Product Regret #10

I’ll admit, I only bought this because it was marked down from MYR 16.90 to just MYR 9.90.

The product.

The product.

See the stray nylon strand, that was after I had snipped off a couple of others.

See the stray strand, that was after I had snipped off a couple of others.


Pretty black and opaque

What I like about it:

Very black and opaque.


What I didn’t like:

Right from when I opened it there were several strands of the brush tip frayed; I had to snip it just to swatch.

The brush isn’t fine enough for a sharp winged liner.

It has a shiny finish and I HATE that.

Shiny finish, eugh....

Shiny finish, eugh….

It is sticky even when dried so even if you have slightly hooded eyelids like I do, your liner would transfer onto the eyelids.

It dries fast but stays sticky.

Speaking of transferring, it does even after it dries! That to me is the crappiest kind of liner ever!

I only but touched it after it dried and it transferred. You can actually see the patch missing.

I only but touched it after it dried and it transferred. You can actually see a patch missing.

Collaboration; Best Beauty Discoveries of 2016!!!

Again, we’re back at it. Fellow blogger Lakshmi (author of Big is Compatible, link here) and Instagrammers, Geetha (@geethavijaymakeup), and Esther (@estherkaurmann) and I have collaborated on Instagram to bring you our best beauty discoveries of 2016.


I have 9 products all of which I discovered in 2016!

1. Maybelline Micellar Water (makeup remover)


I’ve already reviewed this, link here.

2. Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist


I really wouldn’t know where to begin reviewing this so I am not going to. If you need a refreshing mist or even something to wet your makeup brush to pack product on, this is perhaps the most affordable mist you could use! Try it! It smells great and refreshes the skin.

3. Catrice Blush Artist Shading Palette in 010 Bronzeclat


I am not a big fan of the highlighter trend and with that being said the two highlighters in this palette aren’t all that impressive anyway. But the deep matte blusher on the left is absolutely beautiful!!! Have yet to test out longevity but it blends beautifully and is perfect for dark skin!

4. Essence Shading Powder


I purchased this towards the end of 2015 but only started using this in 2016 so I’d consider this a 2016 discovery. The bronzer is apparently a dupe for the Benefit Hoola bronzer. I’d have to check that out myself in the future. Again, I really don’t care for the highlighter but the bronzer blends easily and is pretty neutral so one could use it to contour as well.

5. Essence Mosaic Blush in 30, Kissed by the Sun


This is too light to show up as a blush on me but, because the mosaics are made up of both shimmery and matte components, they end up mixing into a perfect highlighter shade for dark skin! It is pretty subtle which is why I love this! I can get away with this even with boy makeup. I was gifted this by Lakshmi for my birthday! Thanks love!

6. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge


This is a perfect replacement for my Stila sponge which I had to part with. This one hasn’t torn yet and it does a good job. I do prefer the Stila sponge over this but this is much more affordable if purchased via an IG shop.

7. Makeup Revolution Blush in Sugar


I got this in a giveaway and it came all the way from England!!! I won this from Rachael, author of Helpless Whilst Drying (link here). Makeup Revolution was previously available in Malaysia but they somehow got lost into obscurity. This blush is amazing!

8. Breena Beauty Eye Essential Kit Makeup Brushes

How gorgeous are those brushes and the packaging too!!!

High quality, vegan, cruelty free brushes! I wrote an entire first impressions post on these brushes (link here). They now offer international shipping!

9. Etude House My Beauty Tool Face Brush 130 Contour


I bought this in 2015 but only discovered its best use in 2016. I used this first as an eyeshadow blending brush but realised that MannyMua liked using makeup brushes with long loosely packed bristles to highlight, much like this one. Baby, I tried it with this brush and I was sold! I hate using a fan brush to highlight because of its sloppy nature. I don’t own one and don’t think I need to…

So there you go!

My best 2016 beauty discoveries!

PS: There’s one product there that isn’t included in this list but makes two appearances. It is the Essence Make Me Brow eyebrow gel mascara. It’s not here because it made my ride or die list (post link here) and I’ve reviewed it before (review link here).

2016 Collective Product Empties

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

I wish you the best for the year! Let’s all be FIERCE!!!

Two quick announcements.

I want to let you guys know I am going to dabble a teeny tiny bit with fashion on FiercePaint. This won’t be something I do regularly hence the term “dabble”.

I want to make 2017 a NO BUY year. That means, unless I run out of something that I use regularly like skincare stuff I WON’T BUY anything cosmetics in 2017!!! I am putting aside MYR 100 each month which I will collect end of this year and either splurge or put to a good cause. There is one exception, I want a BeautyBlender which I will get during the Sephora 20% off sale.

Moving on…



  • I posted a total of 6 Product Empties, 5 of which had 5 products each. One empties post was done after a period of hiatus and so had 18 products! That makes a total of 43 products! Three more than my 2015 collective empties post (link here). Keep in mind that I don’t mention products I’ve previously featured and also duplicates.
  • I featured 14 full sized makeup products excluding lipbalms and makeup removers. WOAH!
  • There were 2 lipbalms and 2 makeup removers.
  • I also spent a makeup sponge and featured facial cottons, a pack of falsies, a bottle of sponge cleanser, a bottle (and half) of fine fragrance mist, aerosol antiperspirant spray and underarm antiperspirant (7 products).
  • The rest were skincare which made up 18 products.
  • This time around it’s interesting that these products centered around makeup.

Here’s a list of all the product empties post last year;

Product Empties #9

Product Empties #10

Product Empties #11

Product Empties #12

Product Empties #13 (18 products)

Product Empties #14

I want to wish you guys all the best for the year ahead!

I am hoping for great things in 2017!

The Body Shop Blusher Brush Review

There are actually about over 40 posts which I published prior to announcing on social media that I am a beauty blogger. I was starting out and I had barely known photography and my pictures were absolute crap! Since I have now gotten a little better at it, I thought, why not re-publish these posts with proper pictures and an updated review.

This is the second product I ever reviewed on FiercePaint. The first product I reviewed has actually been discontinued so it doesn’t make sense to revamp that. I won’t be doing it all in a row; it’ll just be intermittent with my regular posts. I also plan on redoing ONLY product reviews; so to kick that off, here goes the first one. Click on the link below to read!

The Body Shop Blusher Brush Review

The Best Place for Some Personal Pampering Session in Kuala Lumpur

I come to you today with a travel related post brought to you in collaboration with Traveloka about some amazing spots to pamper yourself in bustling and lively Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia! I’ve used Traveloka’s services and let me tell you, it is easy, fast and efficient!

Moving on…

While you are out gallivanting around Kuala Lumpur, soaking up its amazing wonders and everything it has to offer, it’s always nice to unwind and relax in between all that! What better way to do it then a calm, relaxing time at the spa? It’s the perfect way to de-stress from your hectic day being a tourist.


What’s even more cooler is that you can easily enjoy this luxurious pampering session without even having to step out of your hotels. With an extensive range of holistic facials, traditional massages and body treatment from numerous regions across Southeast Asia plus a five-star standard service, you will never want to leave that little place of heaven.

So, here is your best guide to KL’s most popular spas.

Spa Village at the Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur

Find yourself in a luxurious retreat enclosed in a private tropical terrace when you step into the Spa Village at Ritz Carlton. Situated right in Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle, the services that you will be able to find here range from traditional Thai, Balinese, Malay, Swedish, hot stone, and aromatherapy massage therapies to European-style facials, body scrubs and wraps. After your pampering session, you can relax at the spa’s outdoor nap gazebos with great views of lush greenery and water fountains.

Mandara Spa at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur

Pamper yourself in an award-winning Balinese spa at the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur hotel in their own Mandara Spa. It is a place where you can sit back and enjoy relaxing body and foot massage, facials, manicure and pedicure treatments by highly-skilled therapists. Totally recommended would be the Mandara Massage that is great for soothing fatigued muscles as it incorporates Shiatsu, Thai, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, Swedish and Balinese massage styles with pure essential oils.

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Find yourself rejuvenated at the Spa in the Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur where you and your partner can both enjoy a pampering session together. They feature six single and two couples’ treatment rooms decked out in wooden furnishing, earthy tones, and warm lighting. Treatments available here range from traditional Malay and aromatherapy body massages to Borneo body scrub and jetlag treatments. For couples, The Romance Rose treatment is totally recommended as it utilizes rose petals and natural sea salt for deep exfoliation.

The Majestic Spa at the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

The Majestic Spa at the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur boasts unique art deco styles of Scottish architect and designer Charles Rennie Macintosh’s Willow Tearooms. Offering a calming view of the hotel’s swimming pool and Kuala Lumpur’s City view, the elegant spa is beautifully decorated with beautiful antiques and fresh flowers. Their must try signature treatment will be the North Coast seaweed sculpt that helps in stimulating blood circulation, lifts and firms your skin as well as reduces cellulite and water retention.

To make things way easier for your spa session, get your accommodations right at these hotels. Right after you are done, you get to rest in your comfortable room that these hotels are known for. Right from a surreal and relaxing session to your own beautiful home away from home. Even if you are not into these exquisite stays, you can always book your hotels from over 70,000 different accommodations through Traveloka. With added promotions and discounts, look no further, Traveloka will surely be your one-stop choice when it comes to hotel bookings.

Product Empties #14



This is the Maybelline Micellar Water. I have reviewed this, link here. Already repurchased.


This is the Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge. I have reviewed this, link here. Already repurchased.


This is the Lip Hop Happy Cleanse Moisturising Manuka Honey Cleansing Gel. I got it from a giveaway along with MYR 200 worth Lip Hop products (link here). This cleanser is nice and gentle, and I could actually smell the honey (in fact, it even tasted sweet). Does a good job cleansing without stripping moisture off of the skin. I kinda loved it! Won’t repurchase at the moment only because I have a few other cleansers to use. Would repurchase if I don’t find one I like better along the way.


This is the final product I finished up from my very first haul (link here)! It is heavily perfumed so I stopped using it and it was just sitting there. I tried to use it as shaving cream which didn’t really work well, so, I ended up smearing it on my legs and feet and it definitely helped (which is kind of a cool way to use up products that don’t work on the face). Wouldn’t repurchase.

This is the Stila sponge which I have previously reviewed (link here) and I believe it has to be retired. Too many tears would make for uneven makeup application. Wouldn’t repurchase because I am using the Real Techniques sponge at the moment which I prefer to this.

Tears on the narrow tip.

Tears on the narrow tip.

The gaping main tear!

The gaping main tear which is pretty bad.

Maybelline Micellar Water Review

Coming at you with another positive review (such a YouTuber thing to say isn’t it?). This isn’t the first cleansing water that Maybelline has put out and I have reviewed the previous one (link here). Moving on…

The product.

The product.

Description on the back of the bottle.

Description on the back of the bottle.

Like most cleansing water, it comes in a squeeze bottle with a screw cap.

Like most cleansing water, it comes in a squeeze bottle with a screw cap.

Description: Micellar cleansing water that comes in a 200ml squeeze bottle with a screw cap. Foams up when shaken or agitated.

Where to buy: Most drugstores and supermarkets (wherever there’s a Maybelline counter basically).

Price: MYR 24.90 (drugstore product, would be stupid to pay full price! 😛 )

A small test

Foundation, powder, 2 liquid lipsticks, 2 pigmented eyeshadows, liquid liner and mascara.

Foundation, powder, 2 liquid lipsticks, 2 pigmented eyeshadows, liquid liner and mascara. Did let the liquid lipstick dry first before removing.

Pretty effective, with a couple of soft swipes. Didn't have to let it soak or anything.

Pretty effective, with a couple of soft swipes. Didn’t have to let it soak or anything.


Light on the skin.

No sticky feeling afterwards.

Pretty effective at removing makeup; definitely one of the better ones I’ve tried.

Doesn’t irritate my eyes one bit.

Although slightly bitter, it isn’t as bad as the Biore one (review link here).



Does have a bitter taste.

No pump so product tends to get a little bit wasted.




Highest rating for a cleansing water so far. It is my current fave! It has two advantage over the Biore one; it isn’t as bitter and it doesn’t irritate my eyes (which started happening with the Biore one the more I used; the review has been updated).

Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge Review

I have for you today, a miracle worker! A detergent for your makeup sponges. Prepare to be amazed!

Of course you’ve heard of Daiso, so I’ll go right ahead!

The product.

The product.

It is a clear viscous liquid and it does foam up a little...

It is a clear viscous liquid and it does foam up a little…

Description: It is a soap for cleaning makeup puffs and sponges. I even use them for my brushes. It comes in a squeeze bottle of 80 ml and claims to also disinfect.

Where to buy: Daiso (duh!)

Prize: MYR 5.30

Let me then show you the magic!




I KNOW RIGHT????? The sponges look as clean as new! No kidding!

I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sponges look as clean as new! No kidding!

Here's a closer look!

Here’s a closer look!

No trace of makeup!

No trace of makeup!



It cleans like a dream!

Fragrance free.


VERY affordable.

Only a few drops is needed on target area (I used only about 10 to 15 drops per sponge).



NONE! This is a first on FiercePaint! I did want to say 80ml is too little but, for MYR 5.30 and not forgetting that only a few drops is needed, justifies it!


Rating: 9.8/10

I do believe this is the highest rating I’ve ever given a product! I will never give a product a full 10 but this is damn near perfection!

Haul; Collective Haul (#13)

How apt, on Black Friday, I post a haul! 😛

Forgive me God! I HAVE SHOPPED………… EXTENSIVELY!!!!!!!!!

Let me tell you this was the most I have bought in a very long time and although it has been quite a while since I’ve posted a haul, there’s no reason for one person to buy THIS much! Except addiction! AND NO! I DON’T NEED HELP!!! *sniffs new mascara still in plastic package*

I am not ashamed... No, I am not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not! I'M NOT!!!

I am not ashamed… No, I am not, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not! I’M NOT!!!



These were gifts... Gifts... OK!

These were gifts… Gifts… OK!

Moving on….

Guardian Haul


Catrice Eyeshadow in 350 starlight expresso, original price; MYR 14.30, purchased for; MYR 4.80

Silkygirl Expert Brow & Nose Shadow in 01 Dark Brown, purchased for; MYR 18.90

Cathy Doll Ice Cream Magic Blender (makeup sponge) original price; 23.90, purchased for; MYR 20.30 (if you follow my blog you know this tragic story, if you don’t, link here)

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, original price; MYR 14.50, purchased for; MYR 9.90

Maybelline Micellar Water, original price; MYR 24.90, purchased for; MYR 19.90


Watsons Haul


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, original price; MYR 14.50, purchased for; MYR 9.80

Essence I ❤ Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base, purchased for MYR 14.90

Esence Extra Longlasting Eyeliner Pen in 01 Black, original price; MYR 13.90) and Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara (original price; MYR 18.90), purchased both for MYR 18.90 in a bundle pack


Aeon Haul


Naisture Face Masks (I didn’t see the original price), 4 masks for MYR 10

IN2IT Waterproof Eyebrow Colour, original price; MYR 22.90, purchased for; MYR 19.00


Sephora Haul


Paco Rabanne Black XS EDT (my very first love affair in a bottle since I got a sample of it in 2005, never did bother purchasing it until now), original price; MYR 310, purchased for MYR 248 (during the black card 20% off sale), I paid only MYR 198 because I had a Sephora MYR 50 gift card (it was a gift and you will never know!). 😀

NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Ash Brown, original price; MYR 45, purchased for MYR 40.50 (with my point accumulated 10% discount)

Sephora birthday gift; blusher (so pretty)!


Elianto Haul


3x Elianto Mono Eyeshadow in 01 White, 13 Cocoa, and B138 Espresso, purchased for MYR 9.90 each.


Daiso Haul


I always get a bottle (or two) of this when I’m in Daiso and I see it (that’s a total of 5 backup bottles so far), in fear of it running out of stock in Penang as it often does. MYR 5.30 each


Bath and Body Works


I love this!!! Fine Fragrance Mist in Wild Madagascar Vanilla original price MYR 73; purchased for MYR 38 (I KNOW RIGHT???!!!!!!!!!)


Insta shop


Upon advice of my other blogger friends I purchased this from Thameen by A (@thameenbya) and it was definitely much more affordable than buying it at the retail store that carries it here in Malaysia, purchased for; MYR 50 + MYR 8 shipping


Golden Rose


Dream Eyebrow Pencil in 302, original price; MYR 20, purchased for MYR 18.90


Mr. DIY Haul


2x clear plastic cosmetics organisers (only one showed in picture), purchased for MYR 19.50 each

2x metal pen holder, purchased for MYR 3.50 each


Forever 21 Haul


Single + double tweezers + makeup sponge, MYR 15 each, buy 2 free 1 promo, DON’T BUY THE SPONGE (regret post link here)!!!


Bag of Love (subscription bag)



Local subscription bag that I was intrigued by. They’re a no commitment, subscribe as and when you wish kind of a deal so I ended up purchasing this one because it was only MYR 49.90 plus shipping! I’ll show you close up shots because I have never tried any of these brands and I have no idea how much they cost!





The product I was most excited about!

The product I was most excited about! I have yet to slather all around my eyeballs but I CANNOT WAIT!!!

Some premixed coffee, tea and cocoa beverage mix in a beauty bag! YESSS!!!! I LOVE! I've already had the chocolate and the cafe latte! Delicious!!!

Some premixed coffee, tea and cocoa in a beauty bag! YESSS!!!! I LOVE! I’ve already had the chocolate and the cafe latte! Delicious!!!

It is a Malaysian subscription bag so obviously Malaysian readers who want to get their hands on their next bag, go ‘like’ their Facebook page at




Pulled this picture from my Instagram (follow me! DUH! @harivain). Got this from my glam squad member Lakshmi and Geetha! I did a collaboration post with them for Halloween, check it out, link here. I don’t know how much these cost because they were gifts and I’ve never purchased these before.


Essence Mosaic Blush in 30 Kissed by the Sun, MYR 15.90 (birthday present by blogger friend Lakshmi)

Essence Make Me Brow, in 02 Browny Brows, MYR 12.90 (gift from Emma, a newfound friend from the UK)

How gorgeous are those brushes and the packaging too!!!

Already wrote a first impressions on this (link here). I won this via a giveaway, MYR 139.00 (shipping rates separate)


PR Stuff

I didn’t put this in the big picture because I forgot! 😛


I got this via BFF, an online community of beauty reviews. Used it for a week and reviewed.

My profile link;

Product review link;

It is not a paid review. I was sent this in exchange for an honest review.

First Impressions, Breena Beauty Eye Essential Makeup Brush Set

This happens to be local makeup brand, Breena Beauty’s third product release; an entire eye makeup brush set. I have reviewed the brushes before (Face Luxe brush review here and first impression of second release brushes here) and I will be reviewing two of the second release brushes soon! Don’t what heck I am talking about? Just visit the two posts linked to know more about the company and its origins.

Before we move on, let me first tell you that the brushes are simply gorgeous! I posted a picture on Instgram upon receiving them. Here it is!

How gorgeous are those brushes and the packaging too!!!

How gorgeous are they and that packaging, wow!!!

So the new set comes with two old favourites; the Basic Eyeshadow brush, B212 and Brow Definer brush, B216. I swatched and played around with them so the brushes are stained but when clean, the tips of the bristles are white.

Vegan, cruelty free, Muslim friendly makeup brushes. White painted wooden handles with rose gold ferrule and soft synthetic bristles. Brand logo, brush name and codes are engraved in gold on the handles. Each brush is priced at MYR 25.

B212, Basic Eyeshadow



And the B216, Brow Definer



I am not going to write about the two older brushes because you can click on the link to read about that. There’s a little bit of a difference between this new batch and the older one but I shall first use them thoroughly and present them in a proper review.

Then there are four new brushes; B211, Fluffy Blending; B213, Crease Blending; B214, Shadow Smudge, and; B215, Pencil Brush.

B211, Fluffy Blending



This was the brush I was most excited about. Not too tightly or loosely packed, the bristles move well yet have some sturdiness to them to distribute pigments and blend them seamlessly.

B213, Crease Blending



Very similar to B211 but flattened a tiny bit (you can see the indent on the ferrule), much like the Zoeva 227. It is soft and comparable to the Zoeva and that’s saying something! It is just as effective as the B211.

B214, Shadow Smudge



Tightly packed short bristles for smudging out eyeliner on the lower lashes or to create a softer eyeliner look. Would work wonders with gel and pencil liners! It could also easily be used to fill in brows with powder and, in a pinch, pack on eyeshadow on the lids.

B215, Pencil Brush



A pencil brush is pretty underrated but it has so many uses! A pencil brush can be used to place product exactly where you want it. This one isn’t too tightly packed so it can be used to smudge and slightly blend too. Perfect for inner corner and browbone highlighting! Again, the brush is well made and perfect for its intended use!

Breena Beauty is an online company so all orders and payments are done online. However, for Malaysians, there are resellers in certain states that offer COD (cash on delivery). An exciting piece of news is that Sabrina (the owner) has finally delved into foreign market by offering international shipping!

For all details, including local resellers, shipping information, price etc., do visit their website and social media, all of which are linked below!

By the way, I am not paid to do this! I just happen to have won the brushes via a giveaway…

Breena Beauty website;

Breena Beauty Facebook Page;

Instagram handle; breenabeauty, link;

Twitter handle; @breenabeauty, link