First Impression, Simple Micellar Cleansing Water + Giveaway [CLOSED]

To preface this post, the giveaway isn’t at all related to the first impression post.

Moving on….

The Simple Micellar Cleansing Water is finally in Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooohoooo!!!! I spotted it and didn’t think twice to purchase it. AT FULL PRICE!!!! *insert horror sound*

Anyway, I posted a picture up on Instagram earlier today and I’ll just use that picture here.


My thoughts:

I have used it but once, hence the first impression, and it feels very similar to the Biore Cleansing Water (review here). Even tastes bitter (lip swatch removal, so no I don’t go deliberately putting it into my mouth! 😛 ). It isn’t as effective as the Biore Cleansing Water but does leave the skin feeling fresh.

I did read from another beauty blogger that micellar water (or any cleansing water for that matter) shouldn’t be left on the skin on account of all the chemical components in it. I personally concur. I would definitely use it like I do the Maybelline Cleansing Water (review here); for light makeup removal.

For me, the most positive factor is price! At MYR 22.90 for 200ml, it is a steal and I did do the math whereby volume for price, the Simple cleansing water is much cheaper than both the Biore and the Maybelline at full price. Imagine if there was a sale! If I keep using and loving this, I may just stock up when there’s a promotion!

Where to buy; Guardian and Watsons.

OK, on to the exciting part!


First of all, I apologise to my international readers. This is for my Malaysian readers. Come October I’ll be DEFINITELY doing an international giveaway!

Why I am doing this giveaway?

To celebrate my milestones; 200 Facebook page Likes, 400 Instagram followers, and 20, 000 blog views.

So let’s take a look at the goodies the winner shall be receiving.



I do think this is a pretty nice giveaway, don’t you?


Etude House Play 101 Pencil in 49. It is a dark brown colour.

Silkygirl Lash Prism mascara. This was before they came out with the new sticky formula in the yellow tube. Eugh! I loved this for a long time but I want to try out lots and lots more so I am putting this into the mix. It was, in fact, the first product I ever reviewed on FiercePaint (review here).

Essence LipLiner in 08 Red Blush. I love this stuff (review here). It is so creamy it can be used as lipstick.

Silkygirl Expert Brow Slim Liner. I reach for this every time I do my makeup. It is creamy, it blends, it stays put, it lasts long. I have yet to review it but I shall, very soon (first impression post here).

Collection Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream in 4 Angel Delight. Dupe for the NYX SMLC in London. NYX is pricier here in Malaysia and this Collection one is a Godsend (post here)!


Ponybrown Happy Sense Hand Cream in Lovely Sweet. I wrote about another scent in an empties post (link here). I like it. It does moisturise and leaves a nice scent behind. No sticky residue.


Guardian brand lip balm; this is something I know little about so, you have got to figure it out! Happy trying (to the winner).


Anna Sui Romantica EDT sample. I got this when I bought a magazine so I decided to throw it into the mix as well. I had another which I gave to mom. The scent is pretty nice.

IMG_6586ChuLip lip balm in Apple Ginger and Tea Rose; I LOVE this stuff (review here). I had two of this, one which I won from a giveaway and another which I had bought prior to winning the giveaway, so I decided I’d give one away.


Adidas bag I got as a free gift. I do already have one so this one is for you! You can keep it or give it to a brother, husband or a boyfriend.

Cool stuff right?

SO here are the rules;

You must live in Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak included).

You need to either;

1. Like my Facebook page (link here).

2. Like this post on Facebook and tag two friends in the comment section.


1. Follow me on Instagram (link here).

2. Like the giveaway picture and tag two friends.


1. Follow me on Twitter (link here).

2. Retweet the giveaway tweet.


I did say OR which means you only need to follow me on one media and complete Step 1 and 2 for that particular media. Following me on all and completing Step 1 and 2 for each social media will increase your chances as I will consider each of it one entry. So that means one person can have a total of three entries. You don’t have to do everything but doing it all will definitely increase your chances.

The giveaway will last for just over three weeks starting from today and ending on the 9th of July and I’ll pick and notify the winner on the 10th of July. The winner has 48 hours to respond after which I’ll pick another if that person does not respond. Winner will be announced on Facebook FiercePaint page once confirmed.

First Impressions, Silkygirl Expert Brow Slim Liner

Here in Malaysia, a new makeup product release at the drugstore is really exciting to me because that rarely happens. Maybelline released a few good products this year but nothing I wanted to grab immediately and write about. This one from Silkygirl however, I just had to! It has been awhile since I posted a First Impressions post anyway.

If you happen to be a makeup enthusiast, you’d know that this thin retractable brow pen is kind of a trend that’s very popular (and only just catching in Malaysia). So Silkygirl, I guess, decided to hop on this bandwagon.

The product.

The product.

The product inside. It is a nice slim retractable pen.

The product inside. It is a nice slim retractable pen.

And there's a spoolie on the other end.

And there’s a spoolie on the other end.


The blending was done with the spoolie. And it is a colour that kind of disappears into my skin which is kind of a good match for me.

The blending was done with the spoolie. And it is a colour that kind of disappears into my skin which is kind of a good match for me.


My thoughts:

Based on solely first impressions, I am kind of loving this product so far. But there are a few things I’ve noticed if I nitpick.

The end where the product is dispensed doesn’t come with a cap which may drive some people crazy. Pretty unsettling right? But the head-scratcher is that the spoolie has a cap instead *eyebrows raised*.

With that being said, the spoolie is absolute crap; it’s hard and scratchy.

The amount of product is measly. My other Silkygirl brow pencil has 1.14 g (o.o4 fl.oz.) of product whereas this one has only 0.12g (0.004 fl.oz.).

Price; MYR 20.90 (introductory price of MYR 17.80 till 30th of March 2016)

Where to buy; So far I’ve only seen it at Guardian pharmacy.

First Impressions, Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick (Smokin’ Hot Pink)

Why Harivain??? Why??? Not another lipstick!!!

Yes, I hear your cries! Please bear with me though. I WILL be moving on to more of the eyes and face makeup after this! I promise!!!

So here we go.

Wet n Wild is an American brand that produces some of the most affordable makeup products, sought after by makeup enthusiasts around the world! They produce every kind of makeup product; from eyeshadows, lipsticks, mascaras to makeup brushes and nail polish. Wet n Wild isn’t very popular in Malaysia because they hit shelves just last year (2014) and were only available online prior to that. Their products are cruelty-free which is commendable and they are available in selected Sasa stores all over Malaysia. However, they do cost a lot more here than they do back in the USA.


Although not clear, the brand name is printed across the tube cover.

Although not clear, the brand name is printed across the tube cover.



The product inside. It is a bright pink colour!


Description and name of the shade on the bottom of the tube.

Description and name of the shade on the bottom of the tube.


A swatch. It is a bright pink colour!

A swatch. It is a pink colour lipstick with a matte finish.


My thoughts;

It is a matte hot pink lipstick and I really like it! A friend of mine used it with another lipstick to bring down its intensity and it lasted her all 4 hours before she wiped it off (granted, she was not eating). The reason I wanted to share this product is because it is a pink colour that would flatter a wide range of skin tones! With Indian, deeper warmer skin tones, darling, you can rock this pink lipstick! There isn’t a distinctive smell or taste to it but it is one of those swipe-once-to-get-colour-payoff kind of lipstick. Colour selection is also impressive. A larger Sasa outlet that carries the brand may have all 26 shades of the lisptick. YES! 26!!! There’s definitely a colour for everyone!

There are three issues with this lipstick that personally annoy me. First of all the formula is pretty thick so when applying, it does slightly tug on the lips. Second, the packaging flails after the tenth time the tube is opened and closed. The cover becomes loose, it cracks up with a lil’ rough play (no pun intended), and there isn’t a great element of design to it. Third and last is, when the lipstick is initially being used, a portion of it is not fully covered by the bottom part of the tube. This portion that protrudes out from the tube can be easily scraped by the cover when closing it.

However, all these issues aside, the lisptick itself is simply amazing! It wears well, it is opaque and colour selection is mind blowing!

It retails at MYR 21.90 at Sasa and about MYR 17 via the online store Colours Cosmetics Malaysia. However, I got it as a prize for entering a makeup competition and it is thus mine, even if I didn’t pay for it 😉 .

First Impression, Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipstick

Golden Rose is a Turkish makeup brand, produced by Erkul Cosmetics, that hit Malaysian shores last year in December. Since they are a Turkish based company the products are Muslim-friendly. Erkul Cosmetics have been in the cosmetics business for over 30 years (founded in 1983). They have been available online for purchase at since December 2014 and their products are very affordable. I got this lipstick (along with some others) as a prize for entering a contest by Colours Cosmetics Malaysia.

The product.

The product.

I used flash on this picture because the shiny text on the packaging was too reflective and could not be seen clearly without flash.

I used flash on this picture because the shiny text on the packaging was too reflective and could not be seen clearly without flash.

The product.

The product. It is a beautiful muted pink.

A swatch.

A swatch.

My thoughts:

It is a matte finish lipstick that has the distinctive vanilla scent. It is not completely matte as with the name, ‘velvet matte’. The shade I have is VML12 (it does not have a specific name) which is a lovely pink colour that will flatter many skin tones especially deep tanned Indian skin tone like mine. It is opaque, goes on smoothly and is creamy. The scent is not too overpowering. It doesn’t dry the lips out like a matte liquid lipstick does, however, it isn’t very long wearing and it is not smudge-proof.

I am loving this lipstick and it costs about MYR 23.30 (plus GST). It is dermatologically tested, paraben-free, Muslim-friendly and not tested on animals.

First Impression, Silkygirl Matte Fever Lipcolor Balm

Yes, my first repeated brand on FiercePaint. Oh well, it was inevitable, however, it is for good reason. I loved this product so much upon first impression that I just HAD to write about it. This is a brand spanking new product on the Silkygirl counters (released in May 2015).

The product.

The product.

It is called a 'lipbalm', however, it does not at all swatch like one.

It is called a ‘balm’, however, it does not, at all, swatch like one.

The product inside.

The product inside.

A swatch.

A swatch.

My thoughts:

It is a chubby stick type product, very much like their Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm. I got the lipstick (I am calling it a lipstick because that’s what it is anyway) in the shade 01; Vogue, I mean, obviously!!! It is a muted darker pink colour. The packaging is matte while the product itself smells like dessert and I love that!!! It glides on smoothly and, as the description says, it has a matte finish. It leaves a stain even when the colour rubs off and is pretty opaque. Since I did say the product does rub off, it would be relevant to mention that it isn’t smudge-proof.

First thoughts; I am in love with this product!!! It is available at the Silkygirl counters and I believe Watsons is currently having a promotion for it (which was where I bought it). I am definitely going back for more shades before the prices go up! As for serving as a balm, well, that would be in my review, in the future!

Do give it a try!!! This colour in particular is amazing on people of my complexion i.e. warm, deep tanned Indian skin tone.

First Impression, Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush

I have been following local beauty blogger and YouTuber Sabrina Tajuddin for a little over a year now and I have admired her in-depth reviews and knowledge of the beauty world. Early this month, she finally revealed her first ever product via Breena Beauty, the Face Luxe Brush. Since I have been following her all this while, I decided to finally place my order last week and on Monday (20th May 2015) I finally received my package!




My thoughts:

It is a soft synthetic face brush that has a dome shape and is densely packed. The handle is made out of wood, painted with white with the Breena logo and the name of the brush engraved on it in gold colour. The ferrule is metal and the bristles are dark brown with a gradient white tip. The box it comes in has descriptions of the brush on its back. The brush handle is quite chunky, even for my hands and it can stand straight up because it it has a flat bottom (as in the picture). It is quite a large face brush so it will be able to swiftly cover your entire face with whatever product you are using. I have tried it with both liquid and powder foundation. It sheers out your liquid foundation so that you are not wasting product and it does pretty well with powder foundations too. You could use both a buffing motion and/or a stippling motion. Overall, I am loving the brush thus far and it is pretty comparable to my more high-end brushes.

As for the transaction and shipping, they use Poslaju and only ship within Malaysia at the moment (although they are working towards international shipping). There are several methods of payment including cash deposit for people who don’t trust the Internet with their money (like me 😛 ). And yes, you will get your balance back (please do email her for further inquiries). The price is pretty affordable for a large face brush since face brushes from even affordable brands can cost up to MYR 30. Sabrina has made the effort to properly bubble wrap the package to make sure it arrives safely. She has also made the effort to include a nice Thank You card, that, I must say, is a lovely touch. I have to congratulate her and I will write a review of this brush in the future when I have properly used it.

Price: MYR 39.00

Shipping cost: MYR 6 (West Malaysia), MYR 10 (East Malaysia)

E-store address:

Breena Beauty Facebook page:

PS: The brush is vegan, cruelty-free AND halal (Muslim friendly)!!!

First Impression, NYX Powder Blush

I had some extra money a few months ago that was given to me as a token (in exchange for a makeup favour) and just when I thought I may save it, I walked into Sephora. We all make that mistake don’t we, but hey, since I have this blog now, it can be put to full use! Excuses I know! Anyway, I am talking about the NYX Powder Blush in PB01 (Mocha). I have only used it a few times, once on a friend and other times to just experiment. I must say it held up pretty well. In any case I feel I have yet to put it to full use and test it out really well, hence, a first impression. With that here come the pictures!

The blush.

The blush. I apologise for the white patches. They are actually sticker residue from price tag stickers. Don’t you just hate that!!!

Description on the bottom of the container.

Description on the bottom of the package.

It is a matte powder blush. However, upon closer inspection there is a little bit of a reflection properties to it.

It is a matte powder blush. However, upon closer inspection there seems to be a teeny tiny amount of sparkle (due to the possible presence of traces of mica in it).

I also added swatches. The shade is definitely suitable for deeper and warm Indian skin tones.

Swatch on a lighter part of my hand.

Swatch on a lighter part of my hand.

Swatch on a darker skin tone on my hand.

Swatch on a darker skin tone on my hand.

My thoughts:

It is a nice blusher and the fact that it is matte is definitely a plus. I, for one, don’t like putting blushers or even highlighters that have too much of a reflection (usually micro-glitter). It has to be done properly and placed strategically on the face or else one would end up looking like a shiny mess. Getting back to the blusher, it is not powdery, blends pretty well and has a pretty impressive staying power. Yes, it is a product from Sephora but it is from the most affordable brand they carry. This blush cost me MYR 26 (pre-GST) which is cheaper than many higher end drugstore brand blushers. If there’s a Sephora near you it definitely worth checking out.

First Impression, Chu Lip Lip Balm

I saw a promotion for this product on the Sasa Facebook page and I rushed to grab it. It is the cutest lip product ever! This first impression is on the Chu Lip lip balm. I’ll let pictures do the talking.

Soooo cuteeeee!!!!!!!!

Soooo cuteeeee!!!!!!!!

Packaging labels.

Packaging labels.

Main ingredients that boasts to keep the lips "lovely and sweet". Of course these ingredients are effective remedies to dry lips.

Main ingredients that boasts to keep the lips “lovely and sweet”. Of course these ingredients are effective remedies for dry lips.

So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I especially love the lip impression in the middle.

The product. It has a white dome shaped plastic that probably shields and keeps the product intact.

The product. It has a white dome shaped plastic sheath that probably shields and keeps the product intact. The cover also has a snap lock mechanism that keeps it in place.

The flavour I chose. Here you can see the tab that allows easy opening of the package.

The flavour I chose. Here you can see the tab that allows easy opening of the package.

Eh voila! Easy breezy!

Eh voila! Easy breezy!

My thoughts:

It is a colourless product that does not deliver any kind of tint to the lips. It is infused with nice flavours that taste pleasant. It also has menthol which would soothe dry and chapped lips. Its selling point is the packaging and the general shape of the product! Who wouldn’t love a little lip impression in the middle of an egg shaped lip balm! First impression, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leave the packaging and the oh so adorable shape of it aside, the lip balm itself is hydrating, moisturising, does not feel oily or greasy and tastes pleasant. Although it retails at MYR 25.90 (which is pricey for me for a drugstore lip balm), there is 7 grams of product in it which is twice more than regular lip balms. If you look out for promotions, you could probably find them at a lower price! They’re available at drugstores chains like Watsons and Guardian (also available at Sasa).

Go try it out! I am loving this!