Product Empties #6

Past product empties links; #1, #2, #3, #4, #5.


IMG_4336I featured this perfume in my Collective Haul (link here). Perfume generics inspired by CK One. After using this I want to actually get the original! Price in haul post.

IMG_4329This is the Etude House Winter Proof cheeks patch. That should have been my warning right there. My skin has become a little more dry over the years that I don’t really get an oily face by the end of the day anymore, however, after using this, my skin became oily for a whole day! I guess it would have made more sense to have actually used it in the winter as the name suggest. 😛 Original price MYR 14, purchased for MYR 3. I will not be repurchasing this!

IMG_4334The Bioderma cleansing water was featured in my past haul post along with the CK One inspired generic perfume. It was provided by MuffinBeauty (link here) for review purposes. MuffinBeauty is a Malaysia’s biggest online beauty community and Beauty Club members can redeem various beauty items to review. However, this product is pretty expensive (here in Malaysia at least) so until I have provisions for such an expensive cleansing water I doubt I would purchase this.

IMG_4333This is a product everyone knows; the Vaseline petroleum jelly. This is actually the tiny tub (50g) and I do have the large one already. Love this as a lip treatment because it helps in exfoliation. Price (50g) MYR 4.80.

IMG_4335I featured another flavour of this Etude House hand cream in my Product Empties #4 and I prefer that over this. This one felt a little more greasy on the hands and this is no surprise because there is a description on the tube that reads, “Rich Butter Hand Cream”. Original price MYR 23 and purchased for MYR 10. Will repurchase the other one and some other flavours when Etude House discounts come along.