Product Empties #8

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IMG_4661I featured this in one of my collective hauls (here). At the end of the first tube, my pores weren’t noticeably minimised and since I don’t have much of a blackheads problem, it was obsolete for that as well. However, one thing happened, my skin dried out if I don’t follow through with a hydrating moisturiser after using this cleanser. Price, MYR 13.90 and I’m definitely not re-purchasing this.

IMG_4651This is a concealer from the brand uptownvisions. This concealer is orange enough on my skin to cancel out dark circles that when I set it with powder my under eye circles magically disappear (picture attached below). The problem is this brand has been discontinued and when I purchased it, this concealer was only under MYR 15! I don’t know what I’m going to do when this completely runs out! 😥

11326218_1147373268610283_1800800920_nCheck out the difference between the left side of my face and the right side!

IMG_4656I got this Cetaphil moisturiser deluxe sample as a giveaway and I used it only once. It leaves an oily feel on the skin and I had to blot my face with at least 5 facial blotters to get that oily feeling off. Definitely staying away from this one but the cleanser was nice though.

IMG_4659Guardian is a chain of drugstores in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei and Cambodia and this Pony Brown hand cream is an in-house brand. It was a nice little hand cream that helped with my dry hands. It has quite a strong scent when initially applied but the scent does not linger around. I purchased it with some cash vouchers (via promotions) and featured in my collective haul (here). Price; MYR 19.90 for a set of three and I do have two more scents waiting to be used.

IMG_4652These are facial blotters that I received in a prize set I got for entering a competition. The competition was to use our hand as a canvas to create a makeup look (I’ll attach a picture below of my entry). I know nothing about this brand or how much it costs but they were standard facial blotters which got the job done.

CompletedYes, those are false lashes I cut up and stuck on in sections.