Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Review

I’ve done a Benefit product review before aka the Benefit Gimme Brow (link here).

This is the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Review.

The product.

The tube (this is the travel size version). The wand handle is rubberised.

The box has information all around it. These are the claims…


Product info.

Concept behind the wand.

Ingredients list.

More info.

Very little information on the tube itself.

The wand really is something!

Description: Mascara that comes in 4 grams or 0.14 oz of product and comes in two shades black and brown. The full sized one comes in more than twice the amount at 8.5 grams or 0.13 oz of product.

Where to buy: Sephora and Benefit boutiques and counters nationwide (a full list is available on the Benefit Malaysia Facebook page).

Price: Full sized; MYR 125, mini; MYR 65.


Lash swatches.

Bare lashes.

One coat.

Two coats.


Best curling mascara I’ve ever used! It curls and holds (I don’t have particularly stubborn lashes so this ought to be taken into account).

Lengthens pretty well.

No clumps or lumps.

Nice separation.

Didn’t run or smudge on me (although it does NOT claim to be waterproof).

The wand grabs and coats even the tiniest lashes.



YES duh!!! PRICE!!!!

Not much volume.




Much like the Benefit Gimme Brow, do I love this product? Heck yes! Will I ever buy it again! HELL NO!


Missha The Style 4D Mascara Review

Update 17th June 2019: Prices have been revised for this product. Scroll down to see changes.

This is a new brand I am reviewing on my blog today. Missha is a Korean based skincare and cosmetics company. Their products can be found on certain online sites here in Malaysia. I got it off Althea Malaysia (link here), when the PR representative reached out to me during their first anniversary in Malaysia to offer me store credit in exchange for a shout out on FiercePaint. This was among one of the products I picked up.

The product.

Description on the tube.

I have no idea what this means but this is under the tube.

The wand.

The bristles.

Description: A mascara that comes in 7 grams of product. There isn’t an indication if it is waterproof or not. Standard mascara bristles.

Price:  MYR 16 (revised price, MYR 17).

Where to buy: I purchased mine via Althea Malaysia.

Bare lashes.

One coat.

Two coats.


Wand is slim and easy to work with.

Nice separation of the lashes.

No smudging.

No clumping.


Dry formula which doesn’t dispense on the lashes easily.

Doesn’t hold a curl.

Doesn’t lengthen.

Not much volume.


I still don’t know if it is waterproof but it tends to flake off when removed or when in touch with water instead of dissolving.



I did not like this mascara. But I’d use it up. Since it is so under-performing, I can get away with it.

Silkygirl Big Eye Collagen Mascara Review

Silkygirl, a homegrown makeup brand, has so many underrated products and is perhaps one of the most accessible makeup brands in Malaysia. It is also available in Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia.

The product.

Collagen for eyelashes?

Wand. Yea…. I know… I’ll address this.

Description: Waterproof mascara with slightly tapered rubber bristles.

Price: MYR 28.90

Where to buy: Most drugstores in Malaysia; Watsons, Guardian, Caring, etc.



Bare lashes.


One coat.

Two coats.



Lengthens and thickens very nicely.

The wand is pretty effective at separating and curling the lashes.

Doesn’t clump.

No smudging.

Wand is easy to use.



The wand deteriorates at about the three month mark because the individual bristles break off (it can be seen on the up close bristle picture).

Doesn’t really hold a curl (not on me at least).



I guess the hype surrounding this mascara is true! It is pretty good. However, it isn’t a mascara I personally like because I prefer natural looking lashes. But it is a really amazing mascara.

Product Empties #15



 This is the famous Biore pore pack and boy oh boy is it satisfying to use! I don’t have visible black heads and so this isn’t something I need. But just using it and peeling it off is strangely therapeutic. I just wanted to see if I had all that problems on my nose to remove, which I had very little of. Won’t be purchasing this again.


I have a confession to make. As much as I love using face masks, I have never really felt a big difference after using one except being rejuvenated and refreshed. I don’t want to be an unappreciative asshole because this was a gift, but more than feeling refreshed and rejuvenated I didn’t really see a difference with my facial skin after using this.


Give this brand a try I say! Probably one of the best drugstore facial cleansers I have used in a while for its price. It’s MYR 12.90!!! This one in particular has dissolving micro-beads in it. I won’t be repurchasing this one but there’s another I am currently using which I will.


I have reviewed this (post link here).


I actually liked this brow pencil from Etude House but I dropped it and I’m guessing the product inside broke. Every time I sharpened it, the nib kept breaking off. I whittled it down until I couldn’t sharpen it anymore. Don’t think I will be repurchasing this.


Gone….. ALL gone! See why I don’t like sharpening makeup pencils!!!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review

Founded by Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson, Too Faced boasts products that are paraben free, cruelty free and vegan although I’m guessing not ALL their products are vegan. Today I review the cult favourite Better Than Sex mascara.

This is the travel size one and comes in this box.

This is the travel sized product and comes in this box.

Nice pink tube...

Nice pink tube…

Big claims!!!

Big claims!!!


Description: Travel size mascara. Comes in 4.8 grams of product.

Where to buy: Sephora (stores and online)

Price: MYR 45

Bare lashes.

Bare lashes.

One coat.

One coat.

Two coats.

Two coats.


Thickens and lengthens very nicely!

Holds a curl pretty well.

Formula isn’t sticky or gloppy.

Very nice separation.

Doesn’t smudge on me (I don’t have oily eyelids).



I DO NOT like the wand. It always hits my eyelids! I can’t get close enough to the bottom of my lashes without the bristles touching my eyelid.

The formula is grainy so at the second coat it the formula kind of balls up in some places.

I get fallout with this mascara.

A full tube costs MYR 90! I would NEVER buy a mascara that costly.


Rating: 6/10

I didn’t really like this mascara because although the effects on the lashes are amazing I cannot deal with the fallout. No… PASS!

Tarte Gifted Mascara Review

Announcement; a sad one actually…

I’m killing LuxePaint.

Image Courtesy of imgflip.

Image Courtesy of imgflip.

The poor thing is so devoid of traffic so I decided I’d euthanise it and let it die in peace.

Posts there won’t be in vain though. I’ll transfer them to FiercePaint. 😀

Do excuse the LuxePaint watermark though.

I may end up re-shooting some pictures that are blurry which, if I do, will have the FiercePaint watermark instead.

The next seven posts will be from LuxePaint.

On to the review, Sephora Malaysia has samples of this mascara which I picked it up a while ago and have been using for about 2-3 months before I wrote this review.

Tarte is one of those brands for the environmentally conscious and the animal lovers; they’re vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without parabens, sulphates and all those harmful stuff.

I featured this in my 10th product empties post (link here). This is the Tarte Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara.


The box container.

Side view.

Side view.

Description on the side of the box.

Description on the side of the box.

The product.

The product.

The wand.

The wand.

Bristles. Pretty standard.

Bristles. Pretty standard.


Standard natural bristles mascara. Non-waterproof. Comes in 0.16 fl oz (approximately 4.7 grams/5ml) for the sample size whereas full sized ones are 0.24 fl oz (approximately 7 grams/7.1 ml).

Where to buy: Sephora outlets nationwide (full sized ones are available online).

Price: MYR 34 (sample size) & MYR 85 (full size).


Bare lashes.

Bare lashes.

One coat.

One coat.

Two coats.

Two coats.



Bristles and wand are pretty standard and easy to work with.

Nice separation and curling.

Good volume on second coat application.

Although not waterproof, it hasn’t caused me the dreaded panda eyes (I need to mention here that mascara rarely smudges or crumbles on me).

The whole environmentally friendly, cruelty-free thing gets an extra point from me.



Pricey (duh high end!).

Not really lengthening.

Doesn’t really hold curl.



The non-waterproof aspect can be a pro or a con depending on the individual. So user prerogative is encouraged.




I love this mascara but I’d only ever purchase the sample size ones. Hey, spoiler alert, I am a cheapskate!

Top 5 Most Common Mascara Mistakes (and solutions)


Mascara adds a finishing touch to one’s makeup by emphasizing definition of the eyes and giving it an open and fresh look. Mascaras can also be a tricky thing to handle since it is extremely prone to smudging. However, all you need to handle it like a pro, is a little practice and rectification of some minor missteps.


Mistake #1

Pumping the mascara wand


Hands down the most common mistake! This is widely known and yet I am sure many people still do it or are even unaware that it is detrimental. Pumping your mascara wand in and out of the tube introduces air into it which can cause two things;

  • Dry out the mascara quicker
  • Encourage bacteria growth

Solution: If your intention is to get more product on the wand, stick the wand into the tube all the way and pull it out just once.



Mistake #2

Head/face positioning when applying mascara

This mascara mistake is perhaps the biggest contributor to mascara smudging. Looking straight into the mirror while applying mascara will increase the possibility of your mascara smudging on the eyelid. The picture below demonstrates both the error and the solution.


By pushing the chin out and tilting your head back while looking down at the mirror, you can avoid mascara smudging during application.


Mistake #3

Not curling eyelashes before applying mascara

This is absolutely debatable but one thing can be agreed upon; very few people are gifted with eyelashes so curled that it hits the eyelid.

Solution: Try an eyelash curler. With the many options available in the market you are bound to find something that suits you. Practice makes perfect and the end result will be well worth the effort.



Mistake #4

Not taking of excess product off the wand

This is also debatable because there is a preference for heavy mascara application that result in thick eyelashes. However, if your goal is to separate and build volume, taking excess product off the mascara wand is a step that many overlook.

No mascara

No mascara

Without taking off excess products.

Without taking off excess products. Lashes are clumped together

With mascara taken off.

With excess mascara taken off. Lashes are properly separated and volumnised

How to take off excess product? Just run it along the opening of the tube of course! Its how I do it. You can absolutely come up with your own method of doing it.



Mistake #5

Using mascara past expiration date

Mascara is the one makeup item that should NOT be used past expiry date because ingredients in mascara allow for bacteria growth. We can all agree that no one wants to be susceptible to an eye infection! I have seen several sources citing many different length of time that mascara can be used but according to 4 months is the cut off point. Personally (this is exclusively for me and my eyes ONLY!!!) I can stretch the masara to the 8th month mark after which it usually dries out. So please guys! Using mascara beyond that is absolutely uncalled for! Unless you want an eye infection or even a sty. *cue horror music*


Additional info

One final thing that many may not be considered a mistake is not applying mascara on the lower lashes. Some people like the look of a blank lower lash line that isn’t lined and/or without prominent lashes. However, applying mascara to the lower lashes will help the eyes appear larger. A trick would be to use a mascara with a thin applicator. An example would be Maybelline the Falsies Big Eyes mascara (a double ended mascara which has a slim brush on one side).


With that, I wish you all luscious, full, voluminous lashes!!!

Silkygirl Eye Opener Waterproof Mascara Review

Silkygirl cosmetics is owned by Alliance Cosmetics Pvt Ltd, the same company that carries Revlon Malaysia. They’re well established and Silkygirl as a brand has been around since 2005.

Today lets look into the Sillkygirl Eye Opener Waterproof Mascara.


The product.

The product.


The wand.

The wand.



It is a mascara with a plastic rubber wand which is quite slim. It comes in only black (01 Black) and there’s 5ml of product. The bristles are hard but the wand is quite flexible. The mascara formula is quite a wet one and it claims to be waterproof.

Where to buy: Most drugstores and supermarkets/hypermarkets/malls in Malaysia.

Price: MYR 10 (sometimes even cheaper).


Bare eyelashes.

My bare eyelashes. My lashes are usually very invisible.


One coat.

One coat.


Two coats.

Two coats.



It is cheap!

It is easy to remove.



Because the formula is quite wet, it makes my lashes clump together. It is pretty obvious in the second picture. I’ll add a comparison picture with my other Silkygirl mascara.

It takes quite a while to dry. 

It smudges (I don’t have oily eyelids).

It feels sticky even when completely dry. Sometimes my top lashes and bottom lashes kinda stick together.

Although it says it is waterproof it actually easily flakes off with water. No makeup remover needed; which also means crying and sweating will result in mascara fall out.

The wet formula hinders separation so a lot of the product has to be taken off the wand before application. However, because the bristles are so hard, excess product cannot be removed from it which is perhaps the other reason it tends to clump up my lashes.

You can actually poke yourself with the wand because it is so hard! It’s not pleasant, trust me!


See how my eyelashes on the right is nicely separated and the one on the left is clumped together.

Comparison pic: see how my eyelashes on the right is nicely separated and the one on the left is clumped together.




I really did not enjoy this mascara. I have tried waiting for it to dry out (sometimes wet formulas work better when slightly dried out). I have tried taking excess product off with a tissue and with a cloth (the tissue tore and it pulled threads out of the cloth). I have also tried taking off excess product with another wand (a lot of product still remains). Nothing has worked thus far. Sorry Silkygirl, I love you but this is a dud product for me.

Makeup Tips and Tricks: Eyelash-Mascara-Technique

I watched a YouTube video today about a particular mascara that is MYR 95 (aproximately 25.70 USD) that is supposed to be AMAZING!!!! But seriously! MYR 95 for a mascara??? Even if I could get the elusive false lashes effect with a mascara, I ain’t paying MYR 90 for something that lasts no more than 6 months (3 if you’re unlucky).

So here’s a trick for those of you who do NOT wanna spend so much cash on mascara and would like to try and make your own mascara work.

Let me add some disclaimers in addition to all the disclaimers on my “Disclaimer” page. This may not work for you! Or you may have tried and not achieved the desired result. So please, don’t hate on me.




First of all, if you loved a particular mascara because you found the wand effective, don’t throw it away. Clean it with some makeup remover or a brush cleanser and wash it with warm water and baby shampoo. Disinfect it with a sanitiser (for example, alcohol used for wound or even hand sanitisers) and keep it for further use.

Now for the trick.

And please don’t laugh at me if this is too simple a trick that you wasted your time reading this. I apologise if you have found this out earlier than this post has come about or if find this plain laughable. KUDOS to you if have been rocking this trick!!

So put on your mascara as you would and give it a couple of minutes to dry. Put on your lipstick or fix your hair or pick out a handbag/purse while waiting for it to dry. Then grab the old mascara wand you saved (at this point it is just a spooly) and just slowly push you eyelashes upward starting from the bottom and working your way to the tip. Do NOT do it like you would when applying mascara. Just place and push, in a somewhat slow-mo dabbing motion.

What happens is, when mascara dries it becomes stiff and mascaras are designed that way to hold eyelash curls. So the trick is to form the curls when the mascara dries instead of trying to achieve it with too many layers of mascara. Layering several coats of mascara can help, however, layering on too much would create the spidery eyes effect that can be uncomfortable and sometimes unappealing. If you do wanna rock that look then, POWER TO YOU!

Why not use the wand from the mascara itself you ask (if you are pondering these ‘simple’ questions like I am)? Answer; because it would be wet with product silly!!!

Silkygirl Lash Prism Mascara Review [Updated 27/10/2016- DISCONTINUED]


Alright, let’s jump into my first ever review.

The Silkygirl Lash Prism mascara.


The mascara in 01, blackest black



The wand



Colour: Black 01 (comes in three other colours; brown 02, blue 03 and purple 04)

Price: Depending on where you get it from and factoring in discounts, it can cost anywhere between MYR 10 to MYR17

Where to buy: Watson, Guardian, drugstores and some shopping malls that has the Silkygirl makeup booth.

Wand: Standard natural bristles but with an hourglass shape.

Formula: A wet formula that thickens after some time with regular use.



No mascara


One coat of mascara without curling eyelashes. Lashes are now visible and slightly curled.


Two coats. Lashes are visibly lengthened, thickened and curled.



It is CHEAP!

It lengthens and thickens pretty well.

So far haven’t heard of complaints having used it even on sensitive eyes.

Minimal clumping.

 I don’t have oily eyelids (although it may seem like I do in the pictures) so this mascara does not smudge on me. 



The wet formula hinders separation so a lot of the product has to be taken off the wand before application.

Because it is such a wet formula, taking the product off the wand is crucial, because if you cannot handle mascara properly it will smudge and get on your lids!

It lengthens and thickens a bit too well that it may weigh eyelashes down causing it to droop at the ends.

Although it says it is waterproof it actually easily flakes off with water. No makeup remover needed. Which also means, crying and sweating will result in mascara fall out. 


RATING: 8/10

High rating because it is cheap! And I have yet to find another mascara that’s as cheap that delivers this quality.