Product Empties #11

Previous product empties of 2016 (#9, #10).


The first three items have all been reviewed in one single post (link here).


This is the Paula’s Choice for Men SPF cream. I don’t think I would be repurchasing it only because I have loads more products to try out.


This is the Paula’s Choice for Men Face Wash. I do want to repurchase it but I am in the process of using up some other facial cleansers so I am waiting to finishing them up before I repurchase this.


This is the Paula’s Choice for Men leave on exfoliant. Much like the face wash I do want to repurchase which I will when I send an order for the face wash.

Do read my post, linked above to to find out what I think about the PC4Men skincare range.


I got this in a clearance sale by a local drugstore which was featured in one of my haul post (link here). Price details are there. I used this as a night routine, smearing it liberally on my face before I went to bed. It definitely made my skin bouncier and moisturised! I probably wouldn’t repurchase this because it is rather pricey for a drugstore brand.


I have already reviewed this felt tip liquid liner pen from Elianto, so details are in that post (link here). If there was a promotion I would definitely repurchase this!