Product Empties #9




This is a face mask I got from the beauty box that I featured in my recent haul post (link here) by BFF – Asia Beauty and Style. I was pleasantly surprised after having used this because my face felt immediately bouncy and hydrated! I know nothing of the brand or where I can buy it from, so if anyone does, especially which stores in Malaysia I can buy it from, it’ll be greatly appreciated!


I think I first saw this on Tati’s (GlamLifeGuru) channel and I wanted to get a full sized one but I never did see a promotion good enough to want to buy it. So when I saw these trial sized ones I picked it up. It was featured in one of my previous haul post (link here). Prices and where I bought it is all there. I love it. Your skin immediately feels softer and it has a pleasant scent.


This is the Elianto liquid lipstick which I have already reviewed; details in that post (link here). I didn’t realise I had finished it but the other day I wanted to swatch it to see the consistency against another liquid lipstick and realised I could see right through the tube. I did use it many times for the stage play I was involved with and I guess I used it up.


This is the Lipice lip balm in the apple flavour. I have reviewed this already; all details there (link here).


This is the Essence Longlasting eye pencil. I have reviewed this as well; all details in that post (link here).


Lipice Lip Balm Review

My previous lip balm reviews include the Maybelline Baby Lips (here), Mentholatum (here), Chu Lip (here; this is my current fave!), and Nivea Essential Care (here). 

Lipice is a product that I’ve heard people rave about so I just had to try it out.

Outer packaging.

Outer packaging.

Description on the back.

Description on the back.


The tube.

Product inside.

Product inside. It swatches clear.


Lip balm with SPF 15 and the one I have here is the Apple flavour.

Price: MYR 10.50 (you can actually get this for as cheap as 50% off)

Where to buy: Major drugstores and malls.



Glides on smoothly.

Very moisturising and hydrating.

Effectively soothes chapped lips.

Nice flavours (comes in 3 more; strawberry, blackcurrant, and lemon).

Doesn’t feel very waxy or heavy on the lips.

Hasn’t caused me any problems or allergies.



Only con is that it is susceptible to melting in hot conditions (like most lip balms).



Perhaps one of the highest rating for any product I have given. Go get one for yourself; it’s cheap and effective. Enough said!