Althea Milk Peel Cream Mask Review

Althea has been releasing product after product and another edition to it is this new Milk Peel Cream Mask!

This product was sent to me but opinions are all mine.

Outer packaging.

Description is all in Korean. But Althea Malaysia is working on pasting a translation on the back.

The bottle.

Attach a pump to any liquid cosmetic product and you win hearts!

Description: A bubbly mask that is required to be applied for only a minute! Comes in 50ml or 1.7 fl. oz. It is supposed to contain AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and BHA (beta hydroxy acid) but although not explicitly written, it is typically contained in milk and glycolic acid is a type of AHA.


Where to buy:

Online exclusive on Althea at

Country specific link at

Product specific link at

Price: MYR 36

I’ve uploaded a video of me trying on the product on YouTube. And of course please subscribe!!! I don’t have half a million subscribers to be saying subscription is optional (if you get that reference then you’d understand seamlessness HAHAHA).

The mask. White in colour. Thick cream consistency.

As I spread it, it started BUBBLING! That was cool! It is a bubble mask!!!

Hopefully you can see the bubbles. It bubbles almost immediately so it was difficult to get a shot of the product before it bubbles. So I guess you just have to take my word for it that it was just a white cream. Hahaha!


Easy to use!


Pump and the bottle, are no muss no fuss, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Skin felt smooth and soft.

Definitely reduces inflammation (I had a large painful zit that happens very infrequently and this product definitely helped reduce both the zit itself and redness around the skin. I would have taken pictures but I more focused about product having an affect on my skin as opposed to the acne. Only noticed it when the zit wasn’t uncomfortable anymore and realised it had shrunk after having used this product a few times. I believe this is due to the BHA in the product which has always had positive affect on my skin. I’ve reviewed Paula’s Choice skincare in the past and one product was a definite winner for me; link to review here).

Skin felt moisturised!



None! (First Althea product without a CON!)


Rating: 9/10

Loved using this! MYR 36 may be not be something I’d spend on just 50 ml product but it is in no way a pricey product. Besides, one would use a mask perhaps 3 to 4 times a week at most so the product will last you a while. Also, I already have so many products to try out and finish so I wouldn’t purchase it at the moment.

J. One Skincare Review (by Beureka)


Christmas on a Monday! An extra holiday here in Malaysia!

Wishing you all a warm and wonderful Christmas!

These products were sent to me by a company called Beureka, which was started by men (two Singaporeans actually)! Well, there’s were I relate!

They offer a wide array of beauty products with a focus on Asian and Korean brands. The products that were sent to me is by a high end brand called J.One which has been available in Sephora US for a while now.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products to review but opinions are entirely mine.

I’ll attach all links to Beureka at the end of the post.

I received four products; 2 masks, a makeup primer and a cream.

First the makeup base.

Description: A clear jelly like leave on mask that has anti-aging properties, and acts as a makeup primer. Comes in 50 ml (1.69 fl. oz) of product, complete with a pump.

Price: SGD 42.00 (excluding shipping and as of 25th December 2017, the exchange rate for SGD to MYR is 1 to 3.03, so the product costs MYR 127.37)

Where to buy: Beureka (details at the end of the review)

Pump!!! Yes!

The product

Leaves a dewy finish on the skin without feeling oily.


Leaves a tacky surface for product to cling on.


Easy to work with.


Hydrates and moisturises skin (in fact, it seems to almost trap moisture on the skin).

Prevents makeup from settling into lines (not entirely but, it would make a phenomenal difference for someone with wrinkles).



Price (obviously a con for a cheapo like me HOWEVER, Beureka rates are amazing; this one is sold at Sephora US for USD 42 and since 1USD = 1.34SGD, it makes this product CHEAPER on Beureka).

Didn’t really smooth out pores.

Made my skin oil up at the end of its run, more than if I didn’t wear a primer at all (nothing too bad).


Rating: 8/10

Now here’s why I am giving it an 8. I don’t particularly have skin that makeup slides off. In fact, my skin holds on to makeup like no other! I wear primers for pore refining and oil control. However, working on people with different types of skin, I can say that there are people with skin so smooth that makeup actually doesn’t stick on and so for people like that, this product would be a Godsend!


Description: Lotion like cream that come in individual beads. 20 grams (o.7 oz) of product and comes with a tiny plastic spatula.

Price: SGD 58 (converts to MYR 176.01 as of 25th December 2017)

Where to buy: Beureka (details at the end of the review)

The product inside.

The plastic spatula.

I find it very satisfying picking individual beads for every use. I need to use about 3 beads for my large face.


Easy to use.

Extremely hygienic since the fingers don’t go digging into the pot and the spatula can be easily cleaned.

Works well!

As moisturising as it was, my face doesn’t oil up and found that very fascinating!

Absorbs very easily into the skin.

Definitely made my skin smoother (nothing phenomenal but for the short amount of time I used it, I was amazed).




I need 3 whole beads for my face.


Note: This is fragranced and pretty heavily I might add. So that may be a concern.


Rating: 8.5/10

I LOVE this thing! Best part is the fragrance which is very nostalgic for me.


The mask was refreshing at best. There are two parts to the mask. Step one is a sheet mask and step two is a jelly lotion that felt very much like the J.One Jelly Pack. The mask isn’t available on the website as of the time of this review but you’re welcome to check back on Beureka. I found a source that lists it at USD 3.80.

Rating: 6/10



So about the company.

Beureka at


Instagram: wearebeureka

I implore you to compare prices because the J.One products are much cheaper on Beureka than even the Sephora US website. So I am sure there are good bargains! They have perfumes, skincare and some makeup too. Mostly high end and luxury brands.

For Malaysia, they offer a flat rate of SGD 12 for every order. So perhaps pool order with a couple of friends???

Product Empties #19

Contrary to the lip sleeping mask disaster (post link here), this was actually pretty good! It really hydrated my skin! But seeing the price tag on this I don’t think I would purchase this. This was actually given to me in a giveaway! Full size price; MYR 115.

I am going to make a proclamation that SK-II is the best skincare brand I have EVER used! Granted, I haven’t used much in terms of brands but my skin never looked better! Not a single breakout, more leveled hydrated skin, reduction of texture on the skin and a tiny bit reduction in pore size! This water clear lotion was amazing! Again, too expensive for me to want to purchase and this was received in a giveaway (full size price MYR 213).

I received a bunch of products from this brand via a giveaway and I must say, their facial cleansers are pretty amazing. I have featured 2 in the past and of all I like the one I used first best. After finishing all other cleansers I have I am perhaps going to purchase the one I love (product empties #14; post link here). Price MYR 12.90.

I got this in a beauty subscription service and I must say, I love this facial mist! But the measly 30ml was a bummer. Checked out the price online and it is a whopping MYR 150 for the full sized product (200ml)! 😥 Won’t purchase!

It looks like a full bottle here because I just used the picture from the haul post (no point taking picture of a product over and over again). This was put into my 2016 best discoveries (link here) post and it goes without saying that I love it! Not sure of the retail price but available online for as low as MYR17. Apparently the brand is being discontinued in Malaysia. Hopefully online options are still there. Will repurchase for sure!

Haul; Collective Haul (#2)

Again, I really want to emphasise that I never want to share haul posts with any ill-intention. However, as I have mentioned before, in my first haul post, my tagline says #SharingisCaring. So here goes. This is a collective haul and I did buy these over a period of time. Another thing I wanna note is, except the Essence lipliners and Daiso items, I did not pay full price for anything else.


The haul. One item is missing though.

The haul. One item is missing though. I’ll show the item at the end of the post.




1. Empty 6 pan palette, original price; MYR 21.90, purchased for; MYR 10.95.

2. Splendour line eyeshadows (from left to right, night blue, plum purple, evergreen, lilac purple), original price; MYR 10.90 per pan, purchased for; MYR 5.45 each.

3. Lipliners (burgundy, violet fuchsia, tomato coral), original price; MYR 15.90 each, purchased for; MYR 7.95 each.

4. BB Age Block Toning Serum, original price; MYR 79.90; purchased for MYR 10.


Swatches of the eyeshadows per a request.

Swatches of the eyeshadows per a request.





1 & 2. came in a mystery clearance items bag which I paid MYR 3.90 for. The Guardian organic brown rice hair mask retails for MYR 26.90 (price value sourced from a blog). The Olay moisturizer retails for MYR 68.50 (price value sourced from a different drugstore).

3. Catrice Velvet Matt eyeshadow in 030, Jump Up and Brown, original price; MYR 21.90, purchased for; MYR 19.70.

4. NuTeen toner, original price; MYR 11.50, purchased for; MYR 9.80.

5. Maybelline gel liner, original price; MYR 42.25, purchased for; MYR 25.35.



1. Silkygirl Matte Fever Lipcolor Balm, original price; MYR 22.90, purchased for; MYR 19.80.

2. Essence Longlasting Lipliner, retails for MYR 8.90.




1. Ecotools brow grooming set, original price; MYR 59, purchased for; MYR 11.80.

2. Real Techniques core collection set, original price MYR 145, purchased for; MYR 99.

3. Celeb Beaute liquid pen liner, original price MYR 59, purchased for; MYR 11.80.




1. Individual false eyelashes.

2. Cleansing water.

All at MYR 5.30




1. Biore Perfect Cleansing Water (I reviewed this here and loved it), original price; MYR 35.30, purchased for MYR 27.90.

2. Wet n Wild Megalast lipstick, original price MYR 22.20, purchased for; MYR 20.


Etude House


These were eyeshadow at marked down prices for clearance, each cost me MYR 5. The orange colour is OR 201 Glittering Tangerine Pendant, the yellow is YL02 Lemon Sherbet, the brown one is BR401 Cafe Latte.




I didn’t buy two, just opened the palette up to show the colours I picked.

The lip balm was purchased at a shop along Market Street, Penang at MYR 3.90 (the shopkeeper gave me a price reduction).

The eyeshadow is from a brand called Bloop cosmetics (I have reviewed a lip brush from the company here). Individual pans of the eyeshadow costs MYR 18 but if the 3 pan palette is purchased, you get it for MYR 38 and you get to pick and choose the colours. These eyeshadows were apparently featured in the CLEO 2010 Beauty Hall of Fame (noted on their website here).





This Sephora Color My Life palette was on promotion (emails went out to all Sephora card holders). This was marked down to MYR 51 (from approximately MYR 130, if I am not mistaken)which had a further 20% reduction to MYR 40.80 for members.

Haul; Skincare (#1)

First of all, I thought I would NEVER EVER do a haul post on my blog because I was a little apprehensive as to how the post may be received/perceived. However, my blog headline does read #SharingisCaring so why not share, occasionally, what I have purchased. I wouldn’t post hauls very often but if there’s new and interesting beauty-related products out there that I have purchased, I will most definitely share it here!

I have been using drugstore skincare item that are mostly geared for gentler skin. So when Watsons announced this new skincare/hair care/personal care line I was intrigued because, #1; it had a very affordable price tag, #2; it is a local brand and #3 it was created specifically for men. Now, my dear readers, I have never used gender specific pronouns in my posts when referring to all of you but, ladies reading this, I am sorry, this isn’t something you would want try out for yourself (at least I don’t think it is; if you want to then power to you!!!)… But hey, I am sure you have friends, boyfriends, brothers, fathers, uncles, nephews etc, so perhaps they might want to give it a go.

Please be notified that this is a haul post, so I know NOTHING about the effectiveness of these products.


Ooooooo...... I am digging the packaging!

Ooooooo…… I am diggin’ the packagin’.


First is a fragrance and they have a name for it too! "Call to arms". 100ml and retails for MYR 13.30 (with current promotion; MYR 12.80).

First is a fragrance and they have a name for it too! “Call to Arms”. 100ml of product and retails for MYR 13.30 (with current promotion; MYR 12.80). I’d suggest sniffing it first before buying; the scent may not agree with everyone.


Next is a body sculpting shower gel called "Lean, Mean Machine". 400 ml of product and retails for MYR 13.30 (because I purchased the fragrance, there was a 30% discount which cost me MYR 9.30).

Next is a body sculpting shower gel called “Lean, Mean Machine”. 400 ml of product and retails for MYR 13.30 (because I purchased the fragrance, there was a 30% discount which ended up costing me MYR 9.30).


Next is a sculpting hair clay called "Like a Boss". Look at that macho lion! There's 50 g of product in it (that's a lot!!!) and retails for MYR 13.30 (with promotion, the clay cost me MYR 12.80).

Next is a sculpting hair clay called “Like a Boss”. Look at that macho lion! There’s 50 g of product in it (that’s a lot!!!) and retails for MYR 13.30 (with promotion, the clay cost me MYR 12.80).


And last but not least, an energising facial cleanser called "Baby-Faced Assassin". Ouuuwww snap!!!!! I feel so macho!!! There's 100ml of product and retails for MYR 13.30 (with promotion it cost me MYR 10.65!).

And last but not least, an energising facial cleanser called “Baby-Faced Assassin”. Ouuuwww snap!!!!! I feel so macho!!! There’s 100ml of product and retails for MYR 13.30 (with promotion it cost me MYR 10.65!).


I will use these products and give my short reviews on a product empties post in the future. Something tells me that the body sculpting shower gel will be the first to go. Hahaha!

BadLab products can also be purchased online at