NYX Powder Blush (PB01, Mocha) Review


I have written a first impressions post on this powder blush here (excuse the poor pictures). This is the review!

The product.

Significantly dented! Yes, I can wear blush have it go undetected or indistinguishable. 🙂

Description and ingredients.


It is, as the name says, a powder blush in a very muted darker dusty rose colour with a matte finish (PB01 Mocha). The packaging is plastic in a very simple and sleek design. There’s 4 g of product and they come in many different colours and also in both matte and frosty finishes.

Price: MYR 30 at Sephora.

Where to buy: Sephora stores nationwide.

Finger swatch. Picks up better with a brush! Trust me!


Well pigmented.

Blends out very seamlessly.

Beginner friendly; you cannot go wrong with this blush.

It can be built up to as thick or as sheer as necessary.

Suitable for a wide array of skin tones (it is especially lovely on my skin tone 😛 ).



It doesn’t seem like much on the brush when picked up and, due to that, one may end up picking up too much of the product (as I have done before 😀 😛 ).

Since it is a powder blush it does fade easily if used on top of powder foundation. This blush in particular does not have much staying power; it can yield approximately 4 to 5 hours of use before it begins to fade.




It is a pretty gorgeous blusher and I love it even more since it is matte. My only qualm is its lasting power. However, I am giving it a higher rating because it blends so amazingly and the colour is suitable for many skin tones.

First Impression, NYX Powder Blush

I had some extra money a few months ago that was given to me as a token (in exchange for a makeup favour) and just when I thought I may save it, I walked into Sephora. We all make that mistake don’t we, but hey, since I have this blog now, it can be put to full use! Excuses I know! Anyway, I am talking about the NYX Powder Blush in PB01 (Mocha). I have only used it a few times, once on a friend and other times to just experiment. I must say it held up pretty well. In any case I feel I have yet to put it to full use and test it out really well, hence, a first impression. With that here come the pictures!

The blush.

The blush. I apologise for the white patches. They are actually sticker residue from price tag stickers. Don’t you just hate that!!!

Description on the bottom of the container.

Description on the bottom of the package.

It is a matte powder blush. However, upon closer inspection there is a little bit of a reflection properties to it.

It is a matte powder blush. However, upon closer inspection there seems to be a teeny tiny amount of sparkle (due to the possible presence of traces of mica in it).

I also added swatches. The shade is definitely suitable for deeper and warm Indian skin tones.

Swatch on a lighter part of my hand.

Swatch on a lighter part of my hand.

Swatch on a darker skin tone on my hand.

Swatch on a darker skin tone on my hand.

My thoughts:

It is a nice blusher and the fact that it is matte is definitely a plus. I, for one, don’t like putting blushers or even highlighters that have too much of a reflection (usually micro-glitter). It has to be done properly and placed strategically on the face or else one would end up looking like a shiny mess. Getting back to the blusher, it is not powdery, blends pretty well and has a pretty impressive staying power. Yes, it is a product from Sephora but it is from the most affordable brand they carry. This blush cost me MYR 26 (pre-GST) which is cheaper than many higher end drugstore brand blushers. If there’s a Sephora near you it definitely worth checking out.