Makeup Dupe #2

NYX as a brand is pretty affordable, however, currency-to-currency it does cost more here in Malaysia than if one was to purchase it in America. This dupe was totally coincidental. I actually bought this product from a local drugstore after having heard really good things about it from several YouTubers AND also because it was on sale for a really good price! Only after having bought and used it I realised a striking similarity between the two and realised they swatch almost the same.

The product I’m duping is the NYX SMLC (Soft Matte Lip Cream) in London.


The dupe is the Collection Cosmetics Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream in Angel Delight.


It just isn’t the product inside, just take a look at the packaging side by side.


It has the same plastic bottle with raised black font and a matte finish applicator handle.


Even the doe foot applicator looks the same!

Below is a swatch side by side. There’s a slight difference in that that the Collection one is a little more pink than the NYX one.


Albeit the slight difference in colour both products feel and look the same on the lips. They even smell similar!

The NYX at Sephora; MYR 30

The Collection (Watsons exclusive); MYR 10.50

I could buy three Collection ones for the price one NYX!!!

Makeup Dupe #1

There’s a page called Makeup Lingo Dictionary on the side bar (link here) where I list the terms I have used thus far that has a specific meaning in the beauty fraternity. Dupe (from the word duplicate) is the word in question here and a dupe in the beauty world is (copied from my dictionary page), a makeup item that is similar to another but is commonly much cheaper than the item it is being compared to. A complete dupe refers to a cheaper alternative that is so similar that it is interchangeable. A close dupe refers to a cheaper alternative that is very similar and interchangeable but not an exact dupe. Makeup dupes commonly refer to products with likeness in colours, shades, wear-ability, finish, etc., from different brands or different lines within a brand.

I will be ‘duping’ the MAC Viva Glam 1 lipstick.


It is a gorgeous deep red colour.

It is a gorgeous deep red colour.


The dupe I have for this lipstick is one that I have reviewed before (here). It is from the bold matte collection of the Maybelline Colour Sensational lipstick line.


They look similar even from the tube don't they?

They look similar even from the tube don’t they?

They both have the same satin matte finish, they feel the same on the lips and they look identical in terms of colour! Any difference in the picture below is due to light and not the colour itself.

Side by side comparison! Can you tell the difference???

Side by side comparison! Can you tell the difference???

1 is the MAC, 2 is the Maybelline.

MAC is MYR 74 , the Maybelline can go down as cheap as MYR 17 if you wait for “buy 1 free 1” promotions.

There will be more of these posts but just not as often as others.

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