Etude House Hand Cream

Etude House is a Korean cosmetics brand that has been available in Malaysia since 2008. Their price is mid-range or more of a high end drugstore range. However, Etude House is one of those brands that periodically has promotions so one can find their products at budget-friendly rates.

Makeup commonly includes an extra element that is not put on the skin; nail polish. I don’t wear nail polish but what I do use is hand cream. Every nail polish junkie knows that in order to rock beautiful nails, the hands need to be moisturised and well hydrated. As your hands glow, so will those ornamental colours on the nails! Which brings us to today’s post about the Etude House hand cream. Just so you know, this isn’t a review. It is more of a suggestion that you can try out.

Best part is, I got these at MYR 10 per tube!!! I KNOW RIGHT!!! This particular promo is over now but like I said, Etude House is constantly having sales and promotions, so do look out for them.


I got two! Hehe!

I got two! Hehe!


Descriptions on the back are mostly in Korean but there is one part that is in English which I have a close-up of.

Descriptions on the back are mostly in Korean but there is one part that is in English which I have close-up shots of.


How creative is that description!?

How creative is that description?!!! This one has SPF 15.


This one too!

Warm spring sunshine!!! 😀


These hand creams smell nice, absorb well into the skin and leave your hands feeling soft and smooth. They are small tubes with only 25ml of product per tube, however, it does seem to require only a small amount to cover my entire man-hands so I am sure the tube will last quite substantially. They smell amazing and come in several scents so you can pick and choose your preferred scent. Although it says citrus, the one in the yellow tube smells a bit medicinal but the scent is faint so it fades off pretty fast after application. The one in the green tube does smell floral and reminds me of baby powder but like the yellow one, the scent is pretty faint so its not cloying and fades off pretty fast. Overall a lovely product and the packaging is adorable too!