A Rant; Woes of A Makeup Obsessed Guy.

Let me first share a picture of how I usually look like on a normal day…


I am definitely not your typical beauty blogger. I look very ordinary and I really don’t mind how I look like or how I choose to dress. If it isn’t already apparent, I am plus sized which I have made peace with. It doesn’t bother me anymore when people call me fat/overweight/obese etc (for whatever reason). I am a scientist by profession and so I need to be in comfortable clothes to be hanging around the lab with a white coat on me most of the time. Even when I am just heading to the postgraduate student room I am usually sitting in front of a laptop analysing data with intermittent YouTube videos and FiercePaint’s notifications. I don’t live in a situation for me to look a certain way for people to perceive me to know anything about makeup. The irony is I do and it is very frustrating when you’re misjudged just because you don’t prescribe to stereotypes.

Initially, I had to deal with the apprehension of entering beauty stores, looking at makeup and purchasing them just because you know people are thinking “What in the world would that big bearded man need a lipstick and an eyeliner for”. And when purchasing false eyelashes! Forget it! Having worked very hard to brush off wandering looks and judgmental grins from strangers I now deal with another situation. Pesky beauty assistants and their condescending attitudes.

Five minutes is all I ask to look through the makeup aisle at the drugstores without being approached by a sales assistant. More often then not they’d have on poorly applied foundation, horribly wonky liquid liner and lipstick application that could give a baboon’s ass a run for its money. I rarely retaliate nor do I shoot them snarky replies. First of all, they have no idea what I do or who I am and second of all, it never pays to be mean to people, even if it were just words. However you sometimes just can’t hold back.

Once, in a beauty store, (last year I think) I was looking at some lipsticks when a BA (beauty assistant), who was already following me around incessantly with a condescending look (as if I was about to steal something), started getting on my nerves.

BA ; Are you looking for lipstick?  *sees me swatching a liquid to matte lipstick* This is a lipstick, it is first liquid but it will dry and set to your lips. *shoots a condescending look when I only smile with no response* This one nice colour you wanna try? *pulls my hand with no warning and swatches it*

Me ; (at this point I was irked enough and sufficiently irritated to respond, so I did, with a calm and polite voice) Darling, I have over 40 lipsticks in my makeup collection. I do know a little bit about lipsticks.

I am never rude but it does take me a considerable amount of patience to not say anything to any of these BAs. It is worse when you’re the only one in the store they seem to be following around; monitoring almost!

Things aren’t so bad anymore these days because I have adjusted my predisposition to a more devil may care attitude. However, I do feel bad for people with genuine need for help at the makeup aisles at beauty shops and drugstores. You would think that being in the retail service industry, these assistants are taught during their assumed training period, that every customer should be treated equally.

Let’s not settle for mediocrity and ignorance shall we?

Thank you so much for sitting through this rant of mine!

I just wanted to break the saturation of product heavy posts on FiercePaint.

Thank you all so much!!!

❤ ❤ ❤