Elianto Single Eyeshadows Review



Elianto is a local retail makeup brand that comes at very affordable prices. I collected these eyeshadows over a period of time. I don’t have names of the older ones because I never imagined I’d ever start a makeup blog 😛 . I am going to be swatching and reviewing ALL the Elianto eyeshadows I own. The only ones that are currently available to purchase are the three single shadows not in the palette. So this is just a big swatch-fest parading as a review. HAHAHA!

The two palettes and the single shadows I own. I bought the palettes separately and each pan individually.

Only after taking that collective shot did I realise I had this quad in my collection which I won from a giveaway from who is now my blogger bestie Lakshmi (author of Big is Compatible; link here).

The matte pink shade on the left is one I already have; ballet pink (scroll down). The shimmery pink one is called pink lady; the grey one is called cool grey and the dark one is called taupe. These are all in plastic pans; all also discontinued.

From left to right, cool grey, pink lady, taupe.

Moving on to the large palette.

1-5 are the older ones when they came in metal pans. I don’t have the names of these (these have been discontinued).

  • 1- Deep brown with a little bit specs of gold glitter. Doesn’t really show up in a swatch.
  • 2- Gold glittery.
  • 3- Matte deep purple.
  • 4- Dark blue with blue glitter.
  • 5- Light blue, iridescent.

6-10 are the newer ones when it was switched to plastic pans (these I have shade names for, all mattes, and these have also been discontinued).

  • 6- Burlywood (dark peachy transition shade).
  • 7- Sienna Gold (brownish ochre).
  • 8- Scarlet Red (red).
  • 9- Venus Brown (matte deep brown).
  • 10- Ballet pink (sweet pink).

A closer look. YES! Hit pan on the gold!

AND on the brown! It works well as a contour shade! Metal pan and plastic pan difference can be spotted here.

Hand swatch. All the old ones in the metal pan. They do pick up better with brushes though.

The newer ones in plastic pans.

This is the 6 pan palette which only has 4 shades housed.

The smaller palette. It comes with a full sized mirror!

From left to right, plum purple, night blue, lilac purple, evergreen. All mattes!

And these are the ones still available; the single eyeshadows.

The three single ones. These are still available.

These are just mono eyeshadows in 01 White, 13 Cocoa, B138 Espresso.

Description: Individual eyeshadows from Elianto that come in several finishes. They no more come in just pans, each single shadow come with its own plastic packaging. They contain 2.5 grams of product.

Price: The mono shadows retail at MYR 9.90. The 6-colour empty palette retails for MYR 21.90.

Where to buy: Elianto booths nationwide and also online at www.elianto.biz


I used the white shade for my Halloween look (post link here).

I also used them on my YouTube video. If you opened up the description box they’re all listed.



All the shadows are pretty well pigmented.

Some shades blend very well.

They are smooth, pick up well (both with a brush and the fingers) and deposit on the eyelids very well.

Price is a huge plus for the amount of product in the pan.

Decent wear time (5 hours before it begins to start fading).



Some shades can be a tad bit streaky and patchy especially the matte shades.

Some of the newer ones are a little powdery and may result in fallout.

Some of the newer ones are not very long lasting.

Just demonstrating the powdery attribute I mentioned.



These are nice eyeshadows and the cons are things I can work around. They are not just affordable, they are actually cheap. Great for experimentation! Some shades are a bit of a miss so I’d suggest doing a swatch first before purchasing.

17 thoughts on “Elianto Single Eyeshadows Review

  1. Those are unusual selection of colours indeed!

    The last time I bought makeup from Elianto was probably… 2011? Maybe my techniques were wrong but the eyeshadow creased pretty bad on me. But a friend of mine really like their foundation compact. And they do have really nice packaging 🙂 I love their non-makeup stuff though.. mostly perfume.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s why like I said, their eyeshadows are pretty hit or miss but personally, I love them for the fact that I usually only buy them when they are on sale (and cost MYR 5) and also because they are highly pigmented.

      Oh yes, I have bought mom some perfumes from them. Lovely indeed.


  2. I love Elianto eyeshadows…have been using them since the time I started wearing eye makeup. Love them a lot.superb quality with affordable price range and color selection is great too.
    Nice review Hari 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love them too! I have been using them since 2007 I think (gosh, that makes me feel old for some reason)!

      I saw your post on the Elianto eyeshadows! I LOVED your review as well! You have 4 large palettes right? I was smiling from ear to ear when I was reading that post! So beautiful!!!


  3. Whoa, I didn’t know Elianto single eyeshadows used to have metal pan!! (and they actually look a lot nicer! ;P) I have my favourite which is number 10 Burlywood from the Splendour line. It’s my everyday colour for my crease! Love!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Somehow that makes me feel really old! Hahahaha! Yes I preferred the metal pans too, they definitely looked a lot more professional! And you could buy a Z-palette and stick them all in there!

      Ooooooh, I just checked Burlywood out! That is a lovely colour!!!

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting Ieyra!!! And most of all thanks for following me on Bloglovin!!! By the way, your pictures are so gorgeous! So professionally shot!


    • Thanks Sharon! There aren’t much makeup here, people are more concerned with skincare here. But we do have some good homegrown brands! Yup! I love my local makeup products too…


    • Thanks Chris!!! I thought my colour selections were weird but people call it cute! Hahaha! Anyways, thank you! Yes! No better feeling for a makeup junkie when you see that pan!


  4. What a cute brand! I love the refill system. 🙂
    I don’t know why, but the contrasting plastic pans look so cute – same with the floral embossed design. Too bad though, it sounds like the quality has diminished over time. That saying about “they don’t make things like they used to” ring true…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes. This brand borders on cute and cool. They usually keep them a little understated.
      And yes! Their eyeshadows have definitely become a little bad on the quality since they first started. But they’ve done well on other aspects, like they have some bomb liquid lipsticks.


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