NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk Review

NYX has products I absolutely love not just because they’re the single most affordable brand in Sephora but because they truly have some amazing products. The two products I’ve previously reviewed here, I absolutely love!

Previous NYX product reviews links:

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (04, London) Review

NYX Powder Blush (PB01, Mocha) Review

This review is on the NYX Jumbo Pencil in 604, Milk.

The product.

Description and ingredients.


It isn’t an eyeliner that typically sets down and does not move. It stays creamy unless set with powder. That’s not a bad thing. It makes for a great base to press corresponding eyeshadow on.

Description: A jumbo pencil that comes in a variety of shades and in 5grams of product.


Where to buy: Sephora stores nationwide and in the NYX Malaysia professional stores (you can find locations to the stores here). There are also various online options.

Price: MYR 26


I used the product to create my 2016 Halloween look.



Very pigmented!

Very opaque!

Blends easily.

Creamy and glides on very easily!

Pretty affordable considering it’s sold in Sephora.



Sharpening it is a PAIN!


Note: These don’t set like a typical eyeliner but I do believe they weren’t meant to. They would make a great eyeshadow base. And to set it in place would be just to use a white eyeshadow.


Rating: 8.6/10

I love this particular eye pencil but this particular colour isn’t exactly something practical. Perhaps a different colour would serve as a wonderful cream eyeshadow.


Product Empties #21

Last product empties of the year! I will be doing a collective 2017 empties in January but for the moment, here is my last for 2017!

The blurred out product had already been featured and I had discarded the other products to be able to retake the picture… Apologies!

I’ve inserted this picture from the review. I am obviously referring to NC42 on the left. It has reduced a lot more since this picture. Review link here.

This is the Collection Cosmetics Moisturising Lip Cream. Extremely similar to the next product and MUCH cheaper! I went so far as to call it a dupe (post link here). Unfortunately, the brand is no longer available here in Malaysia but this was an amazing product. I don’t think I am going out of my way to purchase this. Purchased it for MYR 10.50 (which seems kind of redundant but hey, for reference purposes anyway).

Already reviewed this; link here.

This is the Dabur Vatika Naturals, styling hair cream. I LOVE this stuff!!! My hair was softer, stronger and healthier. You know something is good when you actually feel a difference. However, I didn’t use it for its intended purpose because as much as I loved the initial scent, it would start smelling like pee after it sat for half an hour or so on the hair. I do tend to have dandruff breakouts (well, go ahead, ewwww away, I don’t care. Spoiler alert, I am human!) but it didn’t really do much for the dandruff. The only way my dandruff is cleaned up is if I wash my hair everyday without fail and when I don’t, it just flares up. Again, not much for the dandruff but for the hair and the scalp! YES! And this small tub was MYR 3.50!!! Definitely repurchasing!

This is the Innisfree Whitening Pore Cream. Won this from a giveaway and was featured in an old haul. I did just start using it this year and finally finished it up. I am not a fan of anything that markets itself as whitening, however, this cream was nice, absorbed well and smelled good. Didn’t do much to “whiten” though… My gripe with it was, after a couple of hours my face oiled up a little more than it usually does. Not anything too bad but I would have a strong urge to blot my face. I love using it at night because in the morning my skin is nice and plump and bouncy. Wouldn’t purchase it because I checked out the price online and it is a whopping MYR 125! Nope!

NYX Powder Blush (PB01, Mocha) Review


I have written a first impressions post on this powder blush here (excuse the poor pictures). This is the review!

The product.

Significantly dented! Yes, I can wear blush have it go undetected or indistinguishable. 🙂

Description and ingredients.


It is, as the name says, a powder blush in a very muted darker dusty rose colour with a matte finish (PB01 Mocha). The packaging is plastic in a very simple and sleek design. There’s 4 g of product and they come in many different colours and also in both matte and frosty finishes.

Price: MYR 30 at Sephora.

Where to buy: Sephora stores nationwide.

Finger swatch. Picks up better with a brush! Trust me!


Well pigmented.

Blends out very seamlessly.

Beginner friendly; you cannot go wrong with this blush.

It can be built up to as thick or as sheer as necessary.

Suitable for a wide array of skin tones (it is especially lovely on my skin tone 😛 ).



It doesn’t seem like much on the brush when picked up and, due to that, one may end up picking up too much of the product (as I have done before 😀 😛 ).

Since it is a powder blush it does fade easily if used on top of powder foundation. This blush in particular does not have much staying power; it can yield approximately 4 to 5 hours of use before it begins to fade.




It is a pretty gorgeous blusher and I love it even more since it is matte. My only qualm is its lasting power. However, I am giving it a higher rating because it blends so amazingly and the colour is suitable for many skin tones.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (04, London) Review

I have been wanting to write this review for a while now because I keep mentioning this product all the time but never actually published a review.

Let’s all agree, although affordable, NYX is rather overpriced here in Malaysia which is why I feel like the dupe I found for it was worth while because the dupe is a third of the price (post here). I even wrote a first impressions post about this (post here). It is also noteworthy that Collection Cosmetics is being pulled from the drugstores in Malaysia (why can’t we never have nice things???)…

The product.

The product.

Description on the side of the tube.

Description on the side of the tube.

Comes with a standard doe foot applicator.

Comes with a standard doe foot applicator.



Description: It is a liquid to matte type lipstick. The product isn’t entirely liquid, hence the name lip cream. It doesn’t dry down fast like a typical matte liquid lipstick. Comes in 8ml product.

Where to buy: Sephora outlets nationwide.

Price: MYR 30

I used it in one of my recent collaboration to create a summer look. I only use a light layer.



Comfortable on the lips.

Opaque (I have rather darker upper lips and it manages to cover it).


Long lasting (a good 4-5 hours before it fades; unless one eats).

These SMLCs comes in a wide range of colours; definitely worth a mention.

Doesn’t reapply too bad.



Picks up on dry patches.

Settles into wrinkle on the lips (but doesn’t exaggerate them).

Dries out the lips a bit.



Something to note is that it doesn’t dry down fast like a liquid lipstick does. The thinner the layer the faster it dries. When it dries down, it does dry down completely matte.


Rating: 8.2/10

I kinda love this product!

Makeup Dupe #2

Update: Collection, i.e. the brand of the dupe product is no longer available in Malaysia at Watsons.

NYX as a brand is pretty affordable, however, currency-to-currency it does cost more here in Malaysia than if one was to purchase it in America. This dupe was totally coincidental. I actually bought this product from a local drugstore after having heard really good things about it from several YouTubers AND also because it was on sale for a really good price! Only after having bought and used it I realised a striking similarity between the two and realised they swatch almost the same.

The product I’m duping is the NYX SMLC (Soft Matte Lip Cream) in London.


The dupe is the Collection Cosmetics Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream in Angel Delight.


It just isn’t the product inside, just take a look at the packaging side by side.


It has the same plastic bottle with raised black font and a matte finish applicator handle.


Even the doe foot applicator looks the same!

Below is a swatch side by side. There’s a slight difference in that that the Collection one is a little more pink than the NYX one.


Albeit the slight difference in colour both products feel and look the same on the lips. They even smell similar!

The NYX at Sephora; MYR 30

The Collection (Watsons exclusive); MYR 10.50

I could buy three Collection ones for the price one NYX!!!

First Impression, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (SMLC04 London)

Although not exactly drugstore, NYX makeup brand prices are within drugstore range and NYX is the single most affordable makeup brand at Sephora.

The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams (SMLC) has an almost cult following among the YouTube beauty community so I said hey, it’s about time I tried it out. So I picked up a nude colour that I can actually use.



The shade code on the bottom of the tube.

The shade code on the bottom of the tube.

There are descriptions on the side of the tube and it comes with a doe foot applicator.

There are descriptions on the side of the tube and it comes with a doe foot applicator.

The doe foot applicator.

The doe foot applicator.

Initial application.

Initial application.

When it sets it becomes completely matte.

When it sets it becomes completely matte.


My thoughts:

It is a liquid to matte lip product that dries and sets on the skin. The shade I have here is a brownish nude colour perfect for tanned skin people. It smells like dessert and I absolutely love that! It has a mousse-y texture and it is pretty long lasting. Overall I really do think this lip cream is pretty amazing. The darker colours may be trickier to work with. LOVE!!!

Price; MYR 30 (also depends your source of purchase)

Where to buy; Sephora (nationwide), FS Boutique (on mainland Penang, Facebook page link here).

First Impression, NYX Powder Blush

I had some extra money a few months ago that was given to me as a token (in exchange for a makeup favour) and just when I thought I may save it, I walked into Sephora. We all make that mistake don’t we, but hey, since I have this blog now, it can be put to full use! Excuses I know! Anyway, I am talking about the NYX Powder Blush in PB01 (Mocha). I have only used it a few times, once on a friend and other times to just experiment. I must say it held up pretty well. In any case I feel I have yet to put it to full use and test it out really well, hence, a first impression. With that here come the pictures!

The blush.

The blush. I apologise for the white patches. They are actually sticker residue from price tag stickers. Don’t you just hate that!!!

Description on the bottom of the container.

Description on the bottom of the package.

It is a matte powder blush. However, upon closer inspection there is a little bit of a reflection properties to it.

It is a matte powder blush. However, upon closer inspection there seems to be a teeny tiny amount of sparkle (due to the possible presence of traces of mica in it).

I also added swatches. The shade is definitely suitable for deeper and warm Indian skin tones.

Swatch on a lighter part of my hand.

Swatch on a lighter part of my hand.

Swatch on a darker skin tone on my hand.

Swatch on a darker skin tone on my hand.

My thoughts:

It is a nice blusher and the fact that it is matte is definitely a plus. I, for one, don’t like putting blushers or even highlighters that have too much of a reflection (usually micro-glitter). It has to be done properly and placed strategically on the face or else one would end up looking like a shiny mess. Getting back to the blusher, it is not powdery, blends pretty well and has a pretty impressive staying power. Yes, it is a product from Sephora but it is from the most affordable brand they carry. This blush cost me MYR 26 (pre-GST) which is cheaper than many higher end drugstore brand blushers. If there’s a Sephora near you it definitely worth checking out.