Maybelline Color Tattoo Review


Cream eyeshadows are, as the name suggests, eyeshadow pigment that has a semi-solid (the scientist just had to peek through huh???) consistency but once applied typically sets and dries on the skin. Cream eyeshadows are usually applied on bare skin because if a primer was applied, there would be a barrier between the skin and the shadow which may make it slip and not set and stay in place. But, this is makeup and there are no rules, so you do you!

Oooo, so pretty!

The underside of the tub.

There are two different, uhmmm, sources, I should say; made in USA and made in China. I have three from China and four from USA. Funny thing is the shades from China are not available in the USA version (not that I could find anyway). All bought from local reputable drugstores.

Going through all the colours.

Bad to the Bronze. Made in China. If you want to get any colour, get this! Perfect everyday, blend on to the eyelid, liner, mascara and you’re done kind of shade! Iridescent, sparkly finish.

Inked in Pink. Made in China. Lovely pink shade. Iridescent, sparkly finish.

Painted Purple. Made in China. This one is a tiny bit patchy but beautiful! The base is matte but there are sparkles in it.

Bold Gold. USA. Iridescent sparkly finish.

Tenacious Teal. USA. Iridescent sparkly finish.

Edgy Emerald. USA. Matte base with a lot of sparkles in it.

Audacious Asphalt. USA. Matte finish with sparkles in it.


Individual pots of cream eyeshadow (or eyeshadow bases), that come in matte and iridescent finish (I have non of the completely matte ones). I don’t exactly know how many colours there are and I have seen some of the completely matte shades reviewed by other Malaysian bloggers and YouTubers. Comes in 4 grams of product.

Price: Retails for MYR 21.05 (from Watsons and Guardian) but just wait for promotions. I bought most of mine at MYR 12.

Where to buy: Anywhere there’s a Maybelline stand!



They are creamy and easy to work with.

They are completely budge-proof.

Nice range of colours.

Can be used many ways.

The neutral colours can be use on it’s own.



The pot is heavy and quite bulky.

It dries out easily.

Some shades are not very opaque and streaky and this is evident from the hand swatches.


Other things to note:

The drying out of the product can be remedied. There are lots of YouTube tutorials on this. I do suggest you stay away from the ones that utilise alcohol because it will eventually dry it out.

Using them as eyeshadow base would mean applying the product onto the eyelids and then packing on a corresponding powder shadow on it (picture below). You may also see that this particular shade, the purple one, is not completely opaque but can be easily remedied by setting it with a pressed powder shadow.



I love these cream shadows!!! If you learn how to work it you’ll love it! The neutral colours seem to work better than others.

23 thoughts on “Maybelline Color Tattoo Review

  1. I just purged most of my Maybelline Color Tattoos… they were just drying out so quickly in the pots. At one point I owned 15 of them! I now I kept just one: Creamy Beige. They are a great drugstore alternative to MAC`s Paint Pots though. 🙂 A lovely shade that I`d recommend to you is /30 Pomegranate Punk – it is the most gorgeous burgundy shade.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The hacks to revive them didn’t work?
      Oh those newer colours aren’t readily available here in Malaysian drugstores. I have seen Pomegranate Punk via missamrunaway’s blog and fell in love instantly but I really am not one of those people who like to shop online so I doubt I’d go look online for it. Not yet at least. 😛

      Thanks for following, reading, liking and commenting! BTW, loving your blog!!! I’d love to have enough to want to stop buying! 😛

      PS: What’s your kind name? I tried reading the about page and it isn’t really written there…

      Liked by 1 person

      • I haven’t shared my name! Everyone calls me Stashy. 😉
        I tried reviving a couple (from the Leather collection) but they dried out again so quickly, it was a hassle to have to keep reviving them all the time. Plus, I feel personally that they don’t last as well on my lids as the MAC PP.
        Too bad they don’t carry more selection where you are – I guess it could become dangerous! 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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