First Impression, Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush

I have been following local beauty blogger and YouTuber Sabrina Tajuddin for a little over a year now and I have admired her in-depth reviews and knowledge of the beauty world. Early this month, she finally revealed her first ever product via Breena Beauty, the Face Luxe Brush. Since I have been following her all this while, I decided to finally place my order last week and on Monday (20th May 2015) I finally received my package!




My thoughts:

It is a soft synthetic face brush that has a dome shape and is densely packed. The handle is made out of wood, painted with white with the Breena logo and the name of the brush engraved on it in gold colour. The ferrule is metal and the bristles are dark brown with a gradient white tip. The box it comes in has descriptions of the brush on its back. The brush handle is quite chunky, even for my hands and it can stand straight up because it it has a flat bottom (as in the picture). It is quite a large face brush so it will be able to swiftly cover your entire face with whatever product you are using. I have tried it with both liquid and powder foundation. It sheers out your liquid foundation so that you are not wasting product and it does pretty well with powder foundations too. You could use both a buffing motion and/or a stippling motion. Overall, I am loving the brush thus far and it is pretty comparable to my more high-end brushes.

As for the transaction and shipping, they use Poslaju and only ship within Malaysia at the moment (although they are working towards international shipping). There are several methods of payment including cash deposit for people who don’t trust the Internet with their money (like me 😛 ). And yes, you will get your balance back (please do email her for further inquiries). The price is pretty affordable for a large face brush since face brushes from even affordable brands can cost up to MYR 30. Sabrina has made the effort to properly bubble wrap the package to make sure it arrives safely. She has also made the effort to include a nice Thank You card, that, I must say, is a lovely touch. I have to congratulate her and I will write a review of this brush in the future when I have properly used it.

Price: MYR 39.00

Shipping cost: MYR 6 (West Malaysia), MYR 10 (East Malaysia)

E-store address:

Breena Beauty Facebook page:

PS: The brush is vegan, cruelty-free AND halal (Muslim friendly)!!!