My Top 10 Favourite Beauty YouTubers

I thought I’d take a step back from products and share my top 10 most favourite beauty YouTubers. These people aren’t the most popular or the “best” on YouTube but they are my absolute favourites!!! I use the term “best” loosely because being the best is relative especially in beauty and makeup and even more so on YouTube.

I did try ranking them according to my preference but I didn’t want to play favourites with them so I thought, alphabetical order.



1. BeautywithEmilyFox


She is Canadian and is very well known for her lip product swatches. Short and concise, she gets to the point and does it in a no nonsense manner.


2. Chanel Boateng


She is, to me, the plus sized ebony goddess of YouTube makeup! She’s British and her tips for dark skin women with makeup is very helpful!


3. emilynoel83


Emily Noel has been in the YouTube game since 2008! That’s like one of the originals of YouTube, before anyone even made money from YouTube! Her reviews, tutorials, hacks, tips and tricks are very in-depth and thorough and she is an absolute doll!


4. Jackie Aina


Another ebony goddess, Jackie has been on YouTube since 2009. Her fix it Friday tips and tricks and solutions to makeup problems are almost full-proof! Her parody videos are absolutely hilarious too!!!


5. Kaushal Beauty


Kaushal is another British YouTuber who I stumbled upon searching for Indian beauty YouTubers. She’s gorgeous and does many Indian inspired makeup looks and fashion ensembles.


6. Lisa Eldridge


Unlike the other YouTubers on this list, Lisa Eldridge reached fame as a runway and celebrity makeup artist before she delved into YouTube. This means you get insider tips, and in some of her videos even makeup history tidbits.


7. Makeup with Raji


Raji is a long time YouTuber (since 2010) who, for some reason, isn’t as popular nor has as much subscribers as I think she should have. She is one of my favourites because having acne problems herself, she does a great job at makeup on acne skin and also skin care that has worked for her acne prone skin.


8. NikkieTutorials


Nikkie is the most subscribed YouTuber on this list but that’s not the reason she’s my favourite. Nikkie is one of those YouTubers that is no nonsense, who, when uploads a makeup tutorials, it is all you’re going to see. No fillers, no excuses, no disclaimers and all that crap every bigger YouTubers seem to always start their video with. I posted a very well received blog entry last month about The Power of Makeup (here) which incidentally was courtesy of Nikkie who started the tag by doing a video with half her face with full on glamorous makeup and another half bare faced.


9. Tati a.k.a GlamLifeGuru


Tati is one of the most enjoyable to watch for me because of how she can keep her videos so in-depth yet always manages to be so light-hearted in front of the camera. Her first impressions post are not just fun to watch, they’re also very informative as she brings you around in short updates throughout the day of a particular makeup she is just trying out for the first time. I remember initially watching one of her videos of an under $20 makeup tag she did and I thought to myself, “Meh, another typical Hollywood trash…” However, whenever I’d look up drugstore brands that I love on YouTube, I’d always see her Top 5 Under 5 videos. In those videos there would always be at least one of my favourite makeup products, which was when I subscribed to her and I’ve loved all her videos since!


10. TotalMakeupJunkie101


Her name is Eshani and she is of Indian ethnicity (no la, I’m not racist ok!!! You’ll see in a bit how wrong you were!!! 😛 ). Eshani is another long time YouTuber (since 2010) who doesn’t have too many subscribers considering how long she has been doing YouTube. She made my list, because, out of all the people on this list she has to be the one that has grown the most. From the get-go, one of the most well maintained and well executed aspect of her videos were her reviews. She is very in-depth, speaks well and covers each aspect of a product, from packaging and price to how well a product wears. From initially crappy lighting, poor video quality and not on par makeup techniques to now proper lighting, proper makeup techniques and really fantastic hair, Eshani is one of those YouTubers who started from the bottom and has now achieved great heights with her content.


Ok, now, I hear you asking (or perhaps not 😕 ) but Hari, where are the Malaysians on this list??? Well, for that reason I have two honourable mentions.


Emily Quak


Emily is perhaps the most subscribed Malaysian beauty YouTuber and for good reason. She does well rounded reviews and her videos are very concise. I have a special appreciation towards Emily because she has, not just once, but twice, chosen me as a winner for her collaboration giveaways. One was with L’oreal and the other was with The Body Shop. The Power of Makeup tag I mentioned previously was actually a competition that was organised by The Body Shop Malaysia. They collaborated with Emily to do the makeup tag on her channel and pick out one of the three winners for the competition. And what do you know, she chose me!


Evangeline Hawa


Evangeline Hawa or Nazurah, is the most fun and funny beauty YouTubers I have ever come across and the best part is, she doesn’t do it intentionally. She edits out long-winded parts in her videos but does not edit out stumbling with her sentences or words OR even dropping things while filming. 😆 Don’t be fooled though, the girl knows her makeup and will give you explanation for almost every single thing she does with her makeup. I have learned some tips from her that has changed my techniques and updated my makeup knowledge!

So I do hope you are encouraged to look up these YouTubers. They’re all amazing to me! ❤

PS: I picked these 10 (+2) YouTubers from 266 YouTubers I follow. I have linked each channel name to the YouTube channel url so you can just click on them to direct you to the channel.