Everyone is BEAUTIFUL! Believe that YOU are too!

This is a beauty related post that has got nothing to do with products. I would just like to bring to attention the recent Facebook hype in Malaysia among the Indian community. The recent Miss Malaysia Indian Global competition crowned a beautiful dark skinned Indian girl and I couldn’t be more elated! Her name is Moganasundari Mahalingam and she is a LLB final year student!

Disclaimer; I don’t own the pictures below and they were taken from the winner’s official Facebook page (here).

And here she is.



If you have ever read through my “About Me” page;

#1 THANK YOU! I applaud you because I wrote a book chapter worthy post there!!!
#2 You should have read something along the lines of

“I am especially excited to try my best to help deeper toned people (Indians to be specific) to work their way around drugstore products in Malaysia because, let’s be honest, drugstore makeup brands here carry very little complimentary colours, shades, and tones for deeper and warmer skin complexions.”

I obviously feel very strongly about discrimination of dark skinned people. I am not very dark skinned but I do have a darker complexion. Out of all the drugstore makeup foundations, I can safely say that Revlon is the only brand that carries a shade close enough for me to use. I do understand market selection and the tendency for Malaysian drugstores that import foreign makeup brands to cater for their biggest customers, the mid-tone range skin shades. However, that obviously leads to the fact that extremities are left out and I am in that extremity!

Well, leaving the frustrations of not being able to find budget friendly makeup that fit darker skin shades, we enter other aspects of market selection. Trends. Reach for your nearest makeup brochure, turn on the TV and wait for the first cosmetic brand advertisement, look at magazines covers, latest beauty products and makeup trends; I am not going to be redundant and state the obvious. The funny thing is, even Indians, who are made up of much more dark skinned people, tend to favour looking at fair skinned people and accept that as a standard for beauty!

Frankly, I am sick of it!

Which is why, when I saw Moganasundari, I thought to myself, here comes a revolution for beauty in Malaysia, especially among the Indian community! A chance for people to look up to someone who is a pageant winner, a lawyer in the making, a strong female from an aspect of beauty and by that association, connect beauty to dark skin!


Believe that YOU ARE TOO!!!