind sharpening. I always find the automatic pencils to contain so little product. Sharpening does waste some of the product but in general, they last longer. The stiff and dry aspect actually is a PRO for me – that’s how the Shu Uemura pencils are. I find the waxy pencils do not provide as natural of a look compared to a drier pencil formula.

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    • I agree! But I don’t use them on a regular basis and so I find that even the mechanical ones last pretty long for me. Formula isn’t so much of a gripe with me; all it has to do is last long and blend well. I am more of a colour match snob. I need brow products to be as undetectable as possible. I’d stick to a more waxy product that lasts long, blends and is a good shade match rather than a drier formula that doesn’t last long, doesn’t blend well and doesn’t match my brows, AND vice versa. I’d work around how the formula feels as long as I get the finish I am looking for with no compromise on longevity. Does that make sense?


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