Product Empties #20

Wow, I have done 20 of these huh?

I got this sample when Althea (an online Korean beauty store) celebrated their 1st anniversary and offered me store credit in exchange for a shoutout. I absolutely love this cleanser! Smells great and refreshes, soothes and leaves the skin fresh. But since I do already have a favourite from the drugstore (link to it here) I probably won’t purchase this. Price for full size MYR 35 (150ml).

Already reviewed this, post link here.

This was a sample of a cleanser called Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser from the brand ePure. I got this from BFF -Asia Beauty and Style, an online beauty community with a focus on beauty and fashion reviews (link here). The paper label faded when I left in the bathroom and it became wet. You can check out the product on the website. It was pretty good but it was too little to use for more than thrice from which I couldn’t really tell a difference. Full size product costs MYR 69.90 (100 ml) which I am probably not going to purchase.

Got this way back in 2015 but only recently started using it and boy there was so much product that it was hard to get through. Funny enough my hair felt stronger and thicker! Perhaps I will try some more hair products from Guardian. Probably wouldn’t purchase this one in particular. Price MYR 26.90.

Got this from my beauty influencer friend Geetha (Instagram @geethavijaymakeup). She’s part of a glam squad I have going on. They are all beauty influencers in their own right (check them out here). This is an eye mask and it was ok. Like I said before, masks do little for me save the whole pampering it gives. I have an entire box full of 8! From Yubiso and it costs MYR 10. Won’t purchase yet because I have like 7 more left!

Chu Lip, Lip Balm Review


This is going to be a short review because I have already written a first impression post on it (here). Here are some pictures! The one I have here is Apple Ginger and Tea Rose flavour.

So cute!

Easy to open tab! This packaging is one you will not complain about being difficult to open.

Love that lip shaped indent!

It used to be a perfect round dome!

Description: A egg-shaped lip balm enriched with olive oil, macademia nut oil, and rosehip oil. It doesn’t have any colour or tint to it. It has a lovely fruity flavour and tastes slightly sweet.

Price: Anywhere between MYR 15 to 25.90 depending on where you buy it and factoring in discounts.

Where to buy: Major drugstores like Watsons and Guardian.



It glides on the lips smoothly.

It hydrates, soothes (because there is menthol added) and moisturises.

It smells and tastes pleasant.

It effectively remedies cracked lips.

Does not feel waxy or uncomfortable on the lips.



The screw-cap has to be handled rather carefully because it can scrape the product and can be potentially over-tightened, spoiling the snap lock mechanism.




It is a fantastic lip balm! What else can I say?

Product Empties #3

Third product empties already? Anyway I would like to mention that my product empties wouldn’t feature repeats. This time around there is one hair product and I guess it would fall in the category of beauty products too. 😀


IMG_1668This is a hand cream and yes, like the name says, it has actual snail extract in it! However, it didn’t smell bad, in fact, it was actually pleasant. This is the Snail Hand Cream from a Korean brand called 3W Clinic. It is moisturising, it absorbs pretty well into the skin, it does not feel sticky or oily and it helped reduce flakiness on my hand skin. The problem is, I got this as a gift for entering a makeup contest by Colours Cosmetics Malaysia and I really don’t know how to purchase this besides the website. If there’s a store in Malaysia that sells this then I am not aware of it. Repurchase? Perhaps not.




IMG_1670This is the Silkygirl Lash Prism mascara. It is a favourite of mine and has been for quite a while. I did a review on it here. It is cheap, it does well (as long as excess product is removed from the wand before application), and it is very easily found because Silkygirl counters are everywhere here in Malaysia! Repurchase? I actually stocked on this during a promotion. I already have 2 unopened ones!






IMG_1676A leave-in hair moisturiser called the Sunsilk Instant Damage Reconstruction Cream. It’s ok and I do feel that my hair becomes softer and a tad bit stronger (but I do have pretty thick hair so maybe it’s all in my head?). However, it did feel sticky in my hair. Hair felt best after a wash. Would I re-purchase? Probably if there was a discount or promotion (it retails for MYR 8.90).






IMG_1690I used to love occasional ‘me’ time and I used to buy sheet masks and store them in the refrigerator before using them while relaxing over a cup of tea. Somehow that made a comeback into my routine a few days ago after a couple of years due to this face mask. Like the Snail Hand Cream this was a gift for joining the makeup contest (yes, I got a few good stuff via that contest from Colours Cosmetics Malaysia). It is the Montagne Jeunesse trial size face mask and this in particular is the Dead Sea Mud Pac mask. It is a product from the UK and they have recently (in 2015) changed the brand name to 7th Heaven. I was kinda surprised after having used this. My face felt incredibly smooth to the touch after washing it off! It contains kelp, seaweed and nutrient rich mineral from the dead sea (how about that!). Don’t be alarmed, it actually smells really good! They do have a website (link here) and in Malaysia, it could be purchased from Colours Cosmetics Malaysia. I have one more called Strawberry Souffle to try and I’ll write about it in a future product empties post.

IMG_1697This is the Chu Lip lip balm. I have done a first impressions post here and a review on it here. It is amazing not just because it looks cute but because it worked really well on my dry lips! If you did read the review then you’d know I already have another one waiting! It retails for MYR 25.90 at Watsons and Guardian but do look out for discounts which can bring the price down to as low as MYR 17.00.

First Impression, Chu Lip Lip Balm

I saw a promotion for this product on the Sasa Facebook page and I rushed to grab it. It is the cutest lip product ever! This first impression is on the Chu Lip lip balm. I’ll let pictures do the talking.

Soooo cuteeeee!!!!!!!!

Soooo cuteeeee!!!!!!!!

Packaging labels.

Packaging labels.

Main ingredients that boasts to keep the lips "lovely and sweet". Of course these ingredients are effective remedies to dry lips.

Main ingredients that boasts to keep the lips “lovely and sweet”. Of course these ingredients are effective remedies for dry lips.

So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I especially love the lip impression in the middle.

The product. It has a white dome shaped plastic that probably shields and keeps the product intact.

The product. It has a white dome shaped plastic sheath that probably shields and keeps the product intact. The cover also has a snap lock mechanism that keeps it in place.

The flavour I chose. Here you can see the tab that allows easy opening of the package.

The flavour I chose. Here you can see the tab that allows easy opening of the package.

Eh voila! Easy breezy!

Eh voila! Easy breezy!

My thoughts:

It is a colourless product that does not deliver any kind of tint to the lips. It is infused with nice flavours that taste pleasant. It also has menthol which would soothe dry and chapped lips. Its selling point is the packaging and the general shape of the product! Who wouldn’t love a little lip impression in the middle of an egg shaped lip balm! First impression, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leave the packaging and the oh so adorable shape of it aside, the lip balm itself is hydrating, moisturising, does not feel oily or greasy and tastes pleasant. Although it retails at MYR 25.90 (which is pricey for me for a drugstore lip balm), there is 7 grams of product in it which is twice more than regular lip balms. If you look out for promotions, you could probably find them at a lower price! They’re available at drugstores chains like Watsons and Guardian (also available at Sasa).

Go try it out! I am loving this!