Product Empties #23

Previous product empties (Empties 22); link here.

I’ve used this product before this but that was before I started blogging. The product doesn’t lather much and gives the skin a very gentle wash. I bought this because I wanted to give this a whirl but at the moment, I have found better cleansers at good prices so I would not purchase this. Purchased dual pack for MYR 28.90 which makes a single tube MYR 14.45.

Got this from a giveaway and FINALLY used it up! This is a large bottle of serum I must say. I only recently managed to finish it because I had PR products to try every now and then. It definitely works and I loved it! Absorbs well and locks in moisture… It costs MYR 89.00 on Althea and I don’t think I’d repurchase just because if you didn’t already know, I am a freaking cheapskate and I have got cheaper products that work just as well.

This is the single best lip balm I’ve used!!!! Enough said! MYR 16.85! Definitely repurchasing as soon as I find it for the same price. 😛

One was a gift and the other a purchase. Both did what masks typically do for me anyway; a refreshing boost of moisture to the skin. The yoghurt mask was the one I purchased and it cost MYR 1.50. Not repurchasing the yoghurt mask, probably wouldn’t purchase the other one too.

Product Empties #17

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I realised I had included a product that has already been featured on Product Empties #16 already, apologies for that. I usually keep the eyebrow pens even after it is emptied for the spoolie.

I have reviewed this product. Review link here.

Product already reviewed. Link here.

This was pretty good. I did a whole battle of the cleansing waters (post link here). I wouldn’t repurchase because I already do have my fave from the drugstore (click here to find out which).

Already featured this on the battle of the drugstore micellar water post. I wouldn’t repurchase this although some beauty influencers are hooked onto to this to cleanse before washing their face. You know, the whole double cleansing thing.

First Impression, Simple Micellar Cleansing Water + Giveaway [CLOSED]

To preface this post, the giveaway isn’t at all related to the first impression post.

Moving on….

The Simple Micellar Cleansing Water is finally in Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooohoooo!!!! I spotted it and didn’t think twice to purchase it. AT FULL PRICE!!!! *insert horror sound*

Anyway, I posted a picture up on Instagram earlier today and I’ll just use that picture here.


My thoughts:

I have used it but once, hence the first impression, and it feels very similar to the Biore Cleansing Water (review here). Even tastes bitter (lip swatch removal, so no I don’t go deliberately putting it into my mouth! 😛 ). It isn’t as effective as the Biore Cleansing Water but does leave the skin feeling fresh.

I did read from another beauty blogger that micellar water (or any cleansing water for that matter) shouldn’t be left on the skin on account of all the chemical components in it. I personally concur. I would definitely use it like I do the Maybelline Cleansing Water (review here); for light makeup removal.

For me, the most positive factor is price! At MYR 22.90 for 200ml, it is a steal and I did do the math whereby volume for price, the Simple cleansing water is much cheaper than both the Biore and the Maybelline at full price. Imagine if there was a sale! If I keep using and loving this, I may just stock up when there’s a promotion!

Where to buy; Guardian and Watsons.

OK, on to the exciting part!


First of all, I apologise to my international readers. This is for my Malaysian readers. Come October I’ll be DEFINITELY doing an international giveaway!

Why I am doing this giveaway?

To celebrate my milestones; 200 Facebook page Likes, 400 Instagram followers, and 20, 000 blog views.

So let’s take a look at the goodies the winner shall be receiving.



I do think this is a pretty nice giveaway, don’t you?


Etude House Play 101 Pencil in 49. It is a dark brown colour.

Silkygirl Lash Prism mascara. This was before they came out with the new sticky formula in the yellow tube. Eugh! I loved this for a long time but I want to try out lots and lots more so I am putting this into the mix. It was, in fact, the first product I ever reviewed on FiercePaint (review here).

Essence LipLiner in 08 Red Blush. I love this stuff (review here). It is so creamy it can be used as lipstick.

Silkygirl Expert Brow Slim Liner. I reach for this every time I do my makeup. It is creamy, it blends, it stays put, it lasts long. I have yet to review it but I shall, very soon (first impression post here).

Collection Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream in 4 Angel Delight. Dupe for the NYX SMLC in London. NYX is pricier here in Malaysia and this Collection one is a Godsend (post here)!


Ponybrown Happy Sense Hand Cream in Lovely Sweet. I wrote about another scent in an empties post (link here). I like it. It does moisturise and leaves a nice scent behind. No sticky residue.


Guardian brand lip balm; this is something I know little about so, you have got to figure it out! Happy trying (to the winner).


Anna Sui Romantica EDT sample. I got this when I bought a magazine so I decided to throw it into the mix as well. I had another which I gave to mom. The scent is pretty nice.

IMG_6586ChuLip lip balm in Apple Ginger and Tea Rose; I LOVE this stuff (review here). I had two of this, one which I won from a giveaway and another which I had bought prior to winning the giveaway, so I decided I’d give one away.


Adidas bag I got as a free gift. I do already have one so this one is for you! You can keep it or give it to a brother, husband or a boyfriend.

Cool stuff right?

SO here are the rules;

You must live in Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak included).

You need to either;

1. Like my Facebook page (link here).

2. Like this post on Facebook and tag two friends in the comment section.


1. Follow me on Instagram (link here).

2. Like the giveaway picture and tag two friends.


1. Follow me on Twitter (link here).

2. Retweet the giveaway tweet.


I did say OR which means you only need to follow me on one media and complete Step 1 and 2 for that particular media. Following me on all and completing Step 1 and 2 for each social media will increase your chances as I will consider each of it one entry. So that means one person can have a total of three entries. You don’t have to do everything but doing it all will definitely increase your chances.

The giveaway will last for just over three weeks starting from today and ending on the 9th of July and I’ll pick and notify the winner on the 10th of July. The winner has 48 hours to respond after which I’ll pick another if that person does not respond. Winner will be announced on Facebook FiercePaint page once confirmed.

Product Empties #4

If you didn’t already know, every time I finish 5 beauty/makeup/skin care products I do a Product Empties post. I don’t repeat products unless it’s some kind of a flavour or colour variation. This time around I don’t have any makeup products.


IMG_3053This is the Simple skincare toner. It is an every day kind of toner. I don’t have sensitive skin and since it is a ‘kind to skin’ it doesn’t really impact my skin that much. If you do have sensitive skin, you ought to give this product a try. Simple is probably one of the most affordable skin care brands at the drugstores in Malaysia. This retails for MYR 17.90 and you can definitely buy it at a cheaper price! Won’t be repurchasing this just because I do want to give other products a try.





IMG_3054This is another Simple product; it is the moisturiser. The problem I had with this is, if I am going out and I am using this moisturiser, my face tends to become very oily. I later switched to applying it before going to bed and when I wake up in the morning my skin does feel a little softer. This retails for MYR 17.90 as well and again, you can definitely buy it at a cheaper price. Won’t be repurchasing this just because I do want to give other products a try.





IMG_3061This is the Etude House hand cream that I shared in a previous post here. They are really nice. Smells pleasant but not too overpowering, absorbs well and feels good on the hands. It retails for MYR 23 but I bought on sale for MYR 10. Will definitely repurchase but only when discounts are offered in the future.



IMG_3044This is the Montagne Jeunesse (now known as 7th Heaven) face mask which I also featured in the previous Product Empties post here. I prefer the previous one to this one but this one smells better. It didn’t really have a profound effect as the previous one did. I got this from Colours Cosmetics Malaysia but they are apparently available at Watsons and retails for MYR 6.90. I may purchase another one or two different flavours in the future!





IMG_3041I featured this in a haul post here. This is a men’s fragrance and it is a local brand available at Watsons. The scent it pretty strong and masculine (forgive me but I am horrible at describing scents). 100ml is plenty and it lasted me longer than I thought it would. It cost only MYR 13.30 and again, like everything at the drugstore, you can most definitely get it for a discount. The only downside is that it does not last on me. 2-3 hours is the most it seems to stick on me. I doubt I’ll repurchase this.