Dupe #3

I have been wanting to do this dupe post for quite a while now! Ever since I saw the cheaper option at the drugstore. Let me tell you that this isn’t an exact dupe but when put on, looks pretty identical.

Here’s the expensive version.

And this is the cheaper option.

Wand comparison. Top one is the Essence and bottom one is Benefit.

Swatch comparison.


Definitely a difference in colour. The Benefit one is in the shade 05, Deep and the Essence one is in the shade 02, Browny Brows. Both darkest shade.

Here’s the kicker, one is MYR 125 and the other is MYR 12.90!!!!!! And I’ve purchased the cheaper one for as low as MYR 9.90!!!!

I’ll pick the Essence one all day, any day!

10 thoughts on “Dupe #3

  1. I totally prefer the Essence brow gel to any brow gel I have tried, including the Anastasia brow gel. It’s such a great product for such an inexpensive price, kind of makes you wonder how any other brand could possibly charge so much more for an inferior product! Great post!

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    • Wow, it’s better than the Anastasia? That’s good to know! And this product is made in Italy and they still manage to keep the price so low! Why can’t other brands just do that??? I’m inclined to believe a good chunk goes to packaging.
      Thanks for dropping by, liking and leaving a comment!


  2. I bought the essence one as you recommended it to me, I don’t mind the formula of it (although I find Benefit lasts all day, but essence fades but is good enough wear for work), but I hate the brush because it is so scratchy.
    When I finished up my Gimme Brow I actually put the brush onto the essence to see if it fit to use it up, and it did!
    The colour for me isn’t good on the Essence one which is it’s biggest down fall – I could cope with it if it was just the other issues, I find it makes by brows looks almost greyish, it’s a bit ashier in tone.
    Gimme Brow lasts me around 6 months, so as something I use every day It’ll be the one I repurchase going forward as I don’t use it up too quickly, but it was good to try the cheaper alternative. I think the lighter shades are a bit better on the colour match.

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    • Have you tried the lighter colour on the Essence. I guess if you’re spending what you do on the Benefit and use it for 6 months then it is a good investment. But here in Malaysia (as you can probably see) the price margin is pretty huge between the Benefit and the Essence. And I have zero complaints for the Essence (even factoring in the scratchy wand).
      I guess we exemplify the bottom line in makeup, to each their own!


  3. Too bad about the scratchy wand of the Essence. But I guess at that price, who is to complain? I don’t use these types of brown products since I don’t have a lot of hairs for the product to grab onto – I prefer powder or pencil to “create” little hairs instead.

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