Fashion; My Love for It

I have loved fashion since I was a teenager and it was kind of triggered after having watched how cool and colourful Bollywood and Tamil Indian cinema costumes were (and still are).

Until I was about 19 or 20, I wanted to study fashion design. In fact, even towards the end of my bachelor’s degree I still thought I’d quit the science field and run off to an art school to pursue fashion design.

It would have fed my soul.

Evidently that didn’t happen.

But I don’t want to let it go.

So here’s this little blog where I can actually do something with it.

I just sketched out a little something.

I want to do more of these.

Hopefully it will manifest into something real.


I follow beauty pageants and so this is a something a contestant might wear. The entire thing would be knit stretch jersey and the detail in blue would be embroidery. The borders would also be the same blue in which the detail would be done. The red would be in silk satin, pleated and pressed. I imagine the border blue to be teal. The dress darker blue to be a deeper ultramarine and the red satin to be a blood red colour. Just couldn’t find proper coloured pencils to get those specific colours.

Some really cheap, bad quality coloured pencils I had lying around.