AQUTOP Skincare Review

So I was contacted again by the PR representatives I received the J.One skincare products from and this time around was approached to review skincare from AQUTOP.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for my honest review. Thoughts are all mine and links provided are not affiliate links (meaning, I don’t make any money from any of the links on this review).

So AQUTOP is a new Korean brand launched in 2015 and have been available in Singapore since 2017. Fun fact, the brand name is apparently a combination of the words water (aqua) and best (top). They are all about moisture for the skin and undeniably it is the most important thing the skin needs!

The three products that I received.


Let’s first start with the product I liked the most.

Description: It is a foaming cleanser that comes in 150ml/5.07 fl. oz. It contains germinating black beans which apparently allows for smoother skin and deeper cleanse.

Price: USD 7 (approximately MYR 27.31 at time this post was published).

Where to buy: For my fellow Malaysians, they are sold at Qoo10 (link here). Price on Qoo10 may differ from the price stated (applicable for all products).


Lots of lather! And I didn’t even use much water.


Deep cleanse!

Doesn’t leave the skin dry and tight.

The tiniest of product goes a long way (on my big face, two peas sized blob lathers well and cleanses properly!).

Doesn’t have a distinct scent (which is good)!

Skin does feel much smoother!

Even price is affordable!







Definitely recommended!!!


Let’s move on to the second product.

It comes in a tub.

Comes with a tiny spatula.

Description: Moisturising face cream that comes in 50 ml or 1.69 fl.oz. It apparently brightens, tones and moisturises skin.

Price: USD 37 (MYR 144.24 at time this post was published)

Where to buy: Refer above.



Toned skin (my skin texture was improved).

Moisture was locked into the skin.

The spatula is an advantage.



The skin brightening wasn’t so evident perhaps because of my darker skin tone.

It leaves a horrible white cast on the skin that never does go away (pictures below)

It sits on the skin funny, like a mask instead of a cream that absorbs into the skin.


This is a layer of product freshly applied! NOT A BEFORE AND AFTER!!!! The cast doesn’t go away! So walking out in the day with this on, NO! However, I used it at night and my skin did improve! I had a lot more texture on the skin than I did before using this product.



As much as it improved my skin, the white cast and the way it sits funny on the skin is not something I can tolerate using it during day time.


Moving on to the third and final product.

A body lotion.

Description: A toning body lotion that comes in 100 ml or 3.38 fl. oz. It is supposed to brighten and tone skin while adding moisture.

Price: USD 18 (MYR 70.17 as of the time this post was published)

Where to buy: Refer above


Definitely smooths out the skin (I tried it around my stomach area, obviously won’t share pics! đŸ˜› ).

Helps improve texture and definitely helped with toning of the skin!

Sinks into the skin really well and feels comfortable upon application.

A small amount goes a long way.



It doesn’t absorb easily (I usually had to work for a while before the product gets absorbed)!

Didn’t really notice a brightening effect (again perhaps due to my complexion).




I may change this rating, because I used it for just about 2 weeks and wasn’t enough to see if the effects were persistent. I had a hard time using it because it does take a while to work it into the skin especially since I am using it on the body.


J. One Skincare Review (by Beureka)


Christmas on a Monday! An extra holiday here in Malaysia!

Wishing you all a warm and wonderful Christmas!

These products were sent to me by a company called Beureka, which was started by men (two Singaporeans actually)! Well, there’s were I relate!

They offer a wide array of beauty products with a focus on Asian and Korean brands. The products that were sent to me is by a high end brand called J.One which has been available in Sephora US for a while now.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products to review but opinions are entirely mine.

I’ll attach all links to Beureka at the end of the post.

I received four products; 2 masks, a makeup primer and a cream.

First the makeup base.

Description: A clear jelly like leave on mask that has anti-aging properties, and acts as a makeup primer. Comes in 50 ml (1.69 fl. oz) of product, complete with a pump.

Price: SGD 42.00 (excluding shipping and as of 25th December 2017, the exchange rate for SGD to MYR is 1 to 3.03, so the product costs MYR 127.37)

Where to buy: Beureka (details at the end of the review)

Pump!!! Yes!

The product

Leaves a dewy finish on the skin without feeling oily.


Leaves a tacky surface for product to cling on.


Easy to work with.


Hydrates and moisturises skin (in fact, it seems to almost trap moisture on the skin).

Prevents makeup from settling into lines (not entirely but, it would make a phenomenal difference for someone with wrinkles).



Price (obviously a con for a cheapo like me HOWEVER, Beureka rates are amazing; this one is sold at Sephora US for USD 42 and since 1USD = 1.34SGD, it makes this product CHEAPER on Beureka).

Didn’t really smooth out pores.

Made my skin oil up at the end of its run, more than if I didn’t wear a primer at all (nothing too bad).


Rating: 8/10

Now here’s why I am giving it an 8. I don’t particularly have skin that makeup slides off. In fact, my skin holds on to makeup like no other! I wear primers for pore refining and oil control. However, working on people with different types of skin, I can say that there are people with skin so smooth that makeup actually doesn’t stick on and so for people like that, this product would be a Godsend!


Description: Lotion like cream that come in individual beads. 20 grams (o.7 oz) of product and comes with a tiny plastic spatula.

Price: SGD 58 (converts to MYR 176.01 as of 25th December 2017)

Where to buy: Beureka (details at the end of the review)

The product inside.

The plastic spatula.

I find it very satisfying picking individual beads for every use. I need to use about 3 beads for my large face.


Easy to use.

Extremely hygienic since the fingers don’t go digging into the pot and the spatula can be easily cleaned.

Works well!

As moisturising as it was, my face doesn’t oil up and found that very fascinating!

Absorbs very easily into the skin.

Definitely made my skin smoother (nothing phenomenal but for the short amount of time I used it, I was amazed).




I need 3 whole beads for my face.


Note: This is fragranced and pretty heavily I might add. So that may be a concern.


Rating: 8.5/10

I LOVE this thing! Best part is the fragrance which is very nostalgic for me.


The mask was refreshing at best. There are two parts to the mask. Step one is a sheet mask and step two is a jelly lotion that felt very much like the J.One Jelly Pack. The mask isn’t available on the website as of the time of this review but you’re welcome to check back on Beureka. I found a source that lists it at USD 3.80.

Rating: 6/10



So about the company.

Beureka at


Instagram: wearebeureka

I implore you to compare prices because the J.One products are much cheaper on Beureka than even the Sephora US website. So I am sure there are good bargains! They have perfumes, skincare and some makeup too. Mostly high end and luxury brands.

For Malaysia, they offer a flat rate of SGD 12 for every order. So perhaps pool order with a couple of friends???

Paula’s Choice Malaysia PC4Men Skincare Review

So Paula’s Choice is a popular skincare brand that has been used, reviewed and recommended by famous beauty YouTubers like Wayne Goss and Tati Westbrook. So I was elated when I was sent these products to be reviewed. I don’t commonly do skincare reviews but I do realise it is something that inevitably comes with being a beauty blogger. The other thing I would like to say is that I don’t usually review products with a gender specification. Men can wear makeup too darling!


This is a skincare line dedicated to men.

This skincare line is the PC4Men by Paula’s Choice.

The three products that were sent to me.

The three products that were sent to me.



Cleanser: It is a facial cleanser. Comes in a 177ml/6fl.oz tube.  Further description in upcoming pictures.

Sunscreen cream: It is daytime cream with broad spectrum SPF of 30. Comes in a 60ml/2fl.oz tube. Further description in upcoming pictures.

Leave on exfoliant: It is a serum-like after shave or after cleansing treatment. Comes in an 88ml/3fl.oz bottle. Further description in upcoming pictures.

Where to buy:

PC4Men is available via Facial Room Malaysia. 1385361_673295702729317_1717721399_n

Facebook Page:

Blog address:

13 00 01 Arcadia Tower, Danau Impian Condo
(Ground Floor Next To Mini Market)
Taman Danau Desa
+6012 363 2702
+6016 272 7702



Please contact Facial Room Malaysia for further details.


Step 1: Cleansing (PC4Men Face Wash)

PC4Men Face Wash

PC4Men Face Wash

The cleanser is like a clear gel. Scentless.

The cleanser is like a clear gel. Scentless.

It doesn't really foam up. If you have used the Cetaphil cleanser you'd know what I am talking about.

It doesn’t really foam up. If you have used the Cetaphil cleanser you’d know what I am talking about.



Does the job of properly cleansing the face; lives up to its claims.

Leaves the skin feeling soft.

Does not strip the skin of moisture.



NONE! Seriously, none!


Rating: 9.2/10

Highest rating. I LOVE this cleanser!

Note: I am one of those person that do not like the feeling of tight, overtly cleansed skin. If you know that feeling you get when using soap on the skin…., I hate that feeling… so this cleanser was a dream to use.


Step 2: Day cream (PC4Men Daytime Protect)

PC4Men Daytime Protect

PC4Men Daytime Protect

The sunscreen cream. It is white in appearance.

The sunscreen cream. It is white in appearance.

It is very runny.

It is very runny.

It absorbs very easily and does not leave a white cast.

It absorbs very easily and does not leave a white cast.



Does not leave a white cast.

Does not feel heavy on the skin.

Absorbs easily; no fuss product.



It did initially cause a tiny bit of burning on my skin so do be wary of this.


Rating: 8.5/10

It works and doesn’t leave a white cast, even on my deep coloured skin.


Step 3: Leave on exfoliant (PC4Men Soothe + Smooth)

Serum like treatment.

PC4Men Soothe + Smooth

It is straight up liquid. Like water. No added fragrance but due to the presence palmitoyl compounds it does smell a tiny bit like coconut.

It is straight up liquid. Like water. No added fragrance but due to the presence palmitoyl compounds it does have a odour; not necessarily bad though).

I was directed by the skincare consultant at Facial Room Malaysia to use it at night by applying and patting it into the skin. It also says on the bottle it can be used like an after shave. I’ve used it both ways to good results.



Absorbs well into the skin.

Face feels plumper.

Definitely helps reduce acne red bumps.



I wasn’t really a big fan of the smell.

Because it is so liquid, it is prone to a tiny bit of spillage.


Rating: 8.5/10

I loved how my skin felt when I used this!


Before and after comparisons




My skin looks more plump and hydrated. Excuse the slight oiliness because the before picture was taken right after a shower and so I was not as greasy as the after picture…







This comparison is the lines on my forehead which was a real surprise to me too! Another thing I noticed is the reduction of pigmented spots on my forehead. Look again!



IMG_5482This comparison is the reduction of bumps on my face. My wrinkles are still there but my face looks much more leveled.


All in all I love these range of products!