Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge Review

I have for you today, a miracle worker! A detergent for your makeup sponges. Prepare to be amazed!

Of course you’ve heard of Daiso, so I’ll go right ahead!

The product.

The product.

It is a clear viscous liquid and it does foam up a little...

It is a clear viscous liquid and it does foam up a little…

Description: It is a soap for cleaning makeup puffs and sponges. I even use them for my brushes. It comes in a squeeze bottle of 80 ml and claims to also disinfect.

Where to buy: Daiso (duh!)

Prize: MYR 5.30

Let me then show you the magic!




I KNOW RIGHT????? The sponges look as clean as new! No kidding!

I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sponges look as clean as new! No kidding!

Here's a closer look!

Here’s a closer look!

No trace of makeup!

No trace of makeup!



It cleans like a dream!

Fragrance free.


VERY affordable.

Only a few drops is needed on target area (I used only about 10 to 15 drops per sponge).



NONE! This is a first on FiercePaint! I did want to say 80ml is too little but, for MYR 5.30 and not forgetting that only a few drops is needed, justifies it!


Rating: 9.8/10

I do believe this is the highest rating I’ve ever given a product! I will never give a product a full 10 but this is damn near perfection!


Haul; Collective Haul (#13)

How apt, on Black Friday, I post a haul! 😛

Forgive me God! I HAVE SHOPPED………… EXTENSIVELY!!!!!!!!!

Let me tell you this was the most I have bought in a very long time and although it has been quite a while since I’ve posted a haul, there’s no reason for one person to buy THIS much! Except addiction! AND NO! I DON’T NEED HELP!!! *sniffs new mascara still in plastic package*

I am not ashamed... No, I am not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not! I'M NOT!!!

I am not ashamed… No, I am not, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not! I’M NOT!!!



These were gifts... Gifts... OK!

These were gifts… Gifts… OK!

Moving on….

Guardian Haul


Catrice Eyeshadow in 350 starlight expresso, original price; MYR 14.30, purchased for; MYR 4.80

Silkygirl Expert Brow & Nose Shadow in 01 Dark Brown, purchased for; MYR 18.90

Cathy Doll Ice Cream Magic Blender (makeup sponge) original price; 23.90, purchased for; MYR 20.30 (if you follow my blog you know this tragic story, if you don’t, link here)

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, original price; MYR 14.50, purchased for; MYR 9.90

Maybelline Micellar Water, original price; MYR 24.90, purchased for; MYR 19.90


Watsons Haul


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, original price; MYR 14.50, purchased for; MYR 9.80

Essence I ❤ Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base, purchased for MYR 14.90

Esence Extra Longlasting Eyeliner Pen in 01 Black, original price; MYR 13.90) and Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara (original price; MYR 18.90), purchased both for MYR 18.90 in a bundle pack


Aeon Haul


Naisture Face Masks (I didn’t see the original price), 4 masks for MYR 10

IN2IT Waterproof Eyebrow Colour, original price; MYR 22.90, purchased for; MYR 19.00


Sephora Haul


Paco Rabanne Black XS EDT (my very first love affair in a bottle since I got a sample of it in 2005, never did bother purchasing it until now), original price; MYR 310, purchased for MYR 248 (during the black card 20% off sale), I paid only MYR 198 because I had a Sephora MYR 50 gift card (it was a gift and you will never know!). 😀

NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Ash Brown, original price; MYR 45, purchased for MYR 40.50 (with my point accumulated 10% discount)

Sephora birthday gift; blusher (so pretty)!


Elianto Haul


3x Elianto Mono Eyeshadow in 01 White, 13 Cocoa, and B138 Espresso, purchased for MYR 9.90 each.


Daiso Haul


I always get a bottle (or two) of this when I’m in Daiso and I see it (that’s a total of 5 backup bottles so far), in fear of it running out of stock in Penang as it often does. MYR 5.30 each


Bath and Body Works


I love this!!! Fine Fragrance Mist in Wild Madagascar Vanilla original price MYR 73; purchased for MYR 38 (I KNOW RIGHT???!!!!!!!!!)


Insta shop


Upon advice of my other blogger friends I purchased this from Thameen by A (@thameenbya) and it was definitely much more affordable than buying it at the retail store that carries it here in Malaysia, purchased for; MYR 50 + MYR 8 shipping


Golden Rose


Dream Eyebrow Pencil in 302, original price; MYR 20, purchased for MYR 18.90


Mr. DIY Haul


2x clear plastic cosmetics organisers (only one showed in picture), purchased for MYR 19.50 each

2x metal pen holder, purchased for MYR 3.50 each


Forever 21 Haul


Single + double tweezers + makeup sponge, MYR 15 each, buy 2 free 1 promo, DON’T BUY THE SPONGE (regret post link here)!!!


Bag of Love (subscription bag)



Local subscription bag that I was intrigued by. They’re a no commitment, subscribe as and when you wish kind of a deal so I ended up purchasing this one because it was only MYR 49.90 plus shipping! I’ll show you close up shots because I have never tried any of these brands and I have no idea how much they cost!





The product I was most excited about!

The product I was most excited about! I have yet to slather all around my eyeballs but I CANNOT WAIT!!!

Some premixed coffee, tea and cocoa beverage mix in a beauty bag! YESSS!!!! I LOVE! I've already had the chocolate and the cafe latte! Delicious!!!

Some premixed coffee, tea and cocoa in a beauty bag! YESSS!!!! I LOVE! I’ve already had the chocolate and the cafe latte! Delicious!!!

It is a Malaysian subscription bag so obviously Malaysian readers who want to get their hands on their next bag, go ‘like’ their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BagofLove/




Pulled this picture from my Instagram (follow me! DUH! @harivain). Got this from my glam squad member Lakshmi and Geetha! I did a collaboration post with them for Halloween, check it out, link here. I don’t know how much these cost because they were gifts and I’ve never purchased these before.


Essence Mosaic Blush in 30 Kissed by the Sun, MYR 15.90 (birthday present by blogger friend Lakshmi)

Essence Make Me Brow, in 02 Browny Brows, MYR 12.90 (gift from Emma, a newfound friend from the UK)

How gorgeous are those brushes and the packaging too!!!

Already wrote a first impressions on this (link here). I won this via a giveaway, MYR 139.00 (shipping rates separate)


PR Stuff

I didn’t put this in the big picture because I forgot! 😛


I got this via BFF, an online community of beauty reviews. Used it for a week and reviewed.

My profile link; http://www.bffsays.com/user/daran30

Product review link; http://www.bffsays.com/review/view/5097

It is not a paid review. I was sent this in exchange for an honest review.

Product Empties #13 (18 products)

It’s been a while since my last product empties and needless to say it has piled up, 18 products high!!!


MAKEUP! (One product is missing but I’ll be sure to insert it).






I bought this box of 8 pairs of false lashes and put it to good use on my co-stars during a stage play. They were cheap ones but I have forgotten the price. At most 2 to 3 uses then the band sort of starts pulling apart when I tried to take off excess glue. The band is thick and unwielding. Definitely not good falsies but they are thick and give the eyes a dramatic effect. Definitely not repurchasing this one.

How the lashes look.

How the lashes look.


Eye open…


This is the I ❤ Stage Eyeshadow Base from the brand Essence. I have reviewed it in the past. I plan on updating the post and re-blogging it but meanwhile read about it here! I have already repurchased this.


 This is an eyeliner that I bought from Daiso after watching a YouTube video but I didn’t really like it. I just used it to scribble on my hand with all those hand art stuff that I do and also draw on a moustache for a fellow stage actor. I find that it is not as smooth on the eyelids and tugs on the skin. Not repurchasing it (costs MyR 5.30).


This is the Silkygirl Perfect Stay 20HR Eyeliner. I have reviewed it before (link here) and in fact, it has shown up in another product empties post (link here) but the one in this picture was their limited edition packaging that I got for the fun of it. Purchased it at MYR 10. Don’t plan on repurchasing just because I do have other eyeliners to try out.


This is a lip balm from the brand Bell Star which I bought from my trip to Thailand (trip post here and haul post here). It was an ok lip balm, didn’t really do anything phenomenal for my lips nor was it all that bad. Even if I could I don’t think I’d repurchase this.


This is the Muji facial cottons, a cult classic in the beauty world. This is said to be a dupe for the Shiseido facial cottons. I do plan on reviewing it but at the moment, lets just say that I love it. It costs MYR 10.90 here in Malaysia. Yes, I have backups!

There’s one product which is not in the picture because I had tossed it away not knowing that I hadn’t put it into an empties post.


This is the Elianto Activewear Mascara which I have reviewed before so thank God I have a picture of it (review link here). I wouldn’t repurchase it because I have got at least 3 different unopened mascaras and one I am still working on.

Moving on to the two big products…


This is the Bath and Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist in Wild Madgascar Vanilla. It was given to me by my director as a token of appreciation for starring in his play. I freaking love this scent! Sweet vanilla scent, a lot like some scented lip products and some of you may know that I happen to love this (little things in makeup I love post). Yes, I have repurchased it (for MYR 38; original price MYR 73).


This was from the first haul I ever posted on FiercePaint (link here), I used it once and I hated it because it has an intense warming effect on the skin perhaps due to the fact that it claims to sculpt the body. However, when I started trying to loose weight, I just used by mixing it with my regular body shampoo. I still hated it and I have no idea if it actually “sculpted” my body. Not repurchasing it at the moment but I am very curious if continued usage may help. Hmmmppphhh. Cost; MYR 13.30.

Moving on to the rest of the bunch.


 This is a hand cream from the brand Eubos that was in one of my haul posts (link here) and I just could not get over how oily my hands felt everytime I used it, however, I found better use for it! I used it on my feet! Oh boy did it work wonders! Try it! I may just repurchase it for the feet exclusively (price; MYR 7.90 for a trial size)!


 This is the Biore Facial Foam in Pure Mild. It’s ok. Not great, not bad, not going to re-purchase. Costs MYR 10.80.


This is the Ponybrown Happy Sense Baby Whip hand cream. I’ve used up one before (product empties post link here). I like it because they absorb well into the skin and does not feel sticky. I do prefer the previous one but this is nice too. I won’t repurchase this because I do want to try others (cost MYR 19.90 for 3).


I got this Dettol Gold body wash trial pack from a dear friend, Daniel (hi love!!!). He purchased something else and got this for free, so he gave it to me. There appears to be gold flakes in it which, I am pretty sure, for a product this cheap cannot be real gold flakes. It was alright. Body feels clean. Thumbs up! May just purchase the full bottle if it isn’t too pricey.


This is the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner. This was featured in one of my haul post (link here). This burned my skin! But since it was a 60 ml bottle I powered through and finished it. Surprisingly didn’t dry my skin out and my skin did stay blemish free! I would repurchase but I simply cannot stand the burning sensation (original price MYR 13.70, purchased for MYR 6.85).


This is the Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser. This was featured in a haul post (link here) and I’ve used another in the white tube (product empties post link here). I kinda love this stuff. Plan on purchasing the full bottle when there’s a promotion (costs MYR 2.90).


I pulled this picture from my archives because I forgot to shoot a close up picture! Damn it!!! Anyways, I featured this in a Products I Stopped Using post (link here) and also a hack post (link here). Click those two links to see how I ended up finishing this. Not repurchasing. Costs MYR 11.50, purchased for MYR 9.80.


I got this sample from Facial Malaysia (website link here and Facebook page link here). Nana, the person that runs Facial Malaysia is the nicest person ever! She sent me some skincare products from Paula’s Choice to try out for an honest review exchange and I absolutely loved them (review link here). This one was good too! It worked well and my skin did alright considering that I am very prone to razor burns because I don’t shave unless necessary (I typically trim my beard). If you need more information do check out the Facebook page and the website.


This is the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask which I won from Fiona of Street Love (the most read Malaysia beauty blog! Blog link here). I featured the product in a I Won post (link here). This nice rejuvenating mask revived my tired skin which was suffering from heavy makeup application. About repurchasing, I don’t think I would, only because it is so expensive here!

Phew!!! That was A LOT! Thanks for being with me guys!

Lots of love!


*air kisses*

Haul; Mini Haul (#12)

Previous haul post (link here) and special Athea haul post (link here).

By the way, I only purchased 4 of these items. The rest was a winning!





2x Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge (makeup puff and sponge), MYR 5.30 each.




Technically a “metal pen holder” but you know why I purchased this for! MYR 3.50




Catrice Blush Artist Shading Palette in 010 Bronzeclat, original price; MYR 23.90, purchased for; MYR 20.30

Everything else was won via a giveaway by the lovely Lakshmi Praba of Big is Compatible (link here)! She is a local beauty blogger who is from the same town as I am!!!


Check her blog out!

So the giveaway came with the following;




These lashes are Shye lashes and they are from this Instagram shop which can be found @shye.shopperr I do believe that they only cater to local orders.



Elianto 4 colour eyeshadow set, price; MYR 68.50 and they can be purchased at Elianto stores and online at elianto.biz They are always having promotions so you’re certain to find a discount! I have also reviewed Elianto eyeshadows in the past (link here).

IMG_8535Essence Smokey 2in1 khol liner, price; MYR 11.90.



Essence Smokey Eyes Brush, MYR6.90.

Product Empties #7

Past product empties links; #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6.

This time around I have got makeup empties! 😀


IMG_4448This is an eyebrow pencil from Daiso that I featured in my Product Regrets post (here). All details are there. I actually finished using it because I was just playing around with it on my hands and somehow it just reached the end… 😛

IMG20150730010438I wouldn’t repurchase it, however, I am keeping it because there’s a spoolie on the other end.


IMG_4446This is the Essence Longlasting eye pencil in 01 (black fever). I have a review coming up soon on this. So stay tuned! I also finished it up because I used it to create this look on my friend.

IMG_20151202_171922I guess with the amount of black there (and 5 times over!), the pen was bound to run out.

IMG_4447This is the Silkygirl 20HR Perfect Stay Eyeliner in 01 (Blackest Black). I love this eyeliner and I have reviewed it already (here); all details are in that post. However, I am at my second pen and I have noticed something that I previously dismissed and updated my review. I did knock off a few points from my “Rating” for that reason. But I do love this eyeliner and like I’ve said, I already have a second pen!

IMG_4445I have reviewed this lip balm (here) and am a little on the fence with it. Repurchase? Not at the moment because I got a LOT of lip balms to try out and finish…

IMG_4444I loved how my nose felt after I stripped this pore pack off! However, I don’t really have blackheads problem so it seems a little unnecessary. I got this as a free gift with purchase. I may just buy a whole pack just for the sake of a facial treatment session.

Product Regret #2

Although I usually refrain from using makeup from Daiso (except perhaps eyelash curlers and false eyelashes) I have, in the past (due to encouragement from the media) bought makeup from Daiso.

This is a product that I regret, not because it didn’t work, but because the product was not the correct shade.

This is the product; an eyebrow pencil.

This is the product; an eyebrow pencil. It’s double ended, meaning there’s a spoolie attached to one side.


The spoolie.

The spoolie.


The product. It does seem dark enough to work.

The product. It does seem dark enough to work.


A swatch. Notice how grey it is.

A swatch. Notice how grey it is.


Notice how my eyebrows look grey. It actually looks worse in person.

Notice how my eyebrows look grey. It actually looks worse in person.


What’s good about it:

It is a stiff eyebrow pen that is good for filling the eyebrows. The spoolie is helpful.

Why I didn’t like it:

The colour and that’s basically my only problem. I personally don’t think I’d buy and regularly use makeup from a place that everything is sold at MYR 5.30, however, this is absolutely your discretion.


Additional notes:

At MYR 5 (when I bought it) it didn’t seem like it would be that much of a disappointment since I did use it for a competition in the past. I have spoken about this particular competition and I have never really elaborated on it. It was a competition hosted by Colours Cosmetics Malaysia whereby the requirement was to do an eye look using the hand as a canvas. I was given a bunch of makeup products as gift for entering the competition and I have mentioned some of these products in my posts here, here, and here. I will attach a picture of the look I did below. So I guess, that MYR 5 spent on the eyebrow pen wasn’t wasted.


Yes, I cut up strip false eyelash and glued it down in parts one by one. The eyebrow pen was used at the tail end of the eyebrow to give it an ombre, faded out look.

Product Empties #1

I have decided to do product empties posts just because I can give quick views on the products that I have used and if they helped me or did nothing for me. I could also easily include how much they cost (if I can include that detail) and where to purchase these products. These posts are not exclusive to makeup products but products that have either helped me with my makeup or just some facial skincare items. Although FiercePaint is dedicated to makeup, facial skin health is important for flawless makeup application. With that being said, here it is, my first ever ‘product empties’.



1&2; are Watsons brand wet wipes which I bought so that I can get discounts! HAHA!! However, they’re handy little things that you can use to just gently cleanse your face or even wipe your hands with. They’re just basic wet wipes with nice scent(s) and they cost MYR 1.20. Would I repurchase these? Probably not, unless of course, I would get in-store discounts!

3; This is a facial cleanser for men from the brand Fair and Handsome by the company Emami. It is an Indian based company and I picked this up at an Indian Cash and Carry store. I didn’t feel a marked difference with my skin as with the claims of this product that it makes the skin brighter in addition to giving a deep cleanse. Besides, I have never used cleansers in the past with the goal of brightening my facial skin. Probably using a few more tubes may give results but there is one ingredient present in this product that I don’t like which is menthol (it is unfortunately present in many facial cleansers for men). Price; MYR 8.90. I don’t think I’d repurchase this.

4; This is the Himalaya Natural Intensive Lip Balm which is really one of my favorite lip balm but I chose not to do a review on this because it isn’t so easy to find. In fact, very few Indian Cash and Carry stores even carry this product. I would repurchase this and I am hoping it is still available. I don’t remember the price but I am pretty sure it was under MYR 10.

5; Tesco Everyday Value facial cotton pads are cheap and they get the job done. I use them to apply my toner and take off my makeup swatches. They cost about MYR 1.50 for 100 pieces! They even come in packs of two at MYR 2.55. I already have two extra packs in addition to one that I am halfway done with. Repurchase? It’s on my next Tesco shopping list!!!

6; This is an empty bottle of Daiso facial cleanser, however, I have actually have a different use for the cleanser itself. You can read about it here. Repurchase? YES! I already have a backup bottle in addition to one currently in use. I bought them pre-GST (MYR 5) but they now cost MYR 5.30 (including all Daiso items).

Daiso Facial Blotters

This isn’t a review, hence the title.

It is more like a hack plus a money saving find at the Daiso store (just type in Daiso on Google and you’ll find everything you need to know about it).

The Daiso facial blotters!!!

How adorable is that packaging???

How adorable is that packaging???

Yes, they are colourful!!!

Yes, they are colourful!!!


Love love love! There is nothing better or worse about this facial blotters than the more expensive ones.

This isn’t a review so I am not rating this. These are regular facial blotters that cost MYR 5, from Daiso, in boxes of 300 sheets. Obviously if you have extremely sensitive skin that, even using cost-effective facial blotters break you out, this isn’t for you.

Moving on to the hack. When you refresh your makeup throughout the day what most people tend to do is to just powder the T-zone. If you are in a hurry, that is ok, but putting on powder on your face on top of the oils from your face risks caking up your foundation! Especially if you have oily skin. So a very simple trick is to just blot your face before you touch up! That’s it!

Daiso Eyelash Curler Review

First of all, I know there are people out there that would use Daiso products like their foundations, lipsticks, eyelash glue or even their facial products, like cleansers and masks (products that are put directly on the skin). It is, and I cannot stress this enough, my PERSONAL opinion that facial care products should come from a reputable source. I take my skin care seriously and although I don’t go crazy and buy really high end products that claim to do wonders, I wouldn’t, PERSONALLY, buy and/or or use products that are applied directly on the skin from a store I can purchase everything at MYR 5 per item.

With that being said, makeup tools are a whole different story. You are not putting it on your skin and leaving it there for an indefinite period of time. They’re tools which can be washed, sanitized and reused. I have been looking for eyelash curlers that can do a decent job that don’t come with a hefty price tag and so I picked this one up from Daiso to give it a try. And Daiso has many types of eyelash curlers so this is just one in particular.

The packaging

The packaging

The curler

The curler


Standard silver metal eyelash curler. It comes with a basic hinge mechanism and a curved curler. There isn’t a spring mechanism that would pop the curler open (an example would be the Tarte Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler). It also comes with a spare pad as would most eyelash curlers.

Price; MYR 5

Where to buy; Daiso outlets



Probably one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, eyelash curler of any brand in Malaysia.

Does a decent job at curling the eyelashes.

The pad is quite soft so the upper part of the curler really sinks into the lower part resulting in effective eyelash curling.

Hinges are smooth.



Since the pad is so soft, the rubber wears out easily.

Since the pad is so soft, it can also give your eyelash a very severe curl instead of a more rounded natural curl.

Although the hinges are smooth they aren’t so sturdy which would become more flimsy with ‘wear and tear’.


Rating: 7.5/10

It is rated 7.5 because of the fact that it is so cheap. And replacement pads, in a pack of five, can be found at Daiso!

Makeup Hack; Brush Cleaner

Specified brush cleaners can be expensive. There is an option to make your own DIY brush cleaner, however, I got a hack for that will save you that trouble. It is not so much a hack as it is a finding you may appreciate.

I am sure you are all familiar with Daiso, the Japanese store selling many home improvement items. They do sell cosmetics too and if you browse through the skin care section you’d find something called cleansing water.

Use this as the brush cleaner! It is as simple as that.

It contains alcohol and is ‘supposed’ to be used as a facial cleanser so it has to be gentle enough on the brush. Brushes can’t have allergies now can they?

I would personally never put a MYR 5 cleanser on my face. So I put it to good use.

This is the Cleansing water.

This is the Cleansing water.

A closer look.

A closer look.

Just for your information below are the steps for spot cleansing your makeup brushes.

Transfer the cleansing water into a spray bottle.

Transfer the cleansing water into a spray bottle.

A closer look at the spray bottle.

A closer look at the spray bottle.

Spray it onto a paper towel (avoid toilet rolls because they tend to break down and clump up into small bits and pieces.

Spray it onto a cloth, a towel or even a paper towel (avoid toilet rolls because they tend to break down and clump up into small bits and pieces).

Swirl the brush around on the towel until the makeup residue in the brush has been cleansed off. You may have to repeat this and the previous step on a fresh spot on the towel until little or no makeup residue is visibly coming off the brush.

Swirl the brush around on the towel until the makeup residue in the brush has been cleansed off. You may have to repeat this and the previous step on a fresh spot on the towel until little or no makeup residue is visibly coming off the brush.

Eh voila! Clean brush!

Eh voila! Clean brush!