5 Best Beauty Discoveries EVER; Makeup

Since I started blogging, I’ve been opened up to just how vast the world of makeup is. There’s so much product out there and now more than ever we have access to so much options for makeup. Although complexion products are still a failure here in Malaysia, efforts have been made to be more inclusive in the past 5 to 10 years than ever before.

I’ve discovered so many new and fabulous products that this list was warranted! 4 years of so many new products unveiled. And if you love makeup, here are 5 of the BEST products money can buy you. Two of them are actually CHEAP!

And yes, they are in order. The no 1 is my all time best discovery!

Disclaimer: I am not judging these products based on the company, the brand, its ethics, the ingredients whatsoever. All these products are from reputed brands.

No. 5
MAC Lipsticks (Matte finish)

The iconic bullet shaped lipstick tube.

The one I have here is the MAC Viva Glam I lipstick. You can find my review of this lipstick here. This one would have placed higher but since I can only, personally, speak from one shade it is 5th on my list. They are THE BEST lipsticks money can buy you! I only have experienced the matte ones, like the one pictured above but I have constantly heard ONLY good things about these lipsticks, regardless of its finish. And at MYR 80 they are not too expensive considering the fact that they are MAC products. Before Sephora, discount for MAC products were unheard of. Now, with the Black Friday and VIB sales, MAC products can be bought at a discount from Sephora! YES! With a 20% discount they would cost only MYR 64!

No 4.
Sephora 10Hr Wear Perfection Foundation

The product. I love the frosted glass bottle!

This was one of the very few foundations I’ve tried but would come to realise that everyone who’s ever tried it loved it. This is one of Tati’s favourite foundations (yes, THAT Tati, drama aside, her suggestions have worked for me on so many occasions). You can check out my review here. This foundation is amazing! It gives you a semi matte look that is natural with coverage that can be built on! It lasts very well and it sits beautifully on the skin! In my review, it is written that it costs MYR 78 and it now costs MYR 73! A price reduction!!! How often does that happen??? With the Sephora 20% it comes to MYR 58.40! That’s drugstore price! In fact, cheaper than some drugstore foundations!!!

No 3
Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara

The tube in real life is tinier than it seems.

This product would have placed higher if not for the limited shades available. Considering it’s a drugstore brand, two shades are plenty for a brow gel. But we’re talking about my very best here, so number 3 is high praise. You can read my review here. This lasted through a party night out! I love it! It has tiny microfibres which would be a blessing for people with sparse brows and it is the cheapest of its kind at the drugstore.

No 2
Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Press Powder

The product. Very simple packaging.

For being my latest review and immediately making it into my top 5 best list is saying something about this product. You can read my review here. Let me first give a shoutout to Rimmel. They made a banging comeback to Malaysia and I was so happy! They are THE ONLY makeup brand at the drugstore with a concealer that matches me (my skin tone, not lighter) AND with a foundation line that runs two, TWO shades darker, DARKER than mine (did you read that? DARKER!!!). And Rimmel is one of the CHEAPEST brands, cheap enough to rival Essence and Catrice! I’ve tried out a lot of powders and powder foundations from the drugstore. Higher end powders tend to be expensive (I love MAC and it doesn’t compare to this). I’ve tried Maybelline, Silkygirl, Pixy, L’Oreal and Revlon because powder foundations are easy to use and handy for touch ups. Often these products I can only use on stage and they’d always either crease or become cakey or something along that line. This is the best with a shade to match me. The only brand that can rival this is Maybelline and that powder is three times more expensive than this one (not including discounts)!

No 1





Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

The product.

You can read my review here. I SWEAR BY THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had someone I know tell me that this didn’t work for them over Instagram and I, VERBALLY, let out this to myself, “Ouh…. that’s so sad for you….” This is a great makeup setting spray. One of the best! There’s no drugstore equivalent! TRUST ME!!! And the best part is, if you like and use makeup, this is something you can use in your collection. It will help your base and even your eyeshadow last longer. 30 ml costs MYR 69, 118 ml costs MYR 137, not too bad for an Urban Decay product.

Top 10 Most Annoying Things About Beauty Assistants


Everyone seem to enjoy what I call my “controversial” posts which aren’t really that deviant anyway.

So here’s another that I am sure you’d either laugh at or laugh with… Annoying things beauty assistants in beauty stores (and even drugstores) do!

Beauty Assistants (BA) are humans too! Well, case and point!

In order of the least irritating/annoying to the worst (for me at least).


10. They are not there when you need them and vice versa!

Oh yes, don’t deny it, we’ve all waited religiously around a counter for a BA to help you when every other time you didn’t need them they would be following you around like a pesky fruit fly!!! Especially when you desperately need to ask them if a product has already been restocked.

Image from Popkey.

9. The BAs that bash brands they don’t represent.

This is from personal experience. I’ve used a liquid liner for dance which worked amazingly for me but this little BA had the audacity to criticise the very liner which was already in my small hand held shopping cart comparing it to the brand she was endorsing.

Image from Wikia.

8. BAs with horrible makeup

Sometimes you wonder if some of them are secretly famous YouTubers who were confident enough to walk out the door to their day job after having filmed the No Mirror Makeup Challenge!

Some of them have such cakey foundation I can start frosting it!!!

7. BAs that talk in another language because they think you don’t understand.

YES, this HAS happened to me. Especially the ones that speak Mandarin because they think you don’t understand. I of course can’t understand if one speaks in public speaking capacity but I do understand if you say something conversational in the lines of….

…..”This ‘person’ isn’t going to buy anything. Just look at him.”

So I once caught on to a BA speaking ill of me in Mandarin and on my way out after making a purchase, I said;

小姐, 谢谢 您! 再见!

Which translates to Miss, thank you, good bye!

Image from Giphy.

6. Giving bad advice.

Once, I overheard a BA actually telling a poor woman that she should use foundation lighter than her skin tone!

Image from Giphy.

5. Giving undue advice.

I’ve actually mentioned this before; how a BA tried telling me to try out liquid lipsticks like I knew nothing about lipsticks (link here). Read the post, you’ll enjoy that too…

Image from Giphy.

4. The one that’s always in a bad mood.

Like I said, BAs are human beings, case AND point!

If a humanoid robot was attending to you, it would smile all day long!

Dear BAs if you are working in a capacity to deal with people and your job requires you to be nice to people, LEAVE YOUR PROBLEMS AT HOME!!!

And please SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!

Image from Tumblr.

3. Following you around

This is just downright annoying!!!

Image from QuickMeme.

Image from QuickMeme.

2. The condescending tone

You know they know nothing about what you can do with a liner AND they talk to you like you know nothing.

Not in an eager, ‘let me help you’ way but in a snobbish ‘you’re such an idiot, I’ll show you how it’s done’ kinda way.

And every time they do this, I want to sit them down and ask for a winged liner showdown.

We’ll see who wins!!!

Image from We ❤ It.


Before I mention my number one here are two honourable (or in this instance dishonourable) mentions.

  • Overselling something – This is amazing, buy buy buy buy!!!!!!!
  • The statue – Oh you’re a real human… So your job is to just look pretty beside the counter and nothing else???



My number 1…


*drum rolls*


1. The judgemental look.

Often, it isn’t even something they say, it is just the way the look at you.

When you say, “thanks, I will just look around”, they give you a head to toe stare and even an eye roll or two.

A thousand inferences can be deduced from that one stare;

“He’s going to steal something.”

“He’s going to break something.”

“What does he know about makeup.”

“Oh look at that clueless creep swatching eyeshadows. Does he know what eyeshadow is?”

“Ummm, should I tell him this is a makeup store?”

They often think I don’t notice, but I do…

I always do!!!


Image from Giphy.

Top 5 Most Common Mascara Mistakes (and solutions)


Mascara adds a finishing touch to one’s makeup by emphasizing definition of the eyes and giving it an open and fresh look. Mascaras can also be a tricky thing to handle since it is extremely prone to smudging. However, all you need to handle it like a pro, is a little practice and rectification of some minor missteps.


Mistake #1

Pumping the mascara wand


Hands down the most common mistake! This is widely known and yet I am sure many people still do it or are even unaware that it is detrimental. Pumping your mascara wand in and out of the tube introduces air into it which can cause two things;

  • Dry out the mascara quicker
  • Encourage bacteria growth

Solution: If your intention is to get more product on the wand, stick the wand into the tube all the way and pull it out just once.



Mistake #2

Head/face positioning when applying mascara

This mascara mistake is perhaps the biggest contributor to mascara smudging. Looking straight into the mirror while applying mascara will increase the possibility of your mascara smudging on the eyelid. The picture below demonstrates both the error and the solution.


By pushing the chin out and tilting your head back while looking down at the mirror, you can avoid mascara smudging during application.


Mistake #3

Not curling eyelashes before applying mascara

This is absolutely debatable but one thing can be agreed upon; very few people are gifted with eyelashes so curled that it hits the eyelid.

Solution: Try an eyelash curler. With the many options available in the market you are bound to find something that suits you. Practice makes perfect and the end result will be well worth the effort.



Mistake #4

Not taking of excess product off the wand

This is also debatable because there is a preference for heavy mascara application that result in thick eyelashes. However, if your goal is to separate and build volume, taking excess product off the mascara wand is a step that many overlook.

No mascara

No mascara

Without taking off excess products.

Without taking off excess products. Lashes are clumped together

With mascara taken off.

With excess mascara taken off. Lashes are properly separated and volumnised

How to take off excess product? Just run it along the opening of the tube of course! Its how I do it. You can absolutely come up with your own method of doing it.



Mistake #5

Using mascara past expiration date

Mascara is the one makeup item that should NOT be used past expiry date because ingredients in mascara allow for bacteria growth. We can all agree that no one wants to be susceptible to an eye infection! I have seen several sources citing many different length of time that mascara can be used but according to About.com 4 months is the cut off point. Personally (this is exclusively for me and my eyes ONLY!!!) I can stretch the masara to the 8th month mark after which it usually dries out. So please guys! Using mascara beyond that is absolutely uncalled for! Unless you want an eye infection or even a sty. *cue horror music*


Additional info

One final thing that many may not be considered a mistake is not applying mascara on the lower lashes. Some people like the look of a blank lower lash line that isn’t lined and/or without prominent lashes. However, applying mascara to the lower lashes will help the eyes appear larger. A trick would be to use a mascara with a thin applicator. An example would be Maybelline the Falsies Big Eyes mascara (a double ended mascara which has a slim brush on one side).


With that, I wish you all luscious, full, voluminous lashes!!!

My Top 5 Most Affordable Drugstore Makeup Brands in Malaysia

I listed the 5 most affordable makeup brands in Malaysian drugstores and then rated it according to five criteria.

Price, Product range, Accessibility, Quality, Packaging and design.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a poll and I rated them myself. Please do let me know if you disagree with any of these ratings or any criteria. This is just my humble opinion and not an ultimatum. I love all these brands and nothing presented here is a reflection of the actual quality of the brand.

I will insert a Table with all the scores and the average score of each brand that allowed me to put them in order of preference.


No. 5


IN2IT has similar price tags to Essence and Catrice although some products are slightly more expensive. Where it scores slightly lower is accessibility. Not every drugstore carries IN2IT. IN2IT also does not have the most interesting packaging to my liking and their products are sometimes a fabulous hit or somewhat a miss. And so it gets the fifth spot on this list!


No. 4


Catrice has fast gained popularity here in Malaysia. However, I have known very few Guardians (the drugstore which the brand is exclusive to) stores that actually carry them and it scores pretty low on that aspect. However, the brand carries a wide range of products (they have makeup brushes, primers and colour correcting concealers!!!) with packaging that is just plastic but looks very sleek. Catrice scored the same points as the next one on the list but it is placed in this position simply for the fact that it is not so easily accessible.


No. 3


Essence is probably one of the more affordable brands in the list however where it scores slightly lower is packaging and accessibility. Essence isn’t so popular because not every Watsons carries it. Although improved upon their packaging is also generally not the most attractive aspect of Essence but it is my 3rd pick for the top most affordable drugstore makeup brand because they have probably one of the lowest if not the lowest price tags in the entire range of drugstore makeup range in Malaysia. Like Catrice, they carry makeup brushes and primers too!!!


No. 2


Silkygirl got the second spot not just because I am a fan of the brand. Silkygirl is one of the more affordable drugstore makeup brands in Malaysia. They have many great products (although some are complete duds for me) and Silkygirl is very accessible! If you buy makeup at Malaysian drugstores, it is impossible to not know about Silkygirl! If you do refer to the table at the end of the post, you’ll see that I rated it lower on the quality and design aspect but it still made second place due to its sheer accessibility and price range.








No. 1


Was there any doubt? They have been in the business for a hundred years as of 2015; if there’s a makeup booth in any hypermarket, supermarket, mall, drugstore etc there’s definitely a Maybelline booth. Maybelline has also some of the best products in terms of quality for the price. And Maybelline’s booths anywhere in the country always has some kind of sales and/or discounts! ALWAYS! At any given point, one product or another would be either marked down in price or offered a purchase with purchase discount. So Maybelline takes the top spot for me!


Ratings Table (Preference based on a 5 point scale)

Top 5


Honourable mentions;

ZA – It is a very Asian inspired makeup brand and like IN2IT not that popular a brand. But ZA is among the more affordable drugstore makeup brands in Malaysia and they carry skin care products too!

Cathy Doll – Very VERY elusive brand but with very affordable makeup! Thailand based makeup brand.