Lipcolour Tips


If you already know and apply these tips, then give yourself a pat on the back. If you don’t then get ready to step up your lipcolour game!


#1 Use A Lipliner

Now, many do not have the time to do this extra step on a day to day basis, but if you do want perfectly shaped lips for a special occasion using a lipliner will allow you to properly define your lips especially if you plan on using red or dark colours (it actually just works with any colour).


#2 Fill your ENTIRE lips with lipliner

Filling your ENTIRE lips with lipliner will do two things;

  • prolong your lipstick wear without the need to touch up, and;
  • even when your lipstick fades, you have your lipliner there to give you some colour!

PS: Don’t worry about perfectly matching your lipliner to your lipstick.


#3 Plan lipcolour around your outfit and vice versa!

Don’t know what lipstick to wear? Look at your outfit.

If you’re planning bright colours, keep the lip subtle, muted colours or a nude. If your outfit is monochrome or plain colours wear a brighter lipcolour! It’s a sure-fire way to decide what lipcolour to wear!

This also works the other way round, you CAN plan your outfit around your makeup.

If you want to be a little more daring, pick one colour from your outfit, and match your lipstick to that! You could also try mauve hues! Mauve is a subdued purple colour that sometimes has a little hint of red or pink in them. It is a very wearable purple colour and a great way to experiment!


#4 Don’t be afraid to experiment!

If you make a mistake you learn from it! We all learn don’t we? If you wanna try a colour you are afraid of, just work your way to it. Try a more subdued version of the colour and if it works you can go all out! Get some of your best friends’ opinions. They’re your best critics and the most truthful too! Just don’t be afraid! There are only guidelines to makeup, no rules!

Makeup Suggestion; Nude Lipstick for Indian Skin Tones (Maybelline and Silkygirl)

When you are a deeper skin tone because you are Indian, finding a proper nude shade in Malaysia, in the drugstores specifically is a challenge! And when the lady at the drugstore counter shows you a nude lipstick, you swatch it and it does seem like it is nude because it matches you skin tone. So you take her word, buy it, take it home and swipe it on your lips only to realise that it is way too light!

*cue horror music*


Yes, this post is for Indians out there who are looking for nude lipsticks and cannot find one that suits you. I have two great choices for you and they are both affordable although one is more affordable than the other. They go on smoothly, they won’t, dry out the lips or feel heavy.

The first one is from Maybelline, from its ColorSensational line and it is in the shade 275 (Crazy for Coffee). And the other one is from the Silkygirl, from its Moisture Smooth line and it is in the shade 05 (Dark Brown). The Maybelline one has a cake batter scent that is so good you almost want to eat it! The Silkygirl one does not have any scent. Neither has a bad taste (this is important if you tend to lick your lips a lot).


Maybelline can cost anywhere from MYR 20 to MYR 35 (for 4.2 grams of product).

The Silkygirl can cost anywhere from MYR 10 to MYR 14 (for 3.5 grams of product).

Both prices depend on where buy you it and factoring in discounts. Both brands are available in drugstores like Watsons, Guardian, Caring, and even Sasa. There is a small difference in amount of product but the Maybelline is twice the price of the Silkygirl. The Silkygirl is a close dupe for the Maybelline one (wow, I am duping drugstore products with drugstore products!!!). Always lookout for discounts!!!

Ultimately I prefer the Maybelline one over the Silkygirl one but the Silkygirl is definitely a cheaper alternative.

Below are some pictures.




Both colours are so close. The only difference is the Maybelline one is slightly pink tone compared to the Silkygirl one.

Both colours are so close. The only difference is the Maybelline one is slightly pink toned compared to the Silkygirl one. And you can see how close it is to my skin tone which is good as a nude shade.

These two are merely suggestions and it may or may not work for you (even if you are similar to my skin tone), however, there is a way for you to find your own perfect nude lip shade. Instead of finding a lipstick shade that similar to your skin tone and matches your complexion, lift you lips and look at the colour of your gum. That is your perfect nude shade!

Hope this helps all you Indians out there! Happy shopping!

Makeup Tips and Tricks: Eyelash-Mascara-Technique

I watched a YouTube video today about a particular mascara that is MYR 95 (aproximately 25.70 USD) that is supposed to be AMAZING!!!! But seriously! MYR 95 for a mascara??? Even if I could get the elusive false lashes effect with a mascara, I ain’t paying MYR 90 for something that lasts no more than 6 months (3 if you’re unlucky).

So here’s a trick for those of you who do NOT wanna spend so much cash on mascara and would like to try and make your own mascara work.

Let me add some disclaimers in addition to all the disclaimers on my “Disclaimer” page. This may not work for you! Or you may have tried and not achieved the desired result. So please, don’t hate on me.




First of all, if you loved a particular mascara because you found the wand effective, don’t throw it away. Clean it with some makeup remover or a brush cleanser and wash it with warm water and baby shampoo. Disinfect it with a sanitiser (for example, alcohol used for wound or even hand sanitisers) and keep it for further use.

Now for the trick.

And please don’t laugh at me if this is too simple a trick that you wasted your time reading this. I apologise if you have found this out earlier than this post has come about or if find this plain laughable. KUDOS to you if have been rocking this trick!!

So put on your mascara as you would and give it a couple of minutes to dry. Put on your lipstick or fix your hair or pick out a handbag/purse while waiting for it to dry. Then grab the old mascara wand you saved (at this point it is just a spooly) and just slowly push you eyelashes upward starting from the bottom and working your way to the tip. Do NOT do it like you would when applying mascara. Just place and push, in a somewhat slow-mo dabbing motion.

What happens is, when mascara dries it becomes stiff and mascaras are designed that way to hold eyelash curls. So the trick is to form the curls when the mascara dries instead of trying to achieve it with too many layers of mascara. Layering several coats of mascara can help, however, layering on too much would create the spidery eyes effect that can be uncomfortable and sometimes unappealing. If you do wanna rock that look then, POWER TO YOU!

Why not use the wand from the mascara itself you ask (if you are pondering these ‘simple’ questions like I am)? Answer; because it would be wet with product silly!!!