Blog Awards #3

Wait what??? Another award??? *takes bows*

“You like me, you really really like me.”

*melodramatic tears and flying kisses*

And scene!!! 😛

Bloggers tend to bestow fellow friends in the blogging world with award nominations to show their appreciation and share the love. FiercePaint has received two awards prior to this (link here and here). This time around FiercePaint was awarded the One Lovely Blog award by the equally lovely blogger Elyse. Her blog is Beauty By Elyse (link here) and yes, she is every bit as lovely as the award. She writes about all things beauty and I am so happy to have this gorgeous tanned goddess following me!




*canned applause*



Here are guidelines to accepting this nomination

-Thank the Person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.

-List the rules and display the Award.

-Add 7 facts about yourself.

-Nominate 15 other Bloggers and comment on one of their recent posts to let them know they have been nominated.



7 Facts About Me;

Fact #1

I am clumsy!!! And a lot of my relatives will attest to that. Especially my cousins.

Fact #2

I have authored and co-authored published scientific articles. Yes, search for Harivaindaran on Google Scholar and you’ll know what I am talking about.

Fact #3

I have graduated from two different universities, University of Malaya (Bachelor of Science) and Universiti Sains [sic] Malaysia (Master of Science).

Fact #4

The first makeup item I got familiar with was lipstick. My mom’s! 😛

Fact #5

I have musophobia (Google it darling!).

Fact #6

YouTube made me start my beauty blog! Funny isn’t it? In 2005/2006, when YouTube was first launched, makeup tutorials were all done with webcams in poor lighting and they were crappy AF!!! I am still kicking myself in the head because by then I had already perfected the art of the winged liner and should have put a video out!!! When I started getting back to watching YouTube makeup tutorials in 2013/2014 I was like WHAT THE ___!!! There were full blown HD videos with professional lighting and new terms like contouring, highlighting, and brow routine. Each video I watched I was like, B**CH I do that and I didn’t know that it had a name!!! Especially nose contouring, false eyelash application and the powder mascara hack!!! By 2015, YouTube was too big for me so I decided to start small and FiercePaint was birthed!

Fact #7

I have done Indian dance makeup for, literally, over a few hundred times!!! I have drawn the winged liner on myself and on others (many many MANY others) countless times that it is now nothing more than a 3-step process that I still strive to perfect. I can finish my dance makeup in 20 minutes.


Before I name my nominees I would also like to mention that accepting the award is totally up to them and I wouldn’t be offended if they choose not to. I do not want to impose and make any one of you feel obligated to dedicate a post to the award. There’s no obligation from my end for you to do this! And you guys are simply amazing and I can’t thank you enough!!!

I typically nominate 5 of my followers for awards even when the rules say otherwise (I am a rebel 😛 ) but I have gained more followers of late so I think I’ll nominate 10 people.

They are *drum rolls*;

Tri of Pastels and Laces

Sam of srtbeauty

Meagan of mishkasbeautyblog

Diana of CheonsaDiana’s Reviews

Munirah a.k.a Ieyra of ieyra h

Miss Floranze of Miss Floranze

Katie of Katie Kuo

Amy of Vogue Infatuation

Mrs Dimples Beauty of Mrs Dimples Beauty

Supritha of Love Lace and Louboutins


All of these bloggers are beautiful people and own beautiful blogs with gorgeous pictures and stunning work of beauty! Do visit and if you could, follow them all!

I say this to all my nominees; please do remember that this is completely up to you to accept and do. I have loved reading your blogs so far and I will continue to follow and read for as long as I can! ❤ ❤ ❤

Thank you lovelies!!!