NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer Review (CW 07)

I love NYX Cosmetics!!! It’s too bad that Sephora Malaysia doesn’t carry the brand anymore and since it was only sold in Sephora in Penang, I don’t have access to the brand unless I travel to KL… That’s supposedly easily remedied; online shopping. Unfortunately I hate online shopping. I digress…

The product.
Shade name and code.
Ingredients list.
Comes with a doe-foot applicator.
Swatch. Ignore the blurred out swatch. That was for another review. It looks darker than my skin tone here but on my face it blends in pretty well. Especially with the powder I typically use to set it with…

Description: Concealer that comes in 0.11 oz. or 3 grams of product.


Where to buy: Limited stores available (check out their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/nyxcosmeticsmalaysia/) and online (Shopee and Hermo are two options).

Price: HIGHLY depends on where you’re buying. I would HIGHLY recommend you purchase from the NYX Stores in Kuala Lumpur because they carry 12 shades (not quite enough but I guess it’ll have to work) and it’s priced at MYR 26.
Shopee (MYR 29), Lazada (MYR 20.80); both online stores only carry 3 or 4 light shades. I purchased mine from Sephora (redundant at the moment but it cost me MYR 20.80; original price MYR 28).

Wear test…

Freshly applied. Again, ignore the blurred half, that’s for another review… 🙂
After about 8 hours of wear. Wasn’t particularly sweating or anything.

> Applies smoothly.
> It doesn’t crease (this does depend a tiny bit on the setting powder used).
> Pretty good shade range (there’s 20 shades in total;
just not here in Malaysia, we have 12, AT MOST, here in Malaysia)
> Pigmented and opaque.
> No caking even when layered.
> As evident, very long lasting!

> No more easily available here in Malaysia (and the online options are SO limited).
> The product separates a little when in the tube so I have to vigorously shake it up every time I want to use it (hoping this is just my first tube).
> You get only 3 grams of product for the price so I’d consider it not entirely affordable (WOW, I’m such a cheapo!).

Rating: 9.2/10
I love this concealer but I do wish it was more accessible here in Malaysia. I love it so much that I got backup when it was on sale.

Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush Review


Breena Beauty is the brainchild of local beauty blogger Sabrina Tajudin whose first release was the Face Luxe Brush. I purchased it in May 2015 and wrote a first impressions post (post link here) upon receiving it.

I am a firm believer in using makeup brushes for a prolonged amount of time before actually reviewing it. A makeup brush should last at least a couple of years before falling apart, especially synthetic brushes. It is ultimately the reason all the makeup brushes reviewed on FiercePaint, I’ve had and used for at least 8 months.

The brush.

There was a hand written note that which I can’t seem to find. Attached are two pictures from the original post.

Moving on!

I especially love the rose gold ferrule.

Description on the back of the box.

Close up of the description.

Left in the design for aesthetics! 😛

Care instructions.

Close up of the bristles.

Densely packed bristles.

Soft synthetic bristles.


Multi purpose large face brush. Can be used with both powder and liquid products. Designed and made locally.

Bristles: Synthetic. Dark brown with a gradient white tip. Densely packed and very soft. Dome shaped. Muslim-friendly

Ferrule: Rose gold metal. Very sturdy.

Handle: Wood, white paint with the brush name engraved in gold.

Price: MYR 45 (excluding shipping)

Where to buy: Breena Beauty website. Update! They now offer international shipping!



Very affordable for such a good quality brush.

Versatile; not too dense for powder application and not too loosely packed for liquid foundation. I have used it for both with good results.

Application is soft and smooth, with no streaking from the brush strokes.

Soft and easy to use.

Because it is rather large, a larger area of the face can be covered allowing for swift application.

The large wooden handle is actually helpful to application because holding and maneuvering becomes surprisingly easier. The flat bottom allows the brush to be stood up on a flat surface.

Sturdy handle and ferrule.

No shedding thus far.

I am giving an extra ‘pro’ for aesthetics because it is quite a beautiful brush and the fact that it comes with a thoughtful hand written note counts too.



There is a a little bit of unevenness with the bristles. But update, having trimmed the bristles, none has frayed since.

Before (from the 2015 post). It was trimmed right after.

After (constant usage and washing for almost 2 years).


The paint of the handle has cracked on mine. I do hope Sabrina has fixed this problem in her upcoming batch of brushes.

Some people may feel that the handle is rather chunky for storage and thus not very travel friendly. I love the fact that it can be left upright on a vanity and to me it overrides the chunky handle con.




I love this brush. Good job Sabrina!!!

Blog address; http://www.sabrinatajudin.com/

Breena Beauty online store; http://breenabeauty.com/

Breena Beauty Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/breenabeauty/?fref=ts

Breena Beauty Twitter page; https://twitter.com/breenabeauty

Breena Beauty Instagram; https://www.instagram.com/breenabeauty/

Maybelline The Nudes Palette Review

I wrote a first impression post on this palette (link here), now here’s the review!


The palette.

The shadows!

The shadows!

Lighter shades on the left side of the palette.

Lighter shades on the left side of the palette.

Darker shades make the other half.

Darker shades make the other half.

The description is really cool...

The description is really cool…

Because there are suggestions as to how these shadows can be used as duos and where to apply them on the eyelids.

Because there are suggestions as to how these shadows can be used as duos and where to apply them on the eyelids.

And also as trios with a corresponding diagram.

Also as trios with a corresponding diagram.

And also as quads!

And also as quads!

Description: A neutral eyeshadow palette with 12 shades. Total 9.6 grams of product, each individual pan has 0.8g product. No mirror included. It does come with a dual ended sponge tip applicator (not included in pictures).

Where to buy: Drugstores, pharmacies, supermarkets, anywhere there’s a Maybelline display.

Price: MYR 69.90 (discounts can bring it down to less than MYR 50 so don’t buy at full price!! Seriously!!!).


Top row.

Top row.

Bottom row.

Bottom row.



All in one palette for a versatile neutral look.

Tanned skin friendly because the dark colours actually show up on tanned skin tones.

Slim and travel friendly.

Good combination of matte and shimmer shadows.

Shimmer shadows are nicely pigmented.



Not all shades are pigmented (not dark skin friendly!).

Creases on the eyelids (all shades).

Matte shadows are not very blendable.

Eyeshadow primer is crucial because it has little lasting power.

I used this palette with some Elianto eyeshadows.

I used this palette on a friend with some Elianto eyeshadows. Ignore the eyebrows. 😛

This is an Instagram picture on my account of the palette with the shade names.

This is one of my Instagram pictures of the palette with shade names. This version (with shades names) came out only after I purchased mine.


OK, these are a few points to note.

Although they are not very pigmented, I think beginners would get use out of it because there’s no way you can go overboard.

You definitely need to use an eyeshadow primer to avoid creasing and also since the colours are not very pigmented.

Although there are so many cons, I did, at one point, find myself packing it when traveling with my makeup for a performance because the palette is all encompassing for a basic neutral eyeshadow look that is versatile.

If you haven’t already noticed, Sandy, Siren, Greige, and After Hours have been dug into. Sandy and Siren are the best shades of the palette. After Hours is a matte black that is not pigmented so that it can be used to deepen the outer corner without the black going overboard. Greige is often used to deepen the crease colour.

Bareskin looks white on the pan but it swatches as a sparkly nude that can be used as an inner corner highlight.


Rating: 6/10

Although I do use it often, they really are not really well performing eyeshadows except for the two shimmery shades, hence the rating.

11 Things You Didn’t Know About Harivain


I actually wanted do a Products Empties post but I have yet to snap and edit my pictures and this week is going to be a busy one. Besides, FiercePaint tends to be a little product heavy sometimes, so I decided to do this tag by blogger Aynal instead.  She does some very fun stuff over at her blog, everything from beauty to books to gadgets. She is also a YouTuber so you can check her out there too and perhaps subscribe as well. 🙂

Aynal’s blog; http://letaknamaterlalumainstream.blogspot.my/

Aynal’s YouTube channel; https://www.youtube.com/user/Aynalnal

I was supposed to tag 10 bloggers but I tag anyone who reads this to do it. Do drop me comment so I can check out your answers!


Here were her questions for me;

1. What is your favorite song at the moment?

I am obsessed with a few songs at the moment and they are very random and always on a loop.

– Dhoom Machale from Dhoom 3 (Bollywood)

– You Think by Girls Generation (K-pop)

– How Deep is Your Love by Calvin Harris & Disciples

– Focus by Ariana Grande

– Aaaluma Dholuma from Vedhalam (Tamil song)

2. First thoughts when you knew me?

I knew you via Anys actually and I watched your swap video with her and subscribed. I thought you were really cool! And I absolutely love that you rock the NYX SMLC in Transylvania in your videos.

3. What is your favorite dessert to eat?

Chocolate, chocolate ice cream. Wait, wait, anything chocolate. Yes, anything chocolate! *drooling*

4. Favorite item of the month?

Since I am a beauty blogger, I am going to say my Urban Decay makeup setting spray. I only have a third of the bottle left. 😥

5. So, now what inspired you to blog?

As a teenager I used to keep diaries so blogging just seemed very natural. I also always loved makeup (my About Me page is a gist of my makeup obsession story). I, being the numbnut I am, only now (2015) decided to combine the two.

6. What do you like to do when you’re bored?

Read, watch TV series reruns, take pictures for my blog, blog-hopping and YouTube of course. By the way, I don’t have time to be bored these days.

7. Favorite movie of the month?

Vedhalam (recent release), Tamil movie.

8. Describe yourself – Choose one: (FUNNY, HONEST, SERIOUS, LOVING, )

Funny. I think. Although I am honest I don’t think of honesty as the first thing about me. Serious, obviously not. Loving, doesn’t sound right… Yes, yes, funny, yes funny. Yes……. *cricket sounds*

9. Tell me something that I don’t know about you. I would love to know! 🙂

I love water activities! I’m not the best swimmer, but I CAN swim. I love being in the pool. As a child that was my ideal family getaway, water parks!!!

10. Favorite color? And why?

Red. It’s just a feeling. I associate it with being Fierce!

11. Describe your sense of style.

Relaxed. Not so much comfortable because my idea of comfort is my home clothing. Relaxed is the word. I am a denim and T-shirt kinda guy. I only ever pull out a shirt for special occasions.


If you decide to do it, here are my 11 questions for you (I went a little crazy with these questions);

  1. Makeup; do you prefer to focus on your lips or focus on your eyes? Choose one. If you are not a beauty blogger or don’t wear makeup choose one in terms of your wardrobe; do you prefer to focus on your clothing item or your accessories (bags, shoes, watches).
  2. One foreign city you would like to visit and why?
  3. Would you rather be bald or have no eyebrows?
  4. One person, dead or alive, you would want to go on a long afternoon drive with and one question you would ask that person.
  5. Reading an e-book or reading a book? Why?
  6. One life regret.
  7. Write a sentence in a language besides English with an accompanying English translation.
  8. Share a life hack.
  9. Write a story with two 15-words-sentence.
  10. What fantasy creature would you like to be? (leave out aliens and sci-fi stuff)
  11. This is going to be a directive. Go watch Please Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 2 – Time (link here). If you are easily freaked out then don’t watch it and answer #11 with “null”. Once you are done watching write down what you felt about the video in no more than 30 words.


To all my new followers from Facebook that are coming from Syiok Sendiri, I welcome you! Thanks for following FiercePaint in spite of the shameless promotion! 😆


❤ ❤ ❤


PS: I have moved my Awards posts to the “Tags” tab on my Main Menu.