No Buy 2017 Update (Haul #14)

I had made an announcement in my 2016 Collective Product Empties (link here) that 2017 would be a NO BUY year in terms of cosmetics.

I did make exceptions for things that I used and ran out of and the single frivolous expense would be the original Beauty Blender (something I have been dying to try out!).

So, save for a face mask, and the Hugo Boss perfume, everything else were repurchased stuff I use regularly.


Drugstore (Watsons, Guardian) and Dollar Store (Mr. DIY)

Purple metal pen holder (Mr. DIY), MYR 3.50. I purchased this with some other things for my aunt, however, she ended up paying me back in excess and it more than covered the cost of it.

Nivea Men Invisible Anti-Perspirant (Guardian), original price; MYR 16.80, purchased for; MYR 15. I am looking into anti-perspirant vs deodorant and the whole safety reasoning; a revelation I only came into after having purchased this.

Maybelline Micellar Water (Guardian), original price; MYR 22.40, purchased for; MYR 9 (I KNOW RIGHT??!!!).

Kate Powderless Liquid Foundation (won via a giveaway), price (on Watsons); MYR 78.40.


Beauty stores (Sephora and Shins)

Hugo Boss Red EDT (Shins), original price; MYR 254, purchased for; MYR 137 (I KNOW RIGHT??!!!).

Sephora Lotus eye mask, price; MYR 8. I only purchased this to redeem the 100 points sample product which was the Sephora Pore & Fine Line Filler primer (in the middle).

FINALLY! I HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEAUTY BLENDER. Original price; MYR 99, purchased for; MYR 61.40. Purchased with my fellow beauty influencer friends. We went in on a promotion by Sephora; 5 pack for MYR 307, and so one comes up to about MYR 61.40, an unbeatable price! Even with the 20% Sephora private sale, it would only come up to MYR 79.20.


Haul; Mini Haul (#5)

This is a teeny tiny haul because I wanted to share the things I bought with my Sephora gift vouchers I won from the giveaway by Sabrina (blog; SabbyPrue, link; here).

Teeny tiny haul, I know!!!

Teeny tiny haul, I know!!!

IMG_4282This is just the Tesco brand cotton facial wipes and I usually buy the value packs where it comes in two 100 pieces packs in one (1 100 piece pack = MYR 1.50; 1 value pack with two 100 pieces packs = MYR 2.55). It’s cheap and it works! I featured it in my first Product Empties post (link here). Price MYR 2.55 each (I bought two value packs).

IMG_4285I have always wanted to try the Sephora collection foundation because they do cost way much less than all other brands in the Sephora outlet (except NYX). I have had only positive experiences with all the other Sephora brand stuff I own and the range of shades in their foundation line is pretty impressive, to me, due to the simple fact that they carry very dark shades! I have heard only good things about this foundation in particular so I told myself, get it! Price MYR 69.

Aaaaannnd…… it comes with the one thing every makeup enthusiast loves in a foundation!

IMG_4298A PUMP!!!

IMG_4311The Better than Sex mascara!!! I bought the deluxe sample size which is a great way to try out a mascara. Price MYR 45.