Lookbook #1

I want to explore this aspect of being a beauty blogger; posting makeup looks. I don’t want to just post repeating looks, I want there to be a variety. So, for my first ever lookbook post, I shall share what I did for a recent stage performance that needed a gory face. Not realistic though, just an on-stage interpretation.

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Products used;

Sephora foundation

IMG_4285Elianto Loose Powder

The product.

Silkygirl Liner

I used this to draw on the messy liner and also some streaks of black lines down my forehead, face and around my lips.

The liner

Maybelline Lipstick

I used to smear my face, forehead and around my lips and also on my lips (lipstick review here).

Very well loved; a third of it has been used.

Elianto Eyeshadow

I used some dark brown eyshadows and black eyeshadows to sort of smear the red lipstick and the black liner together (review here).

My eyeshadow selections. Weird selections huh?

Essence Lipstain

This was a product regret that I thought I’d put to some kind of use. I used this to kind of make it look like blood for that wet affect and that dried up blood affect. Fittingly, it was from Essence’s Vampire’s Love collection (product regret post here).

The product.

Hope you liked this post!

🙂 ❤