Product Regrets #5

The flaw on this product regret can be resolved but I don’t want to add it to FiercePaint as a review on account of that very flaw.

I purchased a couple of Tesco brand brushes earlier this year.


I got a large powder brush and a flat foundation brush.

They were actually pretty good. Very affordable too. I don’t remember the exact price but I think they were somewhere between MYR 10 to 15 tops.

The large face brush actually worked better than the foundation brush. It was rather soft and I was pretty happy with how well it worked.

The foundation brush was a little bit stiff to properly apply foundation. I did have to go back with a soft kabuki brush or a makeup sponge but I could definitely make it work.

However, there’s a reason these two brushes made it into a product regrets post.

After about 2 months and about 3 deep cleanses later (foundation brush) AND after about 4 months and several deep cleanses later (large face brush); this happened to them.



😥 😥 😥

I can definitely glue them down and make it work but after this happened I am;

#1 regretful;

and; #2 wouldn’t feel right reviewing it.