Important Miscellaneous Details

“Where to buy”: All the places/stores/websites etc mentioned in this blog will be exclusively of Malaysian origin or available in Malaysia. I ain’t gonna take pains to purchase something that requires me to handle international shipping. Not at the moment at least. If something was sent to me from a company based in a foreign country, it would ONLY be mentioned if the product is easily available in Malaysia (like that’s gonna happen anytime soon! HAHAHA!!!).

If you do not know what a word means or if you do not understand its contextual meaning then please refer to the page “Makeup Lingo Dictionary”. If you cannot find a word on that page then please do leave me a comment and I’ll clarify the meaning for you as best as I can.

With every product there’s a possibility of batch issue whereby the inability of the product to perform to my standards can be attributed to mishap in a batch of products that may have been erroneously formulated. This needs to be taken into consideration when considering a product a complete fail.

All prices are in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) i.e. the Malaysian currency.