About Me


I am from Penang, Malaysia, Southeast Asia, I am a makeup enthusiast AND I am a GUY!

Ethnicity; I am of  East Indian descent.

I am a male Malaysian Indian beauty blogger.

FiercePaint is all about makeup/beauty.

So, please, please PLEASE read this blog if ONLY if you wanna know about drugstore makeup products and some basic tips to help you with makeup.

Otherwise, I beg of you, keep moving along.

I am doing this because, no. 1, I love makeup and no. 2, sharing is caring!

If you have read this far and yet to close the page then, here’s the rest of my story.

I’ve been a makeup enthusiast my whole life. At the age of 10 I knew female Indian actors wore false eyelashes (and even came up with my own method of making them out of paper)! At 13 I was introduced to mascara. At 16, I had already known of (in addition to mascara and false eyelashes) foundation, eye-shadow, eyeliner (both liquid and pencil), eyebrow pencils, blusher, lipstick, lipliner and lipgloss including where they go on the face and how to apply them!

I KNOW I KNOW, in 2015, makeup enthusiasts as young as 10 (perhaps even younger?), know all this, but I was a boy from a small town in mainland Penang, Malaysia, 16 years old in the year 2001. That was almost a decade and a half ago from 2015! YouTube didn’t even exist then!!!

From 2005 onward, I had freedom to explore makeup. My makeup training came in the form of stage makeup because I started dancing. From 2011 onward I started learning as much as I could about makeup with more practice both on myself and on others (watching YouTube, talking to makeup artists, reading, experimenting etc).

Here I am, in 2015, finally with my “makeup/beauty blog”. It feels amazing to call myself a beauty blogger!

I am especially excited to try my best to help deeper toned people (Indians to be specific) to work their way around drugstore products in Malaysia because, let’s be honest, drugstore makeup brands here carry very little complimentary colours, shades, and tones for  deeper and warmer skin complexions.

I will be doing reviews on makeup products mostly focused on (but not limited to) drugstore products because I am a believer in finding high quality budget friendly items. There would also be first impression posts where I’d give you my initial thought on a product. If there has been a first impression post on a particular product then there would definitely be a full review. The review would come after a few months of using the product. I would also occasionally share tips or a beauty hacks, ONLY sharing those that have WORKED (for me at least). There would also product empties posts which would give you snippets of what I thought of these particular products including, prices, where to buy them, and if I’d repurchase them or not. Product empties posts would not always be makeup products but they would definitely be beauty related.

I will try to do proper swatches but they would mostly be hand swatches. Unless of course I have a makeup look to show you.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart if you have reached this portion of my page. No matter if you are men, women or any gender in between always remember that;

~~~It is, ultimately, about loving yourself even when it is all off. – Harivaindaran 2015~~~

25 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello nice to meet you Hari (if I may call you that)!!! I’m so so SO THRILLED TO MEET THE FIRST EVER MALE BEAUTY BLOGGER FROM MALAYSIA!!!!! I hope to see you grow more in the beauty community and would love to meet you one day (btw your MAKEUP SKILLS ARE AWESOME!).

    don’t ever stop doing makeup and keep it up!! 🙂

    – Grace Myu

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    • Yes you may call me Hari! 😀

      Hello Grace! It’s lovely to meet you too. And I am thrilled that you dropped by my blog and left me such wonderful words of encouragement!

      Haha! Am I the first male beauty blogger from Malaysia? I mean, I know I am the first Indian male beauty blogger from Malaysia. In any case, rest assured I love writing and I love makeup which mean I’ll do my very best to persevere.

      Thank you so so much! I have been following your blog for a while now. Super awesome! Love the variety of things you blog about! I love reading posts on all the events that you attend…


    • Hi Denise, I saw your post but seriously, I have not a single answer to any of those questions! I have never even been to a country with the four seasons! 😮 😳 We only have rainy season here in Malaysia… Hahaha!
      Here’s what I’ll do if you don’t mind. I’ll mention the tag and link your blog in my next post and do something fun is that ok? I am so so so sorry!


  2. It’s great to learn more about you Harivain. You knew more about makeup at age 16 than I’ve learned even yet! It’s the false lashes… they beat me every time! Was it hard growing up as a boy who loved makeup where you are from?

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    • It is STILL hard being a boy who loves makeup where I am from. Guys who love makeup are often stereotyped and for someone like me, who does not fit the stereotype, it becomes very frustrating. On the other hand, if one does fit that stereotype he is judged and taunted mercilessly. I get a lot of wiggle room due to my Indian classical dance because we need to wear heavy makeup. The other time is when I do stage performances like acting. Otherwise I can’t really go out with a full face of makeup like MannyMUA or Patrick Star, unless it’s a costume party like Halloween. I think more than anything, blogging has earned me some level of respect and awe from people around me and also from other local beauty bloggers and that’s good to know.

      Haha, the falsies. I was so obsessed with them in my early teens and I didn’t have the guts to actually buy a pair when I’d see them so I just fashioned them from paper and stuck them using translucent double sided tape (I realise now how bad that was for the skin around your eyes). When I did get to finally purchase my own pair and put it on, I got it right on the very first try!

      Thanks for following, liking and commenting Kaily! I am sure we are going to have so much fun in the blogosphere together!

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      • Wow, I can see how that could be hard. I think it’s amazing though that you don’t let stereotypes stop you from doing something that makes you happy! It’s such a shame that our society puts such strict definitions on how a man or woman should look/act. I’m glad that you have blogging to be able to share your talent/passion! I think it maybe also gives people around you a chance to ease their way into understanding and appreciate the art as well, perhaps? Either way, thank you again for stopping by and I’m excited to see you around the internet 😉 Have a great day, my friend!

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      • Awww, thank you so much Kaily! Despite all the judgement from society at large, the blogging world and my blogging experience has been nothing but positive! And it is all thanks to wonderful souls like yourself. Thank you… ❤


    • Thank you! Well, when I was a student on a budget, that was all I had to fall back on. I guess that desire to find something worth the little money I had has grown from mere trait to a predisposition now. Hahaha!
      Thank you for your encouragement!

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  3. Hey Harivaindaran …. To be true …. I am Fascinated… Coud not believe my eyes when i saw your gravatar… Its wonderful. For a change its refreshing to have male views and reviews on beauty product….Awesome blog… Keep Blogging…

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