Makeup Lingo Dictionary

This is where you can find meanings of makeup lingo that I have used in this website.

Spoolie; a type of brush you can sometimes see at the end of a brow pencil. Mascara wand is another example.

Makeup setting spray; a spray that is used after you finish doing your makeup (usually before you apply false eyelashes if you intend to). This spray helps keep your makeup in place for an extended period of time.

Dewy finish; opposite of matte. The end effect of the makeup is a nice glow to it but is unlike glitter which is really shiny.

Coverage; in makeup terms this usually refers to foundation (or even concealer). It refers to how much imperfections (pimple scars, discolouration, deep/hyper pigmentation) a foundation can cover. And coverage can be from light to full. Light coverage meaning skin imperfections can still be seen but has been blurred whilst full coverage meaning skin imperfections can be completely covered.

Blend; The technique of applying a makeup product until it is seamlessly integrated onto the skin and with other products on the skin. For example blending two eyeshadows together until there isn’t a visible line of separation where both the eyeshadows were placed i.e. seamless.

Smudge-proof; meaning a product will not smear or transfer after application.

Budge-proof; a product will not move, smear or transfer. Absolutely infallible; like it has been inked on.

Dupe; an item that is similar to another but is much cheaper than the item it is being compared to. A complete dupe refers to a cheaper alternative that is so similar that it is almost interchangeable. A close dupe refers to a cheaper alternative that is very similar but not interchangeable. Makeup dupes commonly refer to products with likeness in colours and shades from different brands or different lines within a brand.

Brush labels; trust me, I only found this out fairly recently!

brush labelsStippling and buffing motion; Stippling is the technique of applying product (face makeup like foundation, blush) onto the face in slow dabbing/patting motion using a brush. Buffing (base makeup like foundation and also with exfoliating for cleansing and lips) is the technique of applying product onto the face in slow circular motions.

Matte Liquid Lipstick; A liquid formula lipstick that, when applied to the lips, dries down to a matte finish. Liquid lipsticks are commonly long wearing, smudge-proof and budge-proof.

Doe foot applicator; It is an applicator that usually comes with liquid makeup products.

Falsies; Short form for false eyelash.

False eyelash labels; Some eyelashes have clear bands because they’re designed to be invisible on the eyes.


Wearing a product with a colour that can wash you out would mean that the colour is too light or too pale on you. It commonly refers to lip colours.

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